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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Jun 29, 2022, 09:01 (UTC) Patch Notes - June 29, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on June 29, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 79 updates and is approximately 1.84 GB.

Tier 5 Pets

The Adventurer's faithful companions can now be trained to Tier 5 and also be appointed as Alpha Pets.
You can now train Tier 4 pets up to Tier 5 pets, who will also gain the ability to be appointed as Alpha Pets.
Alpha Pets will keep other pets in your pack in line to make sure they will all work together to aid you in your adventures.
The Alpha Pet's Talent will increase by 1 additional level, and their "Pack Leader" skill will increase the looting speed of all of your other pets nearby.
You can only appoint one Tier 5 pet as the alpha, and any other Tier 5 pets checked out will display the same stats as other Tier 4 pets.
We originally designed the Tier 5 pets to boast a greater variety of skills or effects, akin to an upgraded Tier 4 pet, so to speak.
However, we felt that the process to "upgrade" to a Tier 5 pet would prove too taxing on our Adventurers, so we decided to change the focus to increasing the pet looting speeds.
We bid you happy adventuring with your cute pets and their alpha pack leader.

● Added Tier 5 Pet Training and Alpha Pets.
- You can now train Tier 4 pets into Tier 5 pets.
- Tier 5 pets gain the ability to be appointed as Alpha Pets by the Adventurer.
- An Alpha Pet's Talent will increase by 1 additional level, and their "Pack Leader" skill will increase the looting speed of all active pets nearby.


Tier 5 Pet Training Questline

● You can now train Lv. 10 Tier 4 pets to Tier 5 through Obi Bellen at the Old Wisdom Tree in Kamasylvia.
- Summon the Black Spirit (,) to accept the "[Pet] Domesticated Squabbles" quest. Complete it to unlock the "Tier 5 Pet Training" button through Obi Bellen.
* You can start this quest from Lv. 60 via the Black Spirit (,) and can check your progress through Quests (O) - Suggested tab. 
* Make sure you've ticked [Life] quests under Quest Type if you cannot see the quests.


Tier 5 Pet Training         

● Training a Tier 5 pet requires one "Royal Plume." You can craft one via Simple Alchemy (L).
Simple Alchemy Product
Magical Shard x40
Growth Reagent x10
Fine Lightweight Plume x800

Royal Plume
* You can purchase "Growth Reagents" from Old Moon shops for 60 million Silver each.

Royal Plume Crafting Details

Item How to Obtain
Growth Reagent
Purchase from an Old Moon shop for 60 million Silver each.
* You can find the nearest Old Moon shop by looking for "Old Moon Manager" via Function (F8) - Find NPC in the menu.
Magical Shard
Use Heating (L) on "Sealed Black Magic Crystal" or other Black Magic Crystals of yellow item grade.
* You can find where Sealed Black Magic Crystals drop via Adventure (F5) - Monster Zone Info in the menu.
Fine Lightweight Plume
Use Filtering (L) with items such as Lightweight Plume, Soft Ferri Feather, and Soft Kuku Bird Plume.
You can gather Lightweight Plume and Soft Ferri Feather by skinning Ferris and Ferricas of Navarn Steppe.
* You will need certain Filtering knowledge to successfully filter this plume.
You can obtain this knowledge by completing Quests (O) - Suggested - "[Life] [Certificate] Training Paradigm."

● Once you acquire a Royal Plume and have your Lv. 10 Tier 4 pet checked in, you will be able to train a Tier 5 pet through Obi Bellen.
- Tier 5 pet training will always succeed.
- Tier 5 pets do not gain a special appearance or skill when trained to Tier 5. (You can still use Pet Appearance Change Coupons.) (Modified)


Alpha Pets

● You can appoint one of your Tier 5 pets as the Alpha Pet through the pet window.
- You can appoint a Tier 5 pet that is checked in as your alpha by pressing the crown-shaped icon.

- Alpha Pets grant the following effects when checked out.
* Pack Leader: Loot cooldown -15% for active pets
* Talent Lv. +1: The Alpha Pet's Talent gains one additional level.
* e.g.) Combat EXP +4% → +5% / HP +100 → +125
* Special skills (Fishing cooldown reduced, gathering amount increase, etc.) are not affected.
- Tier 5 pets who have not been appointed as alpha will retain the same stats as a Tier 4 pet.

