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Updates Aug 31, 2022, 10:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - August 31, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on August 31, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 71 updates and is approximately 0.99 GB.

Marni's Realm - Aakman Temple/Hystria Ruins Addition

Marni's Realm is now available for both Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple. Both monster zones require a slightly different method of entry, as you cannot navigate in the desert. Therefore, you will first have to find your way into these monster zones and go to the designated location to enter "Marni's Realm." (We have designated the two most preferred locations in both monster zones as the point of entry. Please refer to the screenshot below.)
● Applied the following changes to Marni's Realm:
- "Aakman Temple" and "Hystria Ruins" have been added as Marni's Realm-supported monster zones.

Marni's Realm - Aakman Temple
Marni's Realm - Hystria Ruins

Node/Conquest War Improvements

This update brings about quality of life improvements and balancing to building siege weapons and annexes during Node and Conquest Wars. First off, you'll be able to change the highlight color of other guild names, thus making it easier to discern between friend or foe. In addition, for more convenient installation of forts or annexes, we reduced the construction time to 1 second and adjusted the types of terrain required for construction as well. With the remote construction function added prior, we hope this update's additions also serve to be useful for our Node and Conquest War engineers. Last but not least, we made Node and Conquest War forts, command posts, and annexes a bit sturdier, making them slightly more impervious to normal attacks so these buildings wouldn't be destroyed too quickly. However, we also increased the damage of elephants and the ballista to retain the destructive power of siege weapons as well.
● Added the function to designate the highlighted color of guilds in Node and Conquest Wars.
- The button to designate guild colors can be found in the Guild window under the Occupying Area tab.
- You will need to be of Guild Officer rank or higher to change these colors once a Node/Conquest War has begun.
- For Node Wars, a temporary name will be displayed in the Set Node/Conquest War Guild Colors UI. Once you discover a fort in-game, the participating guild's name will be displayed.
- A system and chat alert will display the name of the guild member when they change the color settings.
- There is a 1-minute cooldown to change these colors.
- All guilds under one alliance will be designated under a single color.
● Changed so the number of installed forts on the World Map (M) are now displayed an hour before Node/Conquest War begins.
● Improved so you can use hotkeys (1 to 0) to install annexes with the construction tools during Node/Conquest War.
● Improved so you can check War Installation Info when using annex construction tools in the Node/Conquest War.
● Changed the installation time for Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and all annex buildings from 15 to 1 second while Node/Conquest War is not underway.
- Installation time still remains 15 seconds when a Node/Conquest War is underway.

● Adjusted the terrain requirements for installing Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and all annex buildings for Node/Conquest Wars.
- You can now install structures even on terrain with a slight incline. Terrain that are too steep are still excluded from installation.
* The bottom portion of structures will appear differently based on the installed terrain.  

● Changed the maximum durability of forts and command posts for Node/Conquest War.
- Fort (Tiers 1 to 4): durability +20%
- [Conquest] Command Post: durability +20%

● Changed the maximum durability and DP of recovery centers for Node/Conquest War.
- Recovery Center (Tier 1): durability +10%
- Recovery Center (Tier 2): durability +10%, DP +25%
- Recovery Center (Tier 3): durability +10%, DP +16.7%
- Recovery Center (Tier 4): durability +10%, DP +14.2%
- Recovery Center (Conquest): durability +10%, DP +28.5%

● Changed the maximum durability of supply depots for Node/Conquest War.
- Supply Depot (Tier 1): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Tier 2): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Tier 3): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Tier 4): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Conquest): durability +15%

● Changed the maximum durability and DP of elephant nurseries for Node/Conquest War.
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 1): durability +10%
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 2): durability +10%, DP +25%
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 3): durability +10%, DP +16.7%
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 4): durability +10%, DP +14.2%
- Elephant Nursery (Conquest): durability +10%, DP +28.5%

● Changed the maximum durability of normal and enhanced flame towers for Node/Conquest War.
- Flame Tower (Tier 1): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Tier 2): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Tier 3): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Tier 4): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Conquest): durability +10%
- Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3): durability +15%
- Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4): durability +15%
- Enhanced Flame Tower (Conquest): durability +15%

● Changed the damage of normal and big hwachas for Node/Conquest War.
- Hwacha and Big Hwacha: damage against players +10% for all tiers of Node War and Conquest War
- Hwacha and Big Hwacha: damage against horses and elephants +5% for all tiers of Node War and Conquest War

