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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates May 18, 2022, 10:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - May 18, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on May 18, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 86 updates and is approximately 1.29 GB.

Mythical Diné

The dream horse, Mythical Diné, comes galloping across the waters! You can obtain a Mythical Diné via Mythical Awakening, and this legendary steed comes with its own unique skills such as Quicksilver, Triple Jump, and Protection of Okiara.
When we last revealed this mythical steed, many of our Adventurers displayed concern that it seemed to lack its signature horn. We are happy to report that Mythical Diné will be released with horn and all intact.
* Mythical Diné can utilize skills such as Drift, Instant Accel, and S: Instant Accel while maintaining high speeds to gallop across water for up to 15 seconds, which is around the time it would take to travel between two closely placed islands.
You require the Breath of Okiara to mount up on and move with a Mythical Diné standing on water, so use this resource wisely.

● Added a new dream horse available through Mythical Awakening, the Mythical Diné.
- Stable your Dinés with Gula, stable keeper of Stonetail Horse Ranch, to attempt Mythical Awakening.
- You will need one male and one female Diné, both at Lv. 30.
- Use the Mythical Censer to attempt Mythical Awakening which has a fixed success rate of 3%.
- A successful Mythical Awakening will see both Dinés reborn into one Diné of "Mythical" grade.
- If you fail, the 2 Dinés can be recovered at any time, and you can use the Mythical Censer to try again.
- A newborn Mythical Diné will have the inherent skills of both Diné and a Mythical Horse.
- Inherent skills will be at 100% mastery, and will not disappear even if you reset the horse's growth.
- Mythical Diné's base stats (HP, stamina, speed, accel, turn, brake, etc.) will be similar to a normal Diné. Including exclusive skills, Mythical Diné can learn up to 27 skills in total.
- Mythical Diné's base price is higher than the combined prices of two Lv. 30 Dinés (male and female). However, due to its rare breed, this mythical creature is currently not being sold in the Horse Market.
- Mythical Diné is a legendary dream horse born from Mythical Awakening and does not specify a gender.

* Mythical Diné consumes Breath of Okiara to gallop across waters for a certain period of time, but cannot traverse the deep seas.
● Details on Mythical Diné's inherent skills are as follows.

Skill Name Preceding Skills Usage Stamina Cost Description

n/a Automatically activated when moving atop water while mounted Same cost as on land Consume Breath of Okiara to gallop across water.
You cannot use mounted attacks, horse attack skills, nor auto-run while on water.

Triple Jump
High Jump, Streak Leap, Double Jump SPACE during Double Jump 200 Leap high once more after using Double Jump.
You cannot use Triple Jump after using Protection of Okiara.

Protection of Okiara
n/a E while falling after jumping 400 upon use
400 continuously consumed while holding
Jump and float safely down to the ground from great heights using the power of water to cushion you. 
Using the Protection of Okiara will prevent any fall damage for a certain period of time.
* You can use all horse skills excluding land-based attacks during Quicksilver.
* Earth of Life now cures desert illnesses when used by a Mythical Diné.
● Mythical Diné consumes the "Breath of Okiara" with the Quicksilver skill to gallop across water.
- You can check your Mythical Diné's "Breath of Okiara" upon mounting the steed.
- The Breath of Okiara will be recovered naturally under the following circumstances:
* Idle, moving, and using skills while mounted on land
* While idle on land
- When it's filled up to a certain level, you can consume Breath of Okiara with the Quicksilver skill to gallop across water.
- Using Quicksilver at shallow waters or swamps such as Catfishman Camp, Swamp Naga and Swamp Fogan Habitats, and Tshira Ruins, will not consume the Breath of Okiara.
- Consuming all Breath of Okiara will dismount you from your Mythical Diné. (Mythical Diné assumes an aquatic form to commune with the waters.)
● Mythical Diné will take on an aquatic form when dismounted while standing in the swamps or atop water.
- You can dismount from Mythical Diné while standing on water. You can also mount Mythical Diné while swimming (as long as there's Breath of Okiara to spare.)
* You can mount Mythical Diné with a matchlock equipped, but cannot gallop across water while it's still equipped.
● The crafting recipe and ingredients for the Mythical Censer, along with details on how to obtain them, are as follows:

