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Updates Nov 24, 2021, 00:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - November 24, 2021


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on November 24, 2021 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 58 updates and is approximately 907.31 MB.





● Discount on Packages & Bundles in Time for Black Friday! event has started.

- Nov 24, 2021(Wed) after maintenance – Dec 1, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

We have some good news for Adventurers who want to purchase Black Desert, Black Desert packages, and even for those of you who want to upgrade your packages! 

In celebration of Black Friday, we are offering discounts up to 90%! 🎉 

Check out the details below so that you don’t miss out on the chance to get a special discount on the product you’ve wanted to purchase!

[Discount on Packages & Bundles in Time for Black Friday!]


● Sunday Stakeout at Garmoth’s Nest event has started.

- November 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – December 8, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

The Crimson Dragon Garmoth is appearing on Sundays during the event! 

Take on the fanatical Kagtum and the ferocious Garmoth herself for a chance to claim your very own Garmoth’s Heart! 

[Sunday Stakeout at Garmoth’s Nest]


● Twinkling Desert Stars event has started.

- November 25, 2021 (Thu) 00:00 - December 29, 2021 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC) 

Like a night sky adorned with countless stars, watch as your Challenge (Y) menu fills Desert Star Chests the more you play! 

[Twinkling Desert Star]


● World Boss World Tour event has started.

- November 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – December 15, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

Not only are the empowered World Bosses making more likely to appear during the event, but you’ll also be able to obtain Old Moon Boss Seals from defeating Field/World Bosses!

[World Boss World Tour]



New and Improvements


Naru gear was really helpful for leveling from the Serendia questline to the Mediah questline and was also a sort of a tutorial gear that helped with understanding all levels of enhancement in Black Desert. The gear was designed to help you progress through Mediah with little difficulty, but Adventurers not yet used to the skill commands felt a much steeper difficulty spike than others. Due to this, we improved the stats of the Naru gear to allow for a safer adventuring experience. We will continue to provide quality-of-life updates for our new Adventurers.
● Added a feature to easily exchange the PEN (V) Naru gear (excluding accessories) obtained by a season character for PRI (I) Tuvala gear through the relevant UI.
- The button for converting to PEN (V) Naru gear will appear in the upper left of the Equipment UI when your season character has a piece of PEN (V) Naru gear equipped or in their Inventory.
- Use the Convert UI to convert your PEN (V) Naru gear into PRI (I) Tuvala gear.
- Changed the Season Pass objectives for converting to PRI (I) Tuvala gear, due to the addition of this feature.


● Added effects to each parts of the Naru gear that improves depending on their enhancement levels, PRI (I), DUO (II), TRI (III), TET (IV), and PEN (V).

Parts Effects PRI (I) DUO (II) TRI (III) TET (IV) PEN (V)
Main Weapon Extra AP Against Monsters 6 8 10 12 14
Sub-weapon Extra AP Against Monsters 6 9 12 15 18
Greatbow Extra AP Against Monsters 2 3 4 5 6
Each Parts of Defense Gear Monster Damage Reduction 1 2 3 4 5
Max HP + 10 20 30 40 50

● Changed the description for "Monster Damage Reduction Up," an extra effect gained by enhancing gear.

Before After
   Monster Damage Reduction Up (enhancement level PRI or up) Monster Damage Reduction Up (PRI or higher)

● Changed your character to display a motion where it cheers with joy when you obtain a Pure Black Stone item.
● Added a note of caution to the item description of Pure Black Stone about its duration and expiration.


● Improved the visual effects of the special actions for the following outfits:
- [Kunoichi] Cloud Umbra
- [Ninja] Sakuragi
- [Mystic] Makalu
- [Wizard] Sleepless Sun outfit.
- [Striker] Burning Soul outfit.
● Added a description on the idle animations to [Striker] Burning Soul Armor, [Wizard] Sleepless Sun Armor, [Mystic] Makalu Armor and their set boxes.
● Changed the location mentioned in the item description for Al Rhundi's Secret Orders obtained from Elvia: Castle Ruins to match the changed location.
● Changed the Horse EXP Increase part of the item description for [Mix] Time-Training Elixir to Mount EXP Increase.