● Applied the following changes to elephants and Cadria elephants usable during Node/Conquest War.
- Spear thrower (in passenger seat) damage +50%
- Basic and charging attack damage +50%
- Horn Attack and Fore Chop damage +37.5%
- Damage against players +15%
- Max HP +100%

● Increased Ballista Workshop's DP +300% for Conquest War.
● Applied the following changes to the ballista:
- You can now attack Wooden Fences, Wooden Fence Gates, and Barricades with the Ballista.
- Damage against Recovery Centers, Supply Depots and other annex buildings +1000%
- Damage against players +7.7%
- Damage against Castle Gates +50%
- [Guild] Old Ballista Arrows can now be used in a Ballista.
* [Guild] Old Ballista Arrows can be purchased from the Supply Depot.

● Fixed the issue where nodes in unrelated territories were being liberated upon the conclusion of a Conquest War.



● Daily Coupon Drops Incoming! has started.
A coupon each day for fall! Don’t forget to redeem yours!
[Daily Coupon Drops Incoming!]


● We’re Gonna Need a Montage! has started.
Capture your Arena of Solare clips and show them to everyone!
[We’re Gonna Need a Montage!]


● Take on the Challenge of the Arena of Solare! has started.
Win in ranked and get rewards!
[Take on the Challenge of the Arena of Solare!]


● GM Showdown has started.
Let’s fight in the Arena of Solare together!
[GM Showdown]

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes

● Changed so the Standby Expression applied via the Customization UI will display properly when your character is idle.

● Fixed the issue where debuff durations were shorter if struck by attacks that applied debuffs while playing a musical instrument.

● Changed so the falling motion does not display after using Flow: Dragon Flight or Flow: Markthanan's Wings from a high place with your trion.
- Changed so that it affects the surroundings when trying to land from a high place.
- Fixed Flow: Dragon Flight skill description accordingly.

● Flow: Dragon Flight
- Changed so that your character lands a bit slower when the skill is used continuously.

● Black Spirit: Tectonic Slam
- Fixed the issue where using Tectonic Slam via Quick Slot in Hexeblood would activate the skill even when it was locked after having learned Core: Tectonic Slam.


● Changed "Dark Rift" spawning point from Titium Valley to in front of the Sand Grain Bazaar hill.
- This change will be applied to the next Dark Rift that spawns in Titium Valley if one has already spawned before the update.


● Changed the loading image for Arena of Solare.

We've added party queuing for the Arena of Solare's Practice Mode. Party up with guild members or friends to test out different group compositions in the 3 vs 3 PvP setting!
Arena of Solare

● Added the party queue feature for Arena of Solare's Practice Mode.            
- You can now queue up for Practice Mode in a party of 2 or 3 members.            
- Only the party leader can queue up to find a match for all party members.            
- Any party member can cancel the queue.            
- All party members must be on the same server to queue up for a match.            
* Your party cannot queue up for a match if any of your party members are restricted from queuing.            
- If any party member changes servers, moves to Character Selection, switches characters, or disconnects while in queue, your party will be removed from the queue.            
- You cannot change the party leader, invite new party members, or kick them while in queue.            
● Changed how the MVP and ACE are determined once a match ends.            
* Removed the condition of the MVP/ACE being determined by dealing a certain amount of damage.            
* The MVP/ACE will now also factor in number of kills and debuffs as well as total damage dealt.

* The debuff count is calculated according to hits that actually apply the debuff by both characters and their summons.

* A debuff used on an opponent with Super Armor or Forward Guard will not be factored into the count.
- The Adventurer whose Family achieves rank 1 in the Solare Incarnate (V) tier will now receive an exclusive badge:

Rank 1 Solare Incarnate (V) tier badge Solare Incarnate (V) tier badge (2401+ points)


● Changed the linebreaks in the item descriptions of Balacs Lunchbox, Special Eilton Specialty Meal, and Mesima Chicken Soup regarding their effects.

● Changed the Max Purchase Limit and Selling Limit of Cream, Cheese, Butter items from the Central Market.
- Order and Max Purchase Limit: x500 → x1,000
- Max Purchase Limit when selling orders are more than 3,000: x3,000
- Max Selling Limit: x20,000

● Improved so the [Honor] outfit items can be equipped while moving or on a mount.

