GM Notes [GM Notes] Say Hello to the Revamped Forum!
Black Desert Jul 21, 2021, 00:00 (UTC)



Hello Adventurers! 


The Black Desert NA/EU forums have been recently revamped! There’s nothing like a makeover of a cornerstone of our vibrant community to freshen things upWhy don’t we have a look at what’s been changed?



Simplified Categories

Before After

For starters, we've consolidated our forum categories to make them more intuitive and streamlined. As a result, some categories were removed and integrated into the most widely used and important discussions to make forum navigation easier for our Adventurers.

* Any threads in the previous categories have been transferred to the newly updated categories.



Hashtag Search

Fewer categories mean easier searching! This new update brings new hashtag search features to the forum. Our Black Desert forums support a vast amount of information and sometimes can be tricky to search for the exact topic that you wanted to learn about. 



Before, Adventurers had to visit each category to search for a specific topic by title or the thread's contents. 

(Before update)
Now, threads can be instantaneously filtered with a click by simply choosing the topics that the Adventurer is interested in. 

(After update with hashtag search function)

Click on “View All Tags” to view all the threads within the category. 



Checking View & Reply Count of Parent Forums

Now there's a way to see how active a category is without entering it. Each forum category features a small icon and number, showing the number of threads and replies within it, along with its view count.

(Checking views & reply count without clicking the parent forum)




Have you ever wondered what happened to topic you were interested in after you left and came back? With the newly added Bookmark feature, you can keep a list of your favorites by clicking on the Star icon at the top-right side of the thread. Your Bookmark list can be checked out at the “My Activity” tab in “My Page!


(Select “My Page” to go to “My Activity”)


(My Activity keeps a list of all the favorite threads that you’ve marked!)



Come visit our newly revamped forums to experience the various changes to the UI layout and icons along with other new features! We hope that the recent updates can help Adventurers to participate in the lively discussions and keep your fire going for Black Desert! 


Happy adventuring! 


Very Good
Jul 21, 2021, 11:01 (UTC) 0
Eyyy <3 also could you put on loading screens that there is an in game wiki with the question mark also f2 crafting notes because ppl forever ask for advice we don't mind helping for sure but for new players too would be handy for them to know that off
the bat :) love you guys keep up the amazing work <3 :)
Jul 21, 2021, 14:12 (UTC) 1
Great start!
Jul 21, 2021, 23:50 (UTC) 0
Overall a far more sensible approach to the forums they look good.

I haven't had time to explore them thoroughly yet, though one suggestion I would immediately make is to reverse the order of the 'Posted Date' and 'Recently Updated' sort options. Forum posts are practically universally sorted by default by 'Recently Updated',
not 'Post Date', and I think that trend should continue here on the BDO official forums.
Jul 22, 2021, 01:05 (UTC) 2
Hello to the revamped forum.
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