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Updates Mar 10, 2022, 09:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - March 10, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on March 10, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 52 updates and is approximately 1.5 GB.



● Battle in the Red Battlefield event has started.

- March 10, 2022 (Thu) after maintenance - March 23, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance
The [Event] Red Box of Honor is back!
[Battle in the Red Battlefield]

● Gula's Special Steed Seal  event has started.
- March 11, 2022 (Fri) 00:00 - March 24, 2022 (Thu) 23:59 (UTC) 
More events to keep horsing around!
[Gula's Special Steed Seal]

● 6th Anniversary Life EXP & Drop Rate Buffs! event has started.
- March 10, 2022 (Thu) after maintenance - March 30, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance
During the event, there will be a Life EXP +50% buff, increasing the rate that you gain Life EXP.
Also, enjoy an Item Drop Rate +50% for items dropped by defeated monsters during the event!
[6th Anniversary Life EXP & Drop Rate Buffs!]

● Cozy Spring Petal event has started.
- March 10, 2022 (Thu) after maintenance - March 23, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance 
Need Oils? Get some fruits to make them!
[Cozy Spring Petal]

New and Improvements


● Improved the motions of your character and ship to appear more natural when boarding Rowboats and Fishing Boats.
● Changed any summons to be immediately unsummoned upon equipping a Hunting Matchlock or a Sniper Rifle. 

● Prime: Evasive Explosion Shot - Fixed the issue where Invincible would be applied on cooldown in certain situations. 

● Succession: Dark Backstep - Fixed the issue where the Movement Speed was slower than when using a normal version of Dark Backstep.
● Succession: Dark Backstep - Increased the distance traveled.
● Prime: Dark Flame - Fixed the issue where you could only combo into Ultimate: Dark Flame by pressing RMB.
● Prime: Midnight Stinger - Fixed the issue where the Shards of Darkness effect wouldn't refresh when performing attacks by pressing RMB.
● Fixed the issue where the amulet wouldn't be displayed during the idle animation in the Pearl Shop (F3). 

● Full Moon Wall - Fixed the issue where an unnatural text would be displayed on the description. 

● Core: Tidal Burst - Changed to recover 2 Martial Spirit Shards now instead of one on hits.
● Tidal Burst IV - Changed the skill's description to match the actual effects. 

● Outta My Way! - Fixed the issue where the visual effects would remain the same when your Shai wears the Twinkle Star outfit. 


● Improved so that you don't switch to F-targeting mode, even when the Black Spirit's Rage is 100% or higher, when there are no bullets loaded on your matchlock. 


● Increased the stats of the 2-set effects applied when equipping Blackstar defense gear on two parts or more.
- Therefore, the text for the 2-set effects displayed on the item description of Blackstar defense gear was changed to match the adjusted stats. 

Before After
Monster Damage Reduction +5 Monster Damage Reduction +10

● Changed the names and icons of Suppressed Boss Gear items and [Oasis] Ramones's gear items as follows: 

  Before After
Suppressed Boss Gear
(e.g. Dim Tree Spirit's Armor)
[Oasis] Ramones's Gear
(e.g. Ramones's Armor)


● Changed the Ship License: Epheria Cog to be registerable at the Outpost Supply Port. 

Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Cherry blossoms have fully bloomed in time for spring in the world of Black Desert.


The Current Location feature or the so-called "ping" feature, that we said we would improve was categorized into four different patterns: Attack, Moving, Command, and Warning. This change was made so that you can use the feature more efficiently. We also added images for Adventurers who have trouble distinguishing colors.
In addition to the improved "guild ping" feature, we are working on a "guild marker" feature for guilds that allows you to mark locations on the World Map. We hope this "guild marker" feature can be used in a variety of ways including marking enemies' nodes and defense points, designating attack routes for allies, and more.

▲ This is a development draft of the "guild marker" feature.
We are planning to apply the "guild marker" feature so that you can see it clearly on the World Map as well as the gameplay screen like the "guild ping" feature.
We will make our best efforts to ensure guild members can enjoy strategically coordinated guild combat together.
● Improved so that you can use a wider variety of pings when using the Show Location to Guild Members (') feature.
- Pressing Alt + ` or holding ` will display the Ring Menu. You can select Attack, Moving, Command, Warning pings from the menu.
- You can use the ping selected by pressing `.
- If you don't designate the type of ping from the Ring Menu, it will be displayed the same as the ping used before the update.
- You can select the type of ping by either pressing Alt + ` or holding ` on the World Map. You can also use guild pings by pressing CTRL + LMB.

● Added so that you can use the hotkeys to set the added types of pings from the added ping feature (Alt + `) from Settings -> Interface Settings -> Misc. Hotkeys.
- Select Attack Ping
- Select Moving Ping
- Select Command Ping
- Select Warning Ping 

Improvements will be made to the "arrange" feature on your inventory. You can use this improved feature for your inventory as well as your storage in a variety of ways including "Auto Arrange," sorting by grade, enhancement level, weight (LT), capacity (VT), or equipped parts, as well as in "Ascending order" or "Descending order." We hope this feature gives you the flexibility you desire.
● Improved the "arrange" feature so that you can arrange items in your Inventory (I) and storage depending on the settings.
- In addition to the "Auto Arrange" feature, you can now arrange items by item grade, enhanced level, LT, VT, and gear slot.
- Improved Auto Arrange so that you can arrange your inventory in "Ascending" and "Descending" order. 

