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GM Notes Apr 20, 2021, 00:00 (UTC) [Arena of Arsha: Best-in-Class Championship] Round 1 Winner Interview: McMorrigan (EU - Sorceress)
Greetings, Adventurers!
Today we feature yet another mighty challenger from the Arena of Arsha: Best-in-Class Championship!
On Sunday, April 11th, an unlucky few Sorceresses were presented with a daunting reality: not one preliminary battle, but two to qualify into the main Best-in-Class bracket. Simple numbers and luck left EU competitor McMorrigan as one of those challengers -- and yet, just hours later, McMorrigan emerged victorious, an early leader in one of the most populated preliminaries of the tournament.

We approached McMorrigan for an interview to get a first-hand account of the double elimination.


Q1: How are you feeling after your first wins? Were any moments of the matches especially unexpected or exciting for you?
A: Well, since the dice weren’t on my side, I had to fight two prelim fights, which is pretty unlucky, especially with the Best of 1 preliminary format. I was surprised we didn't have the barrier mechanic in the Bo1 matches, so it felt like winning by timer and HP was more important, since you can move more freely. That was my approach. 
Q2: What do you feel is the biggest challenge in 1v1 Sorceress fights? Anything in particular you'll be watching out for in your upcoming matches?
A: Nowadays sorceress has good protection, especially in Awakening. Overall, it’ll be most important to fish for CCs and win the better trade till the time’s up. I assume most of the duels will be decided by HP%, sadly.
Q3: Who do you feel is your biggest competition still remaining in the bracket?
A: Hm, good question. There are a lot of good sorcs left, but if I have to call out names: Awakening Heedun, and Kaysuh on Succession.
Q4: If you could go toe-to-toe with a competitor in any bracket, who would you choose and why?
A: I would lie if I had to pick a name. There is only one person I would truly pick: Macilus, even though he didn't qualify for the tourney. He is such a nice person, and Sorc mirrors were always some of my favorites when it comes to duels. Sadly, the ping makes it literally unplayable from so far away, so we wouldn't enjoy that duel at all, I guess.
Q5: Why "Sorceress" for you? What's your favorite thing about this class, and what brings you back to continue playing it?
A: I actually wasn’t planning to stick with BDO for long, so I decided to play something I've never seen in any other MMO. Mechanically, Sorceress is super fun, unique, and the scaling from being bad or good is actually noticeable, especially when we consider Succession classes in general and all those new classes, which are basically made for gamepads.
Thank you so much to McMorrigan for an insightful interview and two great matches thus far! You can follow McMorrigan’s continued Sorceress glory on Twitch.
What Best-in-Class Champions are you rooting for most? Let us know in the comments below! 

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