● The third volume of Alustin's Alchemy Journal was discovered among the old books in Calpheon. It's available to Adventurers that completed the first and second volumes. You can uncover more about the story of young Alustin and Caphras, and how their paths crossed with some courageous, unknown adventurers.
● Changed the following completion requirements for the Season Pass due to changes in converting PEN (V) Naru gear to PRI (I) Tuvala gear.

Previous Objective Changed Objective Previous Requirement Changed Requirement
From PEN: Naru to PRI: Tuvala Blacksmith of Altinova Exchange PEN: Naru gear with Fughar for Tuvala gear Speak to Mevo Muranan, the Blacksmith of Altinova

● Improved the following Season Pass objectives for equipping Naru gear to be able to be completed by talking to the Black Spirit (/) when you have already exchanged Tuvala gear without having equipped Naru gear.
- The button will only be displayed when talking to the Black Spirit if you have the PRI (I) - PEN (V) enhanced Tuvala gear pertaining to the Season Pass objectives in your possession.

Previous Season Pass  Completion Requirement Requirement for Tuvala Gear Exchange
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 1 Enhance Naru main weapon to +3 or higher then equip it Say "I've converted an unequipped Naru main weapon into a Tuvala main weapon!"
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 4 Enhance a Naru Main Weapon to +7 or higher, then equip it
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 7 Enhance a Naru Main Weapon to DUO (II) or higher, then equip it
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 5 Enhance Naru Sub-weapon to +7, then equip it Say "I've converted an unequipped Naru sub-weapon into a Tuvala sub-weapon!"
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 2 Enhance Naru Armor to +3 or higher then equip it Say  "I've converted unequipped Naru Armor into Tuvala Armor!"
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 3 Enhance Naru Armor to +7 or higher, then equip it
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 6 Enhance Naru Armor to DUO (II), then equip it

● Changed the following Progression Pass objective.

Before After
[Boss] Defeat the Awakened Saunil Siege Captain [Boss] Obtain Bheg Summon Scroll from [Special I] Confronting Bheg (1/D)

● Changed to no longer be immune to desert sicknesses when traversing the desert, and sailors' health will now deteriorate while they are out sailing and exploring.



● Increased the drop rates of the following items for the top 20 contributing Adventurers that help defeat the World Boss, Thundercloud Kutum.

Items Increased Drop Rates
Belongings of an Adventurer Increased by 1.3 times
Thundercloud Kutum Box Increased by 1.1 times
Kutum's Power Stone Increased by 1.3 times
Ancient Kutum's Fragment Increased by 1.3 times
Black Magic Crystal - Assault, Memory Increased by 2.0 times


Quest, Knowledge

● Changed the item required to complete the "Curing Someone" quest from a trade item to a quest item.
- Due to this change, the reward item for the preceding quest, "Craft Medical Kit" was changed to the pertaining quest item. 


Conquest War, Node War

● Changed Node Wars so that War Heroes can participate in some of them.

Node War War Heroes
Tier 1: Beginner None
Tier 1: Intermediate None
Tier 2 3
Tier 3 4
Tier 4 5

● Added the "Show Conquest War Installation Area" feature.
- Changed the "Show Node Installation Area" feature on the upper right of the screen to "Show Node/Conquest War Installation Area."
- The areas where Node/Conquest War will be held in will be marked when you activate the "Show Node/Conquest War Installation Area" feature.
● Fixed the issue where a member in your guild alliance couldn't install the maximum number of Siege Defense Towers.
● Fixed the issue where the War Vendor, available when the Lord's guild wins a Node War, did not work properly for some Adventurers. 


Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Changed the areas you cannot move to from Syca's Glare, Atoraxxion: Sycrakea. 