Item Recipe Ingredients

Mythical Censer
Manufacture Old Moon Censer x1 + Mythical Powder x10 + Mythical Feather x10 + Fire Horn x10 + Powder of Flame x10

Old Moon Censer
Manufacture Old Moon Censer Mold x1 + Pure Platinum Crystal x100 + Pure Copper Crystal x100 + Pure Tin Crystal x100 + Moonlight Opal x100

Mythical Powder
Grinding Flower of Oblivion x10 + Royal Fern Root x10 + Everlasting Herb x10 + Fruit of Enchantment x10 + Black Stone Powder x10
Item How to Obtain

Old Moon Censer Mold
Purchase from Old Moon Manager's Shop

Flower of Oblivion
Supplying horses to the Imperial House
* You cannot get Flower of Oblivion by supplying a Dream Horse

Royal Fern Root
Complete Stonetail Horse Ranch's material vendor Wapra's "[Weekly] Fly Like the Wind" and "[Beginner to Guru] No Worries for the Prepared" quests

Mythical Feather
Exchange Radiant Fairy Wings and Brilliant Fairy Wings via "Herawen"
Obtain from Lush Primitive, Primitive, Lush Old, and Old Lakiaro Sacks at a low chance

Complete Old Wisdom Tree stablekeeper Variel's "[Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings" quest
- The higher the tier of the horse supplied to the imperial house, the greater amount of "Flower of Oblivion" you will obtain.
Tier Flowers of Oblivion
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 10
7 15
8 20

* For more details, please refer to the [Adventurer's Guide - Mythical Horses (Awakening)].

Atoraxxion Improvements

In order to make Atoraxxion more enjoyable, we removed the "10,000 Agris Fever point" cost for the weekly reward quests and increased the drop chance for items needed to access each zone in the dungeon and the "Circuit of Special Information" that grant special knowledge. We hope these changes will encourage more Adventurers to challenge Atoraxxion.
● Improved the following items, which are required to craft items that grant access to each zone in Atoraxxion, to now have a 100% chance to drop.
Monster Item
[Elvia] Vaha's Cold Thorn
Vaha's Cold Thorn
[Elvia] Egg of a Fearful Epoch
[Elvia] Egg of an Arid Epoch
[Elvia] Syca's Frigid Scale
Egg of a Fearful Epoch
Egg of an Arid Epoch
Syca's Frigid Scale
● Improved the weekly Atoraxxion quests to no longer cost Agris Fever points.
- Before: 10,000 Agris Fever points consumed upon accepting the quest
- After: 0 Agris Fever points consumed
- Affected quests: [Weekly] Vahmalkea: Desert Chest, [Weekly] Vahmalkea: Hystriah Chest, [Weekly] Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest I, [Weekly] Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest II, [Weekly] Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest, [Weekly] Sycrakea: Astran Chest, [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest I, [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest II
● Increased the drop rate for "Circuit of Special Information" that grant knowledge for certain monsters of Atoraxxion.
Monster Changes to Circuit of Special Information Drop Rate
Normal monsters +400%
Cetus, Monoceros Lacerta, Creomar, Putrakium, Cartios, Lykina, Krahtenn, Ahtenn, Apex Urukios, Serpen, Berurah, Apocros, Maleficent Centilutos +500%



● 400% Hot Time  has started.

- It’s time to heat up your adventures with a special 400% Hot Time!

[400% Hot Time ]


● New & Returning Adventurer Challenges has started.

- Are you new or returning? Get started with some amazing rewards!

[New & Returning Adventurer Challenges]


● It’s Raining Special Login Rewards has started.