* Tier 5 pets cannot be exchanged with any other pets after training is complete.
* If you want to change your pet to another pet's appearance or skills via Exchange, you must do so before training the pet to Tier 5. (Modified)

* For more details, check out the Adventurer's Guide - [Tier 5 Pet Training].

Blacksmith Function Improvements

The Dwarven artisans of Gavinya Great Crater have developed a new and improved way to repair and extract items. 
The newly improved functions have been spreading across the continent, far and wide, from stable keepers to even the campsites.
Now Adventurers will only need to press the "repair" button once to repair any and every item that is in need of repair, and the means of extracting outfits have also been improved.
Before using the "Select All" button and extracting from outfits, please make sure you've locked any outfit/costume appearances you do not wish to accidentally extract and destroy. 

● Improved the repair function.
- You can now repair all items (equipped, in your inventory, horse gear, ship gear, guild gear) with one button press.
- You can pick and choose which criteria to repair via the cogwheel-shaped settings button on the side.


● Added the function to lock outfit/costume appearances to prevent extraction.
- Press SHIFT + RMB on any outfit/costume appearance you wish to lock in your inventory (I) - Pearl tab.
- Locked outfit/costume appearances will not appear in the list for the Extract Outfit window, thus lessening the risk of accidentally extracting them.
* You can upload and save locked outfit/costume appearance data.


● Added the "Select All" button to the Extract Outfit window.
- Press the "Select All" button in the Extract Outfit window to immediately select all extractable outfit/costume appearances.
- Improved the Extractable Items list to now display the amount of Valks' Cry or Cron Stones extractable from each item.
- Improved the Extractable Items list to now display items in alphabetical order.
- Added text explaining how to lock outfit/costume appearances to Pearl Shop item descriptions.
* Use the "Pearl Outfit Lock" function to prevent accidentally extracting your precious outfit/costume appearances.


● Changed Armor Vendors to now also provide extraction services.
- You can now purchase lightstone extraction tools from Armor Vendors and use their extraction function to extract lightstones.
- The item description for the Lightstone Extraction Tool has been changed accordingly.

Marni's Instruments and Florchestra Contrabass

The Florchestra Contrabass, named after the instructor of the famous maestro, Artina the "Wandering Musician," is now available. In addition, Marni's Instruments, invented by the infamous "mad" scientist, have also been discovered. 4 different types of Marnians and the Marnibass are available, ready to produce mystical sounds never heard before in the world of Black Desert.
Many of our musically-inclined Adventurers have composed wonderful music with their Beginner/Florchestra instruments thus far. We hope the new additions of the Florchestra Contrabass and Marni's Instruments will inspire both [I'm a Producer UwU] and novice Adventurers alike to create compositions that aren't just exciting but also express sounds in greater detail and volume.
The mysterious Marnians are aptly named (Wavy Planet, Illusion Tree, Secret Note, and Sandwich), each capable of producing 4 unique sounds for a total of 16 different styles. With such a variety of possible sounds, each time you compose a new music score it can feel as though you’re composing a brand new song.

Florchestra Contrabass

● Rumors abound of Artina, Florchestra's apprentice, having discovered a blueprint for a new instrument.
- According to said rumors, the instrument is said to play a low tone that resonates deep within one's soul.
- You can craft this instrument of Florchestra through Manufacture (L) and completing the quest that rewards you with the Dewdrop of Soil's Soliloquy.

Instrument Crafting Method
Florchestra Contrabass
 [Blueprint] Florchestra Contrabass x1
Maple Plywood x10
Iron Ingot x50
Gold Ingot x50
Dewdrop of Soil's Soliloquy x10

- You can purchase the blueprint for the Florchestra Contrabass from Artina's instrument shop located in Lake Kaia, Lake Flondor, Salanar Pond, and Ancado Inner Harbor.
- Right click the Contrabass blueprint to be guided to Artina at Lake Kaia who will help you obtain the Dewdrop of Soil's Soliloquy to craft the instrument. 
- You can accept the following daily quest to obtain the Dewdrop of Soil's Soliloquy by having the blueprint in your inventory. 