● Added the function to save custom colors in the Color Palette for hair/gear (outfit) customizations in the Dye (J) and Beauty Album (F4) windows.
- Open the Color Palette UI, then press the Save Color button to save the desired color.
- These saved colors will remain even after changing servers or disconnecting from the game. You can use them for dying your character's hair or gear (outfit) whenever you please.


● Changed the residence icon to not be displayed when you only own the Blue Maned Lion's Manor.
● Changed the command for switching to your Family Inventory on the Inventory UI from pressing RT to pressing and releasing RT in the gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue where the background for the area of the Adventure Log's citation button would appear abnormally. 



● Optimized memory use by removing unnecessary and repetitive data related to items.
● Optimized server stability related to summoned creatures. 



● Changed the Region of Residence section in My Page to be unable to select a region if the region was set to ETC.
- If your region is currently set to ETC, please submit a ticket to Support and request that your region information be changed to somewhere else.

● Cannot log in to the Black Desert+ app via Facebook on an Android OS.

- As a result, we've temporarily removed the Facebook login icon.

- You can still log in with your Pearl Abyss email account.

● Added details explaining about backup codes and how to apply to get your OTP removed on the OTP Backup Code page.
● Fixed the issue where the 3 notices at the top of Announcements page did not open.
● Improved the font size for My Page, log-in page, and sign-up page when viewing the pages on a mobile device.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't verify your email for PC Registration when logging in with the Link an Open ID option.
● Improved the font size when viewing the Black Desert official website on a mobile device.
● Fixed the issue where the screen wouldn't scroll properly when you click the Cookie Use Policy on the bottom of the Black Desert official website.
● Improved certain notification mails pertaining to your account.
● Improved certain parts of the UX for the sign-up page. 



● Changed the following terms in English:
- The Origin of Mystic Power to The Origin of the Powerful Energy.
- Desert Sickness, Disease to Desert Illness. 


Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where the scroll bar on the Central Market transaction history would regularly reset after a certain period of time.
● Fixed the issue where the curtain effect would remain even after switching to the Arena of Arsha.
● Fixed the issue where ending the Arena of Arsha with the curtain effect still applied would retain the effect.
● Fixed the issue where relogging as the party leader while fighting a boss summoned from a scroll would prevent your party members from dealing damage to the summoned boss.
● Fixed the issue where monsters summoned in Sycraia Underwater Ruins wouldn't move correctly.
● Fixed the item descriptions of the following items.

- [Ninja] Narusawa Awakening Set
- Gift Box Full of Memories
- Adventurer's Tome
- Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom
- Caphras - Journal of Light and Shadow, Journal of Destruction, Journal of Nature, Journal of Glory
- PRI to PEN: Undying Crow's Insignia
- Elion - Tome of the Sun

● Fixed the issue where the Escape function cooldown would reset when entering and leaving the Battle Arena.
● Fixed the dialog of certain NPCs in Altinova to better fit their gender.
● Fixed Lloyd in Casta Farm to no longer appear in an awkward stance.
● Made the quest summary for "[Processing] Trent Worker Experience?" under the "[ADV Support] Inventory Expansion!" Suggested questline tab read more clearly.
● Fixed the issue where "Returning" under the "Nightmare Revealed" main questline wouldn't appear for normal characters.
● Fixed the issue where "Gateway to Heidel" and "Reinforcing the Quarry" under the "The Concerns of Bobby Lauren" main questline wouldn't appear for normal characters.
● Fixed the issue where the quest NPC for "The Origin of the Powerful Energy" and "[Awakening] Bree Tree Ruins" under the Serendia - Part 2 main questline wouldn't appear after activating the "Hide Certain NPCs" function.
● Fixed the issue where an abnormal message was displayed in the item slot when the Faded Ancient Relic UI was open.
● Fixed the issue where certain classes' visual effects weren't displaying properly on the replay screen for Arena of Arsha.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't install fences in certain previously installable areas.



Happy adventuring!

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