- Log in every day to claim your special login rewards!

[It’s Raining Special Login Rewards]


● Meet Mythical Diné has started.

- Make waves with a mythical steed!

[Meet Mythical Diné]


● Jetina’s Challenges has started.

- Exchange your Golden Seals for Shiny Shakatu Boxes!

[Jetina’s Challenges]


● Thank GM It’s Friday! (Feat. Dark Knight Figurine) has started.

- Here's your chance to win a Dark Knight Figurine!

[Thank GM It’s Friday! (Feat. Dark Knight Figurine)]


New and Improvements

● Charging Thrust - Changed the description to display commands in greater detail.
● Flow: Slashing the Dead - Added "Quick Slot available" to the description.
● Fixed the following skill's effects to match the description.
- Deep Thrust (I to III)
● Fixed the following skill descriptions.
- Charging Thrust (III to Absolute) - Removed mentions of increased movement speed and range.
- Absolute: Ground Roar - Removed mentions of increased range.

● Changed the following descriptions to display commands in greater detail.
- Flow: Call from Sky, Succession - Flow: Call from Sky
● Fixed the following skills' effects to match the descriptions.
- Pinpoint, Moving Shot, Flow: Rooting, Will of the Wind (mounted)
● Fixed the issue where using the following skills on cooldown would consume little to no MP.
- Descending Current, Prime: Descending Current, Prime: Charging Wind, Waltz of Wind
● Fixed the following skill descriptions.
- Penetrating Wind (I to III) - Fixed the issue of displaying the incorrect command.
- Tearing Arrow (I to Absolute) - Fixed to display the actual number of 0 charged attack hits.

● Night Crow (forward jump) - Added mention of activating Night Crow during the skill. 
● Shadow Eruption (I to Absolute) - Changed the attack range to be the same per hit while mounted. 
● Grim Reaper's Judgment - Fixed the issue where you would recover HP even if the charged attack didn't hit.
● Dead Hunt - Fixed the issue where certain hits wouldn't recover HP.
● Prime: Midnight Stinger - Fixed the issue where using the skill via Quick Slot wouldn't consume Shards of Darkness.
● Scythe Training - Fixed the description to display the actual number of forward attack hits.
● Mark of the Shadow - Fixed the description to display the actual number of affected targets.

● Giant Leap - Improved the descriptions to display commands in greater detail.
● Feral Rage - Changed the description to mention the actual number of hits and Stamina cost in greater detail.
● Fixed the following skills' effects to match the descriptions.
- Beastly Wind Slash (I to III), Fierce Strike, Ground Lifting (while on cooldown)
● Titan Step - Changed to no longer re-apply its cooldown when comboed with the flying kick attack.

● Horror Slam, Resonance - Improved her Lv. 56 Rabam skills to no longer allow Rage Transfer during the skills.
● Echo Pierce - Improved to now combo into Celestial Slam.
● Fixed the following skill effects to match the descriptions.
- Surging Tide (I to VI), Celestial Bo Staff Training
● Trample (I to Absolute) - Fixed the issue where the Bound effect for PvE was being applied even when on cooldown.

● Lightning (I to V) - Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit version of the skill would activate even when locked. (Updated)
● Fixed the issue where your summons buffs wouldn't refresh.

● Earth Splitter - Added to the Skill Guide UI.
● Fixed the issue where the Skill Guide UI would display even in Awakening state.
● Changed normal attacks while mounted to apply the correct amount of damage and the Bound effect where applicable.
● Absolute: Heavy Fist - Fixed the description to display the actual PvP damage reduction amount.
● Binding, Absolute: Fetter Knee Constraint - Fixed the issue where using the skill in Awakening would apply the debuffs twice and cause the target to become immune to the debuffs.


● Fixed the issue where characters who had moved to a big ship's wheel could get struck by monsters while sailing.


