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Notices Oct 19, 2022, 13:00 (UTC) Introducing the Adventurer Feedback Board


Greetings, Adventurers. 


Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Adventure Feedback Board, a new section under our Community tab. This will be a place where some of the ideas and feedback shared by Adventurers in our feedback forum can receive comments and status updates from the Black Desert team. In the past, we’ve always tried our best to ensure our Adventurers’ feedback from multiple different websites and platforms has been shared and heard internally, but we want to try something new for the NAEU community by taking a step further in our communication.   

By establishing a centralized hub where our community can easily see and discuss feedback with each other and the Black Desert team, our goal is for the Adventurer Feedback Board to foster a more transparent and effective exchange of ideas. 

As this is something we’ve never done before in NAEU, we hope you’ll understand if we need to make changes to the board or completely rework it in the future. This is also why we have decided to have the Adventurer Feedback Board in English only, as a means to facilitate better communication during this process.  

We are constantly striving to improve how we collect feedback, so we look forward to hearing from everyone. 


What is the Adventurer Feedback Board and where can I find it?


You can find the Adventurer Feedback Board under the Community tab or on our existing forums. This is where the Black Desert Team will share updates from the developers to some of your suggestions. 


Posts on our feedback forum are selected by the Black Desert team to reach the Adventurer Feedback Board. Once on the board, you will be able to see how popular a suggestion is and the current state of its development. 


▲ Adventurer Feedback Board

Contents of the Adventurer Feedback Board

The total number of ▲likes and dislikes for the post.

The higher this number is, the more attention the post has received from Adventurers.


You can check which post has a reply with a [GM] comment.


The total number of comments and views for the post.


Each post on the Adventurer Feedback Board will go through in-depth discussion and review with the developers of the game.

Each post will be tagged as 'Discussing / Developing / Applied / Reviewed' categories.


The details of each process are as follows:

Category Details
The developers are discussing the suggestion.
The suggestion is being developed/created.
The feedback has been developed and applied to the live servers.

The developers carefully reviewed and discussed the suggestion but it cannot be implemented in the game at this time.

You can filter by category to easily check each status.

▲ Adventurer Feedback Board post

Individual Post on the Adventurer Feedback Board

You can click on the arrows to ▲Agree orDisagree with the suggestions of other Adventurers.


 Adventurers won't be able to directly post a suggestion in the Adventurer Feedback Board, they will be selected by the Black Desert team. However, all Adventurers can comment on every post.


 If a [GM] adds a comment to a post, it will be highlighted by a special icon.


How are suggestions selected to be displayed on the Adventurer Feedback Board?


In order to ensure that all Adventurers can have their feedback read and interacted with, we will not be implementing a strict upvote guideline for which posts are deemed critical enough. With that said, posts with high interaction are more likely to receive priority attention.   


The Adventurer Feedback Board pulls feedback from the [Forums > General Discussion > Feedback] section of our Forums.


(When a suggestion is being reviewed on the Adventurer Feedback Board, a [GM] will leave a comment to inform Adventurers about its current status.) 


* Please note that depending on the circumstances, our criteria might change over the initial phase of the Adventurer Feedback Board. 


Additional Notices

- In the case of similar or identical suggestions, only one post will be reviewed on the Adventurer Feedback Board. 

- If the content of the post is irrelevant to the game, contains any inappropriate words/languages, or violates the Black Desert Operational Policy, it will not be reviewed on the Adventurer Feedback Board and the post may be deleted. 

- If content that was added to the Feedback board is edited to something vastly different, irrelevant, or inappropriate, then the post may be removed or hidden.

- For inquiries regarding item recovery, in-game bugs, quest inability, etc., please contact us via [Support].
- Please read the [Black Desert Forum Rules] prior to posting any suggestions.

We look forward to hearing your ideas while we work together to improve Black Desert.
We will do our best to make all Adventurer's voices heard and considered.

Thank you

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