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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Nov 9, 2022, 10:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - November 9, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on November 9, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 118 updates and is approximately 1.10 GB.


Agris Fever for Gathering

You can now use Agris Fever Points for Gathering, so toggle on this function to gather more materials than before! However, just as Agris Fever only applied to common (gray) loot, its effects will now be only applied to basic resources (single processed such as tree and ore types) and not rare resources like Black Crystal Shards or special resources like Truffle Mushrooms.
Originally Agris Fever was designed to help adventurers with barely an hour of time to play per day to reap the maximum amount of "fruit" from their in-game labors. While it was difficult to apply Agris Fever's effects to all Life Skills, we deemed Gathering, the basis to all Life Skills, worth benefiting from its effects. We hope this update will be a meaningful quality-of-life improvement to all of our Life-skilling adventurers out there.
  • Applied effects of Agris Fever to Gathering with the following Life Skill tools.
    • When gathering with Agris Fever toggled on, you will consume the following points per attempt.
Life Skill Tool (Gatherable Resource) Agris Fever Consumed
Pickaxe (Ores and Rough Metals) 42 points
Fluid Collector (Bloods and Sap) 34 points (blood)
30 points (sap)
Butcher Knife (Meats) 34 points
Hoe (Herbs, Flowers, Mushrooms, etc.) 22 points
Tanning Knife (Hides, Furs, and Feathers) 22 points
Lumbering Axe (Timber) 22 points
eg. After completing up to the Book of Margahan Vol. 1 Chapter 5, you will benefit from an Item Drop Amount +150% boost when Agris Fever is toggled on. If you attempt to gather Lion Meat, the following effects can be applied.
1. Basic gathered amount: 2 to 4
2. With Agris Fever effects applied (Item Drop Amount +150%): 5 to 10
3. With at least 2,000 Gathering Mastery (Basic Resources Quantity +400%): 10 to 20
4. With at least 2,000 Gathering Mastery (Basic Resources Quantity +400%) and Agris Fever effects applied (Item Drop Amount +150%): 13 to 26

Gatherable Resources Affected by Agris Fever

Black Quartz
Green Quartz
Muddy Quartz
Red Quartz
Strange Rock
Clear Quartz
Rainbow Stone
Soft Sandstone
Hard Sandstone
Vanadium Ore
Titanium Ore
Mythril Ore
Blue Crystal
Violet Crystal
Volcanic Rock
Noc Rock
Dry Thicket
Sunrise Herb
Fruit Tree
Wild Herb
Blue Rose
Sweet Potato
Dalvenia Alrea
Purple Pink Flower
Yellow Flower
Sky Blue Flower
Violet Flower
Blue Flower
Hazel Tree
Fortune Teller Mushroom
Arrow Mushroom
Dwarf Mushroom
Cloud Mushroom
Sky Mushroom
Tiger Mushroom
Emperor Mushroom
Ghost Mushroom
Fog Mushroom
Hump Mushroom
Bluffer Mushroom
Ancient Mushroom
Amanita Mushroom
Silver Azalea
Fire Flake Flower
Dry Mane Grass
Silk Honey Grass
Wild Flax
Insectivore Plant
Fig Tree
Star Anise Tree
Nutmeg Tree
Pistachio Tree
Toxic Watermelon
Desert Herb
Bouquet Mushroom
Purple Mushroom
Pie Mushroom
Eyelash Cup
Star Anise Mushroom
Rainbow Button Mushroom
Blue Umbrella Mushroom
Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom
Pink Trumpet Mushroom
White Umbrella Mushroom
Green Pendulous Mushroom
White Flower Mushroom
Olive Tree
Cedar Tree
Apple Tree
Ash Tree
Pine Tree
White Cedar
Dried Old Tree
Date Palm Tree
Acacia Tree
Elder Tree
Old Tree
Palm Tree
Moss Tree
Dry Pine Tree
Loopy Tree
Moonlight Stone
Snowfield Cedar Tree
Red-spotted Amanita
Citron Tree