● Changed Venomous Night Fangs to now be stackable in one inventory slot.
- The recipe for "Ibedor's Scroll" was changed to "Simple Alchemy (L) with Venomous Night Fang x5," accordingly.
* All relevant items in your inventory or storage has been moved to the storage in O'draxxia.

● Shakatu has carried out some restoration work regarding "Rich Merchant's Ring Pieces."
- Bring "Rich Merchant's Ring Piece" to Shakatu, who will inspect and identify them as an "Al Yurad's Ring Piece."
- The "Al Yurad's Ring Piece" is visibly distinct compared to the original "Rich Merchant's Ring Piece."
- While still serving as part of a whole just like the original "Rich Merchant's Ring Piece," you will now be able to visibly confirm its proper orientation for the ring's construction.
* You can use both original rich merchants and new Al Yurad's ring pieces and combine them to form the Rich Merchant's Ring.
- Getting a ring piece inspected by Shakatu will grant you knowledge on each of Al Yurad's Ring Pieces (5 in total).
- If you crafted the Rich Merchant's Ring without obtaining all 5 Al Yurad's Ring Piece knowledge entries, you can talk to Shakatu to obtain them without spending any Energy.

We're adding a processing recipe and quests to revert Combatant's Stone back into Narchillan gear.
Use Heating on Combatant's Stones and Narchillan gear to reobtain Spirit's First Breath, and bring 7 of these to Fughar to reobtain the 7 different Narchillan gear types. 
If you are ever in need of the Combatant Stones once more, use Heating on the Combatant's Stone Fragment obtained earlier along with a Spirit's First Breath to reobtain the Combatant's Stone.

We're also adding a recurring quest to obtain the Canon weapon required for obtaining Narchillan gear. 
● Added the means to revert Combatant's Stones once converted from Narchillan gear back into gear.
1. Use Heating (L) on Combatant's Stone (Weapon/Armor) to obtain "Spirit's First Breath" and "Combatant's Stone Fragment (Weapon/Armor)."
2. Use Heating (L) on each piece of Narchillan gear to obtain "Spirit's First Breath" as well.
3. Bring 7 "Spirit's First Breath" to Fughar and accept the "[Special Aid] By the Power of Narchillan Once More" quest.
4. Complete this quest to obtain all 7 Narchillan gear types.
* The Combatant's Stone Fragment can be combined with "Spirit's First Breath" to reobtain the Combatant's Stone.
* "Spirit's First Breath" in your inventory and storage will automatically be moved to your storage in Heidel.
● Added the means to obtain Canon awakening weapons.
- Added the means to obtain a Canon awakening weapon if you don't have one while proceeding with the "[Special Aid] Narchillan's Powerful Awakening Weapon" quest. 
- You can accept the "[Weekly] Canon Awakening Weapon" quest from Tulem in Altinova. 
* This quest requires you to have completed your class Awakening questline and be proceeding with the "[Special Aid] Narchillan's Powerful Awakening Weapon" quest on a non-season character.
- The above details will be mentioned by Fughar during said quest.
● Added Corsair's Canon awakening weapon to be obtainable from the Canon Awakening Weapon Box.
● Changed [Berserker] Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit Set (Helmet and Armor) to be exchangeable for the following outfit pieces through Tranan Underfoe in Velia after the May 18, 2022 (Wed) maintenance.
- You must have unequipped your [Berserker] Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit Set/Helmet/Armor into your inventory to make the exchange.
- For more details on the exchange, please refer to the following.
[Go to "[Berserker] Winter Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit Exchange"]
Outfit Exchangeable Item
[Berserker] Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit Set [Berserker] Winter Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit Set
[Berserker] Mountain Guardian Spirit Helmet [Berserker] Winter Mountain Guardian Spirit Helmet
[Berserker] Mountain Guardian Spirit Armor [Berserker] Winter Mountain Guardian Spirit Armor

● The Character Weight & Inventory Exchange Coupon can be used as follows.
- Using the item will open a UI where you can select the two characters you wish to exchange weight and inventory slots.
- Trial characters or characters with weight increasing items in their inventory cannot use this coupon.
- This item will be available until Aug 31, 2022 (Wed) maintenance, when it will be removed from the game.