Quest Name Requirements Rewards
[Daily] Dewdrop of Soil's Soliloquy Gather Pine Timber in the nearby forest and give 100 to Artina.
Dewdrop of Soil's Soliloquy x1

Marni's Instruments

● There are have been recent rumblings of Shais within the world inside the Vitclari dreaming of new dreams. They say this may be a chance to experience a sound never heard before.
● You can craft Marni's Instruments via Manufacture (L) with the relevant "Tremor Converticator" obtained through a quest.
● You will first need to complete a prerequisite questline available once per Family via the "Music Score: Genius of Keplan" purchased from Artina.
● Marni's Instruments can be obtained as follows:
- Purchase the "Music Score: Genius of Keplan" from Artina, then complete the prerequisite questline (Lake Kaia).
- Complete the questline to unlock Marni's shop (Tori Woods, Mountain of Eternal Winter).
- Purchase blueprints for the instruments from Marni's shop.
- Accept the daily quest from Marni to obtain the required crafting materials for each instrument.
- You must complete the relevant daily quest or purchase the appropriate Tremor Converticators to craft Marni's Instruments.
* You must toggle on [Life] quest types to be able to accept these daily quests.
* You can proceed with all 5 Marni's Instrument quests if you possess all 5 different blueprints in your inventory.

Instrument Crafting Materials
[Blueprint] Marnibass x1
Birch Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Sheep Blood x500
Dome Tremor Converticator x10
Marnian: Wavy Planet
[Blueprint] Marnian: Wavy Planet x1
Elder Tree Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Lion Blood x500
Circle Tremor Converticator x10 
Marnian: Illusion Tree
[Blueprint] Marnian: Illusion Tree x1
Loopy Tree Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Deer Blood x500
Triangle Tremor Converticator x10 
Marnian: Secret Note
[Blueprint] Marnian: Secret Note x1
Moss Tree Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Wolf Blood x500
Square Tremor Converticator x10 
Marnian: Sandwich
[Blueprint] Marnian: Sandwich x1
White Cedar Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Rhino Blood x500
Blade Tremor Converticator x10 

● Can be obtained as Tremor Converticator daily quests rewards or purchased from Marni Shop with Silver.
- 5 Tremor Converticator Daily Quests can be all done in the same day.

Quest Name Requirements Rewards
[Daily] Marni's: Dome Tremor Converticator Hand over Rumbling Marni's Stone after defeating Sherekhan monsters x250 with it in your possession
Dome Tremor Converticator x3
[Daily] Marni's: Circle Tremor Converticator Hand over Rumbling Marni's Stone after defeating Tshira Ruins monsters x400 with it in your possession
Circle Tremor Converticator x3
[Daily] Marni's: Triangle Tremor Converticator Hand over Rumbling Marni's Stone after defeating Narcion [Wild] Hunting monsters x50 with it in your possession
Triangle Tremor Converticator x3
[Daily] Marni's: Square Tremor Converticator Hand over Rumbling Marni's Stone after defeating Everfrost [Wild] Hunting monsters x50 with it in your possession
Square Tremor Converticator x3
[Daily] Marni's: Blade Tremor Converticator Hand over Rumbling Marni's Stone after defeating Thornwood Forest monsters x150 with it in your possession
Blade Tremor Converticator x3

● Added the Marni Shop that can be accessed after purchasing the "Music Score: Genius of Keplan" from Artina and completing the required quests.
* Complete the daily quests to obtain Tremor Converticators to save Silver when purchasing the following items.

Items Available in Marni Shop
Item Price
[Blueprint] Marnibass 100 million Silver
[Blueprint] Marnian: Wavy Planet 100 million Silver
[Blueprint] Marnian: Illusion Tree 100 million Silver
[Blueprint] Marnian: Secret Note 100 million Silver
[Blueprint] Marnian: Sandwich 100 million Silver
Dome Tremor Converticator 40 million Silver
Circle Tremor Converticator 40 million Silver
Triangle Tremor Converticator 40 million Silver
Square Tremor Converticator 40 million Silver
Blade Tremor Converticator 40 million Silver
● Complete the entire Marni's Instruments knowledge category to obtain the "Wings of Marni" title.
● Obtain both "Wings of Florchestra" and "Wings of Marni" titles to obtain the "Musician" title through the Black Spirit.

● Improved the BPM to be available in 3 ranges when performing music:
- 1 to 79 / 80 to 129 / 130+

1 to 79 BPM 80 to 129 BPM 130+ BPM
● Improved the Music Album UI's placement and spacing to better include a greater variety of instruments.
● [Music Album] Fixed the issue where you couldn't use adjust the Velocity and Technique of several notes for Select Mode.