[Honor] Dobart Helmet
[Honor] Dobart Armor
[Honor] Dobart Gloves
[Honor] Dobart Shoes
[Honor] Taritas Helmet
[Honor] Taritas Armor
[Honor] Taritas Gloves
[Honor] Taritas Shoes
[Honor] Hercules' Might Helmet
[Honor] Hercules' Might Armor
[Honor] Hercules' Might Gloves
[Honor] Hercules' Might Shoes
[Honor] Grunil Helmet
[Honor] Grunil Armor
[Honor] Grunil Gloves
[Honor] Grunil Shoes
[Honor] Lemoria Helmet
[Honor] Lemoria Armor
[Honor] Lemoria Gloves
[Honor] Lemoria Shoes
[Honor] Akum Helmet
[Honor] Akum Armor
[Honor] Akum Gloves
[Honor] Akum Shoes
● Changed the items that can be obtained from Gathering Production Node of Lynch Farm Ruins in Northern Plain of Serendia to Silver Azalea and Bunch of Silver Azaleas.
- Slightly increased the ratio of Bunch of Silver Azaleas that can be obtained from this Production Node.
* Therefore, the work from Lynch Farm Ruins in Northern Plain of Serendia was completed and the items were sent to your Heidel Storage.

● Shoes have been separated from [Warrior] Cornelius Armor/N outfit.
- Separated shoes cannot be registered to the Central Market like the Cornelius outfit.
- [Warrior] Cornelius Shoes/N will be obtained separately upon opening [Warrior] Cornelius/N outfit chest.
* Adventurers that already have [Warrior] Cornelius Armor will get [Warrior] Cornelius Shoes in their Heidel Storage.
* Adventurers that already have [Warrior] Cornelius Armor N will get [Warrior] Cornelius Shoes N in their Heidel Storage.
* If dye applied to your outfit has changed, please contact "Support" by sending a screenshot of the tooltip where dye info can be checked.

Quest & Knowledge

● Changes for the quest requirement for "Herald's Journal Volume 2" and "[Timed Quest] How Quick Can You Fish?" are as follows:

Before After
Catch Sea Eel x2 in 10 min Catch blue-grade fish x2 in 10 min
● Improvements applied to the Season Pass are as follows:
- Improved so "How to Get a Powerful Accessory 2." can also be achieved by completing any of the "[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request" quests regardless of monster zone.
- [Season] Old Moon Guild Special Monster Mission is now unavailable with the above changes.
* If the quest has already been received and is in progress, it can be completed normally.
- Fixed the issue where the completed Season Pass names would be displayed awkwardly within the recently completed quest list in the End Game (ESC) window.`

● Improved so that if the quest item has been deleted while proceeding with the quest "King's Key," you can receive the item again and continue with the quest.
- If you deleted the item "Mysterious Empty Frame," you can reobtain it by talking to the Black Spirit while proceeding with "[King's Key] Francesca Seric."
- If you deleted the item "Lightstone of Darkness Fragment," you can reobtain it by talking to the Black Spirit while proceeding with "[King's Key] My Queen."

● Fixed the issue where Eileen and the torch appeared awkwardly when you talked to her after accepting "[Balenos] Richie Rescue."

● Fixed the issue where you couldn't hand over the quest item to complete "[Godr-Ayed Weapon] In the Fallen God's Name: Storm Devoured Godr-Ayed Greatsword."

NPC, Background, Sound

● Improved the dialogue and knowledge for Rao at the Blood Wolf Settlement.
● Fixed the issue where you could not cross the bridge near the Sherekhan Iron Mine when on wagons.


Improvements on the Auto-run feature showcased through Global Lab will be applied. 
Previously, players were guided in the safest route possible to ensure no significant threats occurred on their adventure, and this sometimes meant the long way around was taken. To minimize these aspects, players will now be taken to a more efficient route. The issue of obstacles not being detected, and players simply being guided in a straight line, has also been improved.

● Improved the Auto-run feature for characters and when riding mounts on land.
- Improved so you take a more efficient route upon using the Navigate feature.

Before After

● Fixed the issue where mount icons would occasionally not be displayed upon disabling Combat Focus Mode via Hotkeys.