● Changed the color of the War Hero Ranking UI and added medals to be displayed according to ranking (1st, 2nd, 3rd). 

● Changed the information window displayed when equipping an item a season character cannot equip to be displayed on a different part of the screen.
- Before: Displayed depending on the location of your mouse cursor
- After: Displayed in the upper center of the screen
● Added the text, "There are no summoned pets." that'll be displayed when using pet feed items via Feed Pet without taking out any pets.
● Changed the design of the "Mount Inventory" button on your Storage to a checkered pattern.
● Added the junk loot obtainable in the following monster zones that you can see from the Item Drop UI to be displayed.
- Polly's Forest: Mushroom Hypha
- Loopy Tree Forest: Fadus Armor Fragment 

Pearl Shop

● Added the "Fashion Album" feature.
- The Fashion Album is a feature that allows you to easily check out other Adventurers' uploaded outfit customizations from the Pearl Shop.
- After selecting Apparel from the Pearl Shop, you can check out the Fashion Album registered for the selected outfit by pressing the Fashion Album button.
- Select an outfit in the Pearl Shop and press "See More" to check out other characters wearing that outfit from the Fashion Album.
- You can register a Fashion Album by pressing + on the Fashion Album from the Pearl Shop. You can also upload via Photo Gallery on the official website.
- Changed the location and icon for the Purchase button, due to the addition of the Fashion Album feature.
- Added the "Fashion" category to the Photo Gallery on the official website.
※ You cannot change images that you already uploaded. 


● Improved the area of the UI where you can select classes on the Beauty Album.
● Improved so that you can use the keyboard to adjust the camera angle from the Take Photo screen on the Beauty Album and Photo Gallery.
● Removed the previous Skill Combo Guide videos and replaced them with the new Skill Combo Guide videos. 
● Adjusted the placement of the "See Details" button on the New Update banner on the upper right of the screen.
● Fixed the issue where the banners on the official website would appear abnormal sometimes.
● Changed certain font sizes and button colors on the main page.
● Improved access to My Information for all users and devices for all websites serviced by Pearl Abyss.
● Improved the search and URL link sharing of the Partners page to display content related to the page.
● Fixed the image on the top to display properly when making payments on the official website.
● Fixed the GM profile images to appear on the Adventurer's Board.
● Improved the area where you enter the ID/PW on the Black Desert launcher so that you can used the Ctrl+A hotkey.
● Changed the BI of Black Desert TV. 
● Changed the Popular Creators tab to display posts within the past year by default for the ingame Beauty Album.

Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where parts of your outfit would appear abnormal when equipping the [Nova] Imperium Armor.
● Fixed the unnatural appearance of the background in the following areas:
- Hoom Highland, Olun's Valley, Gervish Mountains, Calpheon City, Tuir River
● Fixed certain NPCs in Dreaming Oasis that moved to abnormal locations.
● Fixed the issue in certain areas of Red Battlefield: Valencia City where damage and hits were being applied abnormally.
● Fixed the issue where certain knowledge names displayed at the top of the screen on the Knowledge UI did not match the name of knowledge.
● Fixed the issue where the numbers on the 3 Months graph displayed when selling items in your Central Market Warehouse were different from the graph.
● Fixed the issue where the descriptions for the items in your Storage would appear abnormal when using the Sell Items function from your Storage.
● Fixed the issue where the icons for certain classes wouldn't be displayed on the Adventurer's Board (F2).
● Fixed the issue where the visual spark effect displayed on recently purchased items in your Warehouse would appear on an improper area of the screen in certain situations.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't place furniture on the floor properly in your residence in Balenos 3-2, Loggia Farm. 

Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we’ve compiled a list of some of our recent major ones. Check them out below!


For Progression-minded Adventurers:

Artifacts & Lightstones

Artifacts and Lightstones were added.
Customize your Character with Artifacts and Lightstones which can be obtained throughout your adventurers in the Black Desert world!

Progression Pass for New Adventurers

Want to earn rewards while learning about the world of Black Desert? Explore the vast world of Black Desert one step at a time with the Progression Pass!

Narchillan Equipment

Equipment for new Adventurers that will help you on your journey!

Enhancement QoL Improvements!

No more tedious prep for enhancements!

You can now use Black Stones to directly increase enhancement chance.

Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline

Complete the “Old Moon Guild’s New Deal” questline to earn Boss gear with the HIGHEST level of enhancement: PEN (V)!

Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Questline

Obtain an accessory with the HIGHEST level of enhancement through a questline that you can complete once per Family!

For Combat-focused Adventurers:

New Red Battlefield - Valencia City

A new battlefield was added to Red Battlefield PvP content.

Strategize with your team to contest capture points in this all-new battlefield mode in the heart of Valencia City!

Valencia Monster Loot Revamp

Junk loot of monster zones in the Valencia region have been revamped to be more profitable!

New Way of Obtaining Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence

New sub-materials for Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence have been added to the game

Increased Caphras Stone Drop Rates

Boost your progression with increased Caphras Stone drop rates in various monster zones!

Elvia Realm

Hadum spreads her dark influence into Serendia. Fight the fearsome and powerful monsters of the Serendia Elvia Realm!

♥ For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

New Minigame Yar!

A new card game that anyone can enjoy has been added! Play against NPCs and other Adventurers in the new minigame, Yar!

* For more information on our latest updates, please refer to Black Desert's [Update History].


Happy adventuring!

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