● [Worldwide Service Celebration] Kakuo’s World Map event has started.
- In celebration of Black Desert’s worldwide service, NPC Kakuo will be offering a special quest. 
[Worldwide Service Celebration] Kakuo’s World Map


● [Season] Get Your Season Enhancements Materials event has started.
- Defeat monsters on the season servers to obtain Fughar's Lost Crystal Shard, which can be exchanged for Time-filled Black Stones! 
[Get Your Season Enhancements Materials]


● Start the Day with Daily Login event has started.
- Make sure not to miss the daily rewards!
[Start the Day with Daily Login Rewards]


● Subscribe to Our Newsletter event has started.

- Subscribe to our newsletter to receive promotional emails from us! You’ll even receive a Blessing of Old Moon Pack and Shakatu Boxes for subscribing!

[Subscribe to Our Newsletter]

New and Improvements


● Fixed the issue where a summoned minion could crash the game client by attacking the guild drill.

● Axe of Destruction - Fixed the issue where 1003% attack damage was being applied instead of 763% attack damage.

● Fixed the issue where you couldn't move or your instrument remained on your character when you used certain social actions immediately after canceling performing music.


● Applied the following changes to Arena of Solare:
- The matching times for certain ranking brackets of Arena of Solare have been improved.
- All Adventurers will now have their Family names displayed in the battlefield.
- Removed the pull effect that occurred when the Unknown Sphere, that appears in round 4 and 5 at Ruins of Tzol, started fusing in the middle.
- Changed so that guild skill passives and buffs cannot be applied in the Arena of Solare.
- Changed the Recent Results UI in Arena of Solare to display your last 20 matches.
- Improved the light effect of the elements to be displayed when using Optimization Mode and when Effect Opacity is set at 30%.
- Changed to start the arena music immediately after the round begins.


● Added the new item "Heart of Kutum," which contains the might of Thundercloud Kutum.


- The Heart of Kutum is used to upgrade sub-weapons. The upgraded sub-weapons will gain the "Earthshaking" prefix.
- "Earthshaking" sub-weapons gain the "Special Attack Evasion Rate +7%" effect.
- The Heart of Kutum is dropped as loot by Thundercloud Kutum according to a set probability.
- "Fiery" sub-weapons cannot be upgraded further with the Heart of Kutum.
- You can use the Mirror of Equilibrium via blacksmiths in each of the towns and cities to extract the Heart of Kutum from "Earthshaking" sub-weapons.
* With the addition of the Earthshaking sub-weapons, the Old Moon Guild manager Jetina has new quests, "Old Moon's Resplendent Sub-weapon: Earthshaking Sub-weapons" and "Old Moon's Brilliant Sub-weapon: PEN (V) Earthshaking Sub-weapons" to exchange them.


● Increased the duration of the item "Kutum's Power Stone" and added the effect "Item Drop Rate +5%."

Before After
Upon use, releases Kutum's Concentrated Power to damage nearby enemies, and monsters are hit with DP -10 for 30 sec
Duration: 1 min
Cooldown: 1 min
 All Resistance +2%
Upon use, releases Kutum's Concentrated Power to damage nearby enemies, and monsters are hit with DP -10 for 30 sec
Duration: 5 min
Cooldown: 5 min
 All Resistance +2%
 Item Drop Rate +5%


● Added information in the item descriptions of Starlit Jade's Breath and Corrupted Breath about their additional effects.
● Changed the following in the item description of Magical Lightstone Crystal.
- Added details about how to obtain it.
- Fixed the issue where "Pure Powder Reagent" was not mentioned in the crafting method of Purified Lightstone of Flora.
● Improved the emphasis shown in the following items:
- Violent Sea Monster's Bone, Violent Sea Monster's Scale, Violent Sea Monster's Ooze, Starlight Hardener, Starlight Emulsifier, Saltwater Crocodile's Scale, Oquilla Emerald Fresh Water, Oquilla Aquamarine Fresh Water, Oquilla Golden Fresh Water, Origin of Eltro, Origin of Serni, Origin of Zulatia
● Added details about crafting, uses, how to obtain in the following item descriptions:
- Oquilla's Flower, Oquilla's Tear
● Fixed details about how to obtain and uses in the item descriptions of Luminous Cobalt Ingot, Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood, and Starlight Emulsifier.
● Fixed the issue of how the enhancement levels of items were displayed. 
● Fixed the issue where the Gathering Item Drop Rate effects of tools placed in Liana's Tool Bag would not be applied in certain situations.
● Fixed the issue where costumes made from the Old Moon Costume Mill could not be used in Extract Outfit.
● Improved the item descriptions of the following materials for crafting sea crystals:
- Oquilla Emerald Fresh Water, Oquilla Aquamarine Fresh Water, Oquilla Golden Fresh Water, Origin of Eltro, Origin of Serni, Origin of Zulatia
● Fixed the issue where the amount of certain items in level 1 barter list would appear abnormal when refreshed.
- Noc Ore, Water
● Added islands where the following level 1 trade goods could be bartered when refreshing the list.
- Cotton Fabric, Rough Obsidian Ore, Tin Ingot, Maple Plank, Corn Dough, Barley Dough