● Changed so Marniwave will be turned ON/OFF depending on the "Auto-play upon Mounting" settings in the unfortunate case where your mount died.
- Auto-play upon Mounting ON: Marniwave stops playing when your mount dies.
- Auto-play upon Mounting OFF: Marniwave keeps playing even if your mount dies.


● Fixed the issue of the some letters being cut off from the launcher announcement list.
● Added a looped video to the Black Desert website.
● Changed the order of linking accounts.
● Improved some UI of the website's log-in page.
● Changed the Razer Gold Wallet gift card banner on the Payment - Acoin page.  


● Changed and unified the following terms in German:
- Preisgekrönter Fang → Außergewöhnlicher Fang

● Changed and unified the following terms in Spanish:
- Cornelia N/Cornelia (renovado/a) → Cornelia (renovado/a)

● Changed and unified the following terms in Spanish:
- Árbol del Rayo de Bronte → Árbol del Relámpago de Bronte
- Violación → Infracción

Modified or Changed

● [Ranger] Fixed the issue where the Ryfina outfit appeared abnormal upon making customization changes.
● [Witch] Fixed the issue where the pants portion of the Shell Belle Outfit (Shucked) appeared abnormal when moving while crouched or in certain combat stances.
● [Shai] Fixed the issue where equipping the Conch Cherub Outfit with the Bear Hug Underwear appeared awkward.
● Fixed the issue where the interior of Calpheon North Gate 4, 1F appeared awkwardly.
● Fixed the typo in the [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Black Rust Hunter quest description.
● Fixed the issue where certain NPC names of Eilton and Papua Crinea Island appeared awkwardly.
● Changed the quest icon for 'Blood Wolf's Oath' to a more natural icon.
● Fixed the issue where the create character button would be available to click even when the premium character slot was full.
● Fixed the issue where the Season Pass icon wouldn't display the shining effect even when you had completed an objective.
● Fixed the issue where the Ship Upgrade Tree would display Korean text for Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue of not being able to enter the Old Moon Grand Prix.
● Fixed the issue of the effects displaying awkwardly on the screen when you're short of materials during enhancement.
● Fixed the issue of the HP bar showing during the Serpen summoning cutscene in Sycrakea.
● Fixed the issue of the text displaying awkwardly when trying to send a guild invite through Friends.
● Fixed the issue of the Tier 5 Pet button not working for Gamepad UI mode.            
● Fixed the issue of "[Event] Stella's Spirit Stone" effects applying abnormally in certain situations.            
● Fixed the issue of your character being taken through an abnormal path when following another character during Looped Auto-Path.            
● Fixed the issue of the character being stuck when jumping twice while mounted on Diné near the boundaries of Marni's Realm.
● Fixed the issue where the looped auto-path route would continuously shorten while Navigation Path Setting: Land was set to "Smooth."

Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we've compiled a list of some of our recent major ones. Check them out below!


For Progression-minded Adventurers:

Monster Zone UI Revamp Where's the best monster zone suited to my stats?
Look no further than the Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) and click "Monster Zone Info"!
Artifacts and Lightstones Artifacts and Lightstones were added!
They will greatly aid you in your adventures!
Ornette and Odore's Spirit Essence Improvements The fabled infinite potions of Ornett and Odore now have newly-added extra steps and weekly quests to hasten the process.
Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline Speak to Jetina to begin a reforming questline to obtain your very own set of PEN (V) boss gear, guaranteed!
PEN (V) Accessory Questline Complete daily quests to gather materials to complete your very own accessory at the highest enhancement grade possible.

For Combat-focused Adventurers:

Elvia Calpheon The corruption of Hadum has reached Saunil Camp, Rhutum Outstation, Gehaku Plain, Hexe Sanctuary, and Quint Hill of Calpheon.
You can obtain materials for the Godr-Ayed weapon and reforming alchemy stones from here.
Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones Your very own monster zone with no other Adventurers to duel!
Subjugate monsters to your heart's content in Marni's Realm.
Tier 5 Pets Alpha pets are finally here! Train Tier 4 pets to Tier 5 and appoint them as the alpha to increase the looting speed of all active pets.

♥ For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

Liana's Tool Bag Pickaxe, Hoe, Butcher Knife, Fluid Collector, and other Gathering tools can be stored in this amazing tool bag and used with ease.


Happy adventuring!

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