[Go to "Go Further Beyond, Daily Login Rewards!"]

● Improved monster and boss zones to be more easily identifiable on the World Map (M).
● Added additional text on how to obtain more "Nice Fluke!" Black Spirit's Adventure Arcana cards in the item's description.


● Increased the range of the obtainable buffs left by defeating [Anger], [Denial], [Resolve], and [Despair] Ancient statues.
● Reduced the frequency of special attacks dealt by [Anger], [Denial], [Resolve], and [Despair] Ancient statues over prelonged bouts.
● Fixed the abnormal patrol movements of Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground monsters.
● Changed the [Despair] Gyfin Rhasia Decimator to no longer chase Adventurers up to the Gyfin Rhasia Temple node manager.
● Applied the following changes to improve combat conditions in the Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground.
- Decimators will spawn closer to but will chase after Adventurers for shorter distances.
- [Fragment of Despair] Decimators' spawning has been changed to occur at more frequent intervals. This does not affect the overall number of Decimators that spawn during a given period.
● Fixed the issue where certain Ancient statues wouldn't respawn after [Anger], [Denial], and [Resolve] statues were defeated.

Quest, Knowledge

● Removed certain unobtainable Knowledge entries such as Luxuries of Everfrost and Materials of Everfrost from the Knowledge window.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't obtain the Knowledge entries for Magic-seeking Firefly, Perfection-seeking Firefly, Destruction-seeking Firefly, and Deep Sea-seeking Firefly.
● Changed the [Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad quest required for season graduation to no longer be acceptable if you have the following items in your possession. 
- [Season] New Adventure Box and [Season] Leveling Aid Box for each level
- You can proceed with the season graduation questline after obtaining the rewards by using all the pertaining items. 
- Therefore, relevant text was added to the descriptions of the aforementioned items. 
● Changed the description displayed when you hover your mouse over "[Everfrost] Search for the Holy Flame" on the Main tab of the Quests (O) window to read more clearly. 
● Extended the period for the quest through which you can exchange the [Event] Brave Warrior's Token for Enhancement Help Kit II until June 8, 2022.


● Changed the button layout and design of Customization portion of the Character Creation window.
- If you press ENTER upon loading up the Character Creation screen, the space to enter your character's name will be highlighted.
- Pressing the ENTER key after inputting your character's name will now also check for duplicates.
- The design of the buttons in the lower left-hand corner such as Save Temporarily and Save File have also been changed.
- The Character Creation and Character Selection buttons have been merged into one button that will return you to the Character Selection screen.
- Changed the design of the horoscope icon.
- An icon was added to the Back button on the Character Creation window. 

● Made the following improvements to the game pad mode UI:
- Added the key guide LT + Y in the Infusion window for removing artifacts.
- Added the key guide Y in the Infusion window for removing infused lightstones from artifacts.


● Fixed the issue where only one letter would be typed in when copy pasting the OTP verification code via the clipboard feature in Android. 
● Fixed the issue where the error page would be displayed when switching languages for Black Desert TV in Android. 
● Fixed the issue where the search results would appear abnormal when searching certain keywords on the Adventurer's Guide on the Black Desert official website. 
● Improved the alignment of the text providing information on deleted comments. 
● Improved the compatibility so that the UI is displayed to fit the browser used. 
● Added Class Reboot profile pics.
- You can change your profile pic from the Account Information page.


● Changed the following terms in English: 
- Red Orc Floor to Red Oak Floor. 
- Young Red Orc to Red Orc. 
- Changed the [ADV Complete] titles from "Journey to (region name)" to "Journey through (region name)."

Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where bumping into a certain NPC in Tshira Ruins with your character appeared abnormal.
● Fixed abnormal appearances of sections of backgrounds in the followings areas:
- Kusha, La O'delle
● Fixed the area in Eastern Border that appeared abnormal on the minimap.
● Fixed the issue where your character would be moved to a different location if you are logging back in to certain areas of the Demi River.
● Improved the issue where certain visual effects would appear in abnormal spots when the Pwudgy Llama moves on the Pearl Shop (F3). 
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't reobtain the relevant Knowledges when completing the following quests before the update on May 11, 2022 (Wed). 
- You can obtain the relevant Knowledges via Badane the Manor Groundskeeper upon completing the following quests: 
- [Manor] Magic-seeking Firefly - Magic-seeking Firefly Knowledge
- [Manor] Perfection-seeking Firefly - Perfection-seeking Firefly Knowledge
- [Manor] Destruction-seeking Firefly - Destruction-seeking Firefly Knowledge
- [Manor] Deep Sea-seeking Firefly - Deep Sea-seeking Firefly Knowledge
● Fixed the issue where the processing motion would be displayed when entering commands in the keyguide for Mass Processing without having equipped Processing Stones in Gamepad UI mode. 
● Fixed the issue where Edan in the Ancient Stone Chamber would appear abnormal under certain circumstances. 
● Fixed the issue where monsters and objects at Star's End would move abnormally under certain circumstances. 
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't write posts on the Photo Gallery without wearing an outfit. 
● Fixed the issue where the description of the item, Old Moon Solvent, would be awkward.
● Fixed the issue where the text color of the item description for Combatant's Stones (Weapon/Armor) would appear abnormal. 
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't take out pets with unstackable special skills (such as the Golden Hedgehog and Pwudgy Llama).

Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we've compiled a list of some of our recent major ones. Check them out below!


For Progression-minded Adventurers:

You Shall Now Pass! Into the Mountain of Eternal Winter

The Mountain of Eternal Winter has opened its gates to Adventurers.
Take a new or favorite character through the main questline immediately.
Adventure through a new region with newly added items and monster zones!

Artifacts & Lightstones

Artifacts and Lightstones were added.
Customize your Character with Artifacts and Lightstones which can be obtained throughout your adventurers in the Black Desert world!

Progression Pass for New Adventurers

Want to earn rewards while learning about the world of Black Desert? Explore the vast world of Black Desert one step at a time with the Progression Pass!

Narchillan Equipment

Equipment for new Adventurers that will help you on your journey!

Enhancement QoL Improvements!

No more tedious prep for enhancements!

You can now use Black Stones to directly increase enhancement chance.

Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline

Complete the "Old Moon Guild's New Deal" questline to earn Boss gear with the HIGHEST level of enhancement: PEN (V)!

Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Questline

Obtain an accessory with the HIGHEST level of enhancement through a questline that you can complete once per Family!

For Combat-focused Adventurers:

New Red Battlefield - Valencia City

A new battlefield was added to Red Battlefield PvP content.

Strategize with your team to contest capture points in this all-new battlefield mode in the heart of Valencia City!

Valencia Monster Loot Revamp

Junk loot of monster zones in the Valencia region have been revamped to be more profitable!

New Way of Obtaining Ornette's and Odore's Spirit Essence

New sub-materials for Ornette's and Odore's Spirit Essence have been added to the game

Increased Caphras Stone Drop Rates

Boost your progression with increased Caphras Stone drop rates in various monster zones!

Elvia Realm

Hadum spreads her dark influence into Serendia. Fight the fearsome and powerful monsters of the Serendia Elvia Realm!

♥ For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

Fwuzzy Alpaca

Let's go on an adventure riding Shai's cute friend, the Alpaca!
You can learn up to 7 types of skills that contain the dreams and love of the Alpaca.

New Minigame Yar!

A new card game that anyone can enjoy has been added! Play against NPCs and other Adventurers in the new minigame, Yar!

* For more information on our latest updates, please refer to Black Desert's [Update History].


Happy adventuring!

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