● Applied the following changes to the loot obtained from Star's End monsters:
- Increased the drop rate of Black Distortion Earring from Star's End monsters by 1.2 times.
- Increased the drop rate of Black Distortion Earring from "Possessed Apostle of Malevolence" by 2 times.


● Applied the following change to Jade Starlight Forest:
- Increased the probability of "Wanewinter Guardian Erebjork" appearing while defeating Okjinsinis by 2.65 times.
● Applied the following changes to Murrowak's Labyrinth of Mountain of Eternal Winter:
-  "Violent Leader Ironclad Murraska" has had his subterranean tremor-sensing abilities heightened even further.
* Increased the probability of "Violent Leader Ironclad Murraska" appearing by 5 times.
- "General Murrasto" will now defend even more fiercely against intruders.
* Increased the probability of "General Murrasto" appearing by 1.5 times.
● Applied the following change to [Elvia] Hexe Sanctuary:
- Improved the way Skeleton Witmirth appears when seeking Adventurers' souls to look more natural.
● Atoraxxion - Applied the following changes to the loot that can be obtained from Sycrakea Reward Chest.
- Removed Ethereal Earring from the list of obtainable items. The probability of getting the Ethereal Earring has been evenly spread among the remain items on the list.
- [Elvia] Syca's Rare Box

Before After
Tungrad Ring,
PRI (I) Tungrad Ring,
DUO (II) Tungrad Ring,
Vaha's Dawn,
PRI (I) Vaha's Dawn,
DUO (II) Vaha's Dawn,
Ethereal Earring,
PRI (I) Ethereal Earring,
DUO (II) Ethereal Earring 
Tungrad Ring,
PRI (I) Tungrad Ring,
DUO (II) Tungrad Ring,
Vaha's Dawn,
PRI (I) Vaha's Dawn,
DUO (II) Vaha's Dawn

- Syca's Rare Box

Before After
Tungrad Ring
Vaha's Dawn
Ethereal Earring
Tungrad Ring
Vaha's Dawn

* Applies to the loot that is obtained after the update. Does not apply to Syca's Rare Boxes already in your possession.


● Changed the following loot price that can be obtained by gathering with a Hoe after defeating mushroom in Polly's Forest:
- Loot Price: 1,955 → 9,720


● Applied the following change so that the Mirumok Lookout and Mirumok Watcher don't get killed before the monsters they summoned are killed.
- Your initial attacks against the Mirumok Lookout and Mirumok Watcher will now deal less damage.

Quest, Knowledge

● There are stories that come from all over the world of Black Desert:
- Crio from Velia says that there is a fish well known for its taste.
- It seems like a cute kitten from Velia is waiting for someone.
- It is rumored that there is a kid that speaks with an unusual accent in the Calpheon Slum.
- A Valencian archaeologist is waiting for news from her sister, who has decided to explore the desert in search of the Aakman Temple.
- The O'draxxia Work Manager and Storage Keeper have started to spread new rumors.

Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Improved lines and sitting posture of the soldier on guard duty in Trina Fort.
● Improved Calpheon Bain Farmland, Falres Dirt Farm residents conversation.
● Fixed the issue of the character during cut scene combat to other adventurers.


● Added a function to see the "upgrade tree" where you can check your ship level when upgrading ships.
- You can click and check the ship upgrade tree from the Ship Upgrade menu.
- Check types and characteristics of each ship that can be upgraded through this UI.
* Upgrading is not available through this UI. You can only preview the upgrades.


● Fixed the issue of Alpaca's mount icon and description displaying as a donkey in Character Selection screen.
● Improved so the notification widget of the quest progress, conversation and completion displays. 
- Notification Widget will show even after meeting the requirements by talking to an NPC.
● Added image for Arena of Solare and Arena of Solare Rank, Arena of Solare Emblem UI.
● Moved the “unequippable” icon to the bottom left corner so that it would not overlap with the item count on gear icons.
● Fixed the issue of another icon displaying instead of the Find NPC icon located in the lower right menu visible on the World Map (M).
● Fixed the issue where the icon indicating loot cannot be picked up in a party with a level difference of 10 would persist even after the lower-level party member leveled up.
● Fixed the issue on the Exchange Pet window where seeing the probability without selecting the tier information caused the client to display another language.


● Improved so that the quest completion sound doesn't play every time an monster required for the objective is defeated.
● Fixed the issue where pets that cannot be taken out simultaneously assigned to different groups prevented the group Take Out from functioning properly.


● Fixed the issue of the streamer channel introduction being cut off in a specific resolution.
● Improved the News page title layout of the official website.
● Improved the video size in the main page of the official website.
● Fixed the issue of Unknown area displaying in login history when signing up with Open ID on the official website.
● Changed the text that shows when logging in with a steam account to the official website without a Pearl Abyss ID.


Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where some Customizations would display the [Dark Knight] Shudad Black Kriegsmesser being held at an abnormal location.
● Fixed the issue of certain dye info changing on [Musa] Tormented Soul Gloves when it is equipped with [Musa] Wilderness Armor.
● Fixed the issue where portions of the legs of the [Sorceress] Hemomancer appeared translucent.
● Fixed the issue where effects on the talisman were not displayed in certain situations while the [Sorceress] Hemomancer outfit was equipped.
● Fixed the issue where the right hand portion of the [Sorceress] Oblivion outfit was not displayed.
● Fixed the issue where the upper portion of the helmet appeared abnormal when [Lahn] Epheria Marine Helmet and Pirate Eyepatch were equipped.
● Fixed the issue where the Godr-Ayed Dual Glaives appeared abormal while standing idle in Awakening.
● Fixed the background of some areas of Kamasylvia.
● Fixed the issue where some of the plants within Alsabi's Villa shook abnormally.
● Fixed some dialogue from the "How Could I Forget" quest.
● Fixed the issue where the NPC needed to proceed with the quest did not appear after the cut scene ended.
● Fixed the issue where the item names overlapped in certain situations when extracting outfits.

Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we've compiled a list of some of our recent major ones. Check them out below!


For Progression-minded Adventurers:

You Shall Now Pass! Into the Mountain of Eternal Winter

The Mountain of Eternal Winter has opened its gates to Adventurers.
Take a new or favorite character through the main questline immediately.
Adventure through a new region with newly added items and monster zones!

Artifacts & Lightstones

Artifacts and Lightstones were added.
Customize your Character with Artifacts and Lightstones which can be obtained throughout your adventurers in the Black Desert world!

Progression Pass for New Adventurers

Want to earn rewards while learning about the world of Black Desert? Explore the vast world of Black Desert one step at a time with the Progression Pass!

Narchillan Equipment

Equipment for new Adventurers that will help you on your journey!

Enhancement QoL Improvements!

No more tedious prep for enhancements!

You can now use Black Stones to directly increase enhancement chance.

Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline

Complete the "Old Moon Guild's New Deal" questline to earn Boss gear with the HIGHEST level of enhancement: PEN (V)!

Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Questline

Obtain an accessory with the HIGHEST level of enhancement through a questline that you can complete once per Family!

For Combat-focused Adventurers:

New Red Battlefield - Valencia City

A new battlefield was added to Red Battlefield PvP content.

Strategize with your team to contest capture points in this all-new battlefield mode in the heart of Valencia City!

Valencia Monster Loot Revamp

Junk loot of monster zones in the Valencia region have been revamped to be more profitable!

New Way of Obtaining Ornette's and Odore's Spirit Essence

New sub-materials for Ornette's and Odore's Spirit Essence have been added to the game

Increased Caphras Stone Drop Rates

Boost your progression with increased Caphras Stone drop rates in various monster zones!

Elvia Realm

Hadum spreads her dark influence into Serendia. Fight the fearsome and powerful monsters of the Serendia Elvia Realm!

♥ For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

Fwuzzy Alpaca

Let's go on an adventure riding Shai's cute friend, the Alpaca!
You can learn up to 7 types of skills that contain the dreams and love of the Alpaca.

New Minigame Yar!

A new card game that anyone can enjoy has been added! Play against NPCs and other Adventurers in the new minigame, Yar!

* For more information on our latest updates, please refer to Black Desert's [Update History].


Happy adventuring!

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