Items Affected by Agris Fever upon Gathering Resources

Iron Ore
Lead Ore
Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Zinc Ore
Rough Stone
Vanadium Ore
Titanium Ore
Noc Ore
Nickel Ore
Silver Ore
Gold Ore
Platinum Ore
Rough Opal
Rough Obsidian Ore
Rough Ruby
Rough Sapphire
Rough Topaz
Rough Emerald
Rough Diamond
Rough Translucent Crystal
Rough Mud Crystal
Rough Red Crystal
Rough Green Crystal
Rough Black Crystal
Rough Blue Crystal
Rough Violet Crystal
Rough Lapis Lazuli
Rough Jade
Ash Timber
Maple Timber
Pine Timber
Birch Timber
Fir Timber
Cedar Timber
White Cedar Timber
Acacia Timber
Palm Timber
Elder Tree Timber
Cactus Rind
Old Tree Branch
Moss Tree Timber
Loopy Tree Timber
Thuja Timber
Thornwood Timber
Snowfield Cedar Timber
Ash Sap
Maple Sap
Pine Sap
Birch Sap
Fir Sap
Cedar Sap
White Cedar Sap
Acacia Sap
Elder Tree Sap
Palm Sap
Cactus Sap
Moss Tree Sap
Loopy Tree Sap
Thuja Sap
Thornwood Sap
Snowfield Cedar Sap
Sunrise Herb
Silver Azalea
Fire Flake Flower
Dry Mane Grass
Silk Honey Grass
Fortune Teller Mushroom
Arrow Mushroom
Dwarf Mushroom
Cloud Mushroom
Sky Mushroom
Tiger Mushroom
Emperor Mushroom
Ghost Mushroom
Fog Mushroom
Hump Mushroom
Bluffer Mushroom
Ancient Mushroom
Amanita Mushroom
Wild Grass
Dalvenia Alrea
Toxic Watermelon
Bouquet Mushroom
Purple Mushroom
Pie Mushroom
Eyelash Cup
Star Anise Mushroom
Desert Herb
Rainbow Button Mushroom
Blue Umbrella Mushroom
Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom
Pink Trumpet Mushroom
White Umbrella Mushroom
Green Pendulous Mushroom
White Flower Mushroom
Purple Pink Flower
Yellow Flower
Sky Blue Flower
Violet Flower
Blue Flower
Hazel Tree Fruit
Mimosa Stalk
Red-spotted Amanita
Insectivore Plant Powder
Insectivore Plant Sap
Cotton Wool
Silkworm Cocoon
Deer Hide
Sheep Hide
Fox Hide
Rhino Hide
Pig Hide
Ox Hide
Lizard Hide
Worm Hide
Raccoon Hide
Weasel Hide
Bear Hide
Wolf Hide
Waragon Hide
Cheetah Dragon Hide
Soft Kuku Bird Plume
Flamingo Plume
Snake Skin
Lion Hide
Feather Wolf Hide
Black Leopard Hide
Gazelle Hide
Griffon Feather
Soft Ferri Feather
Belladonna Elephant Hide
Yak Hide
Marmot Hide
Llama Hide
Goat Hide
Deer Blood
Sheep Blood
Fox Blood
Rhino Blood
Pig Blood
Ox Blood
Lizard Blood
Worm Blood
Raccoon Blood
Weasel Blood
Bear Blood
Wolf Blood
Waragon Blood
Cheetah Dragon Blood
Kuku Bird Blood
Flamingo Blood
Bat Blood
Troll Blood
Ogre Blood
Cobra Blood
Lion Blood
Scorpion Blood
Yak Blood
Marmot Blood
Llama Blood
Goat Blood
Sweet Potato
Date Palm
Star Anise
Deer Meat
Lamb Meat
Fox Meat
Rhino Meat
Lizard Meat
Worm Meat
Raccoon Meat
Weasel Meat
Bear Meat
Wolf Meat
Waragon Meat
Cheetah Dragon Meat
Kuku Bird Meat
Flamingo Meat
Snake Meat
Lion Meat
Scorpion Meat
Yak Meat
Marmot Meat
Llama Meat
Goat Meat
Translucent Ice
  • The hedgehog's special skill "Gathering Item Quantity Increase" is not affected by Agris Fever effects.
  • Scooping water, shoveling, and milking cows are not affected by Agris Fever effects.
  • Agris Fever only affects basic resources and does not apply to items such as Truffle Mushrooms, Dead Tree Essence, and other rare resources.

Solare Hall of Fame

We've added a hall of fame to honor the greatest warriors ever to grace the Arena of Solare. You will find it right at the entrance to the Battle Arena, where you'll find the likenesses of 24 adventurers who ranked no. 1 per class in the past season of Solare. Adventurers who interact with these likenesses will be granted the "Blessing of a Great Knight" buff as well. We've prepared this hall of fame to celebrate those adventurers who displayed phenomenal talent and skill in the arena, and we hope this meaningful installment will have other adventurers take part in the reverie as well as feel motivated to challenge the next season of Arena of Solare themselves.
In addition, this hall of fame will be managed by season, just like the Arena of Solare. The adventurers currently on display will remain until the end of the next season when new heroes have been made. With many of our adventurers anticipating the next season, we want to announce that season 2 of Arena of Solare will be coming this winter, improved and renewed. Thank you.
  • Installed the Solare Hall of Fame at the Battle Arena.
    • The adventurers finishing in the top of their class in the Arena of Solare will now have their likenesses displayed as statues in the hall of flame.
    • These "Solare Knight" statues will be displayed in the order the classes were released, and you can interact and exchange 20 Energy with them to gain the "Blessing of a Great Knight" buff.
    • This boon will grant you Breathing EXP +10% for 10 hours.
* Similar to the God of Fishing display, the Solare Knight statues will reflect the customizations of each adventurer. However, outfits and Family names will not be regularly updated.

Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Preceding Quest

The third area of Atoraxxion will soon open for Adventurers. In preparation for that, we've added a preceding quest for Adventurers preparing to embark on their journey to Yolunakea. The preceding quest will summarize the events that previously unfolded in the main quests of Vahmalkea, Sycrakea, Mountain of Eternal Winter, and offer glimpse into the story that will unfold in Yolunakea. Also, adventurers will earn a special reward for completing the preceding quest which can be exchanged for special items such as Vaha's Dawn when Adventurers complete all of the Yolunakea main quests and update content.
  • The Secret Guards have returned to the Valley Lily Inn to continue their expedition in "Atoraxxion: Yolunakea," the third biome of the fortress to defeat the Dark Invaders.
    • The Secret Guards have gathered once more at the inn to continue into the third biome. Adventurers will be able to take on the quest that precedes Atoraxxion: Yolunakea at the Valley Lily Inn.
      • You will need to have completed the main questlines of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea and Sycrakea to accept this preceding quest. After that, you can start the preceding quest by accepting [Atoraxxion] Ruined Plans from the Black Spirit.
      • This quest preceding Atoraxxion: Yolunakea will connect to the Yolunakea's main questline, which will become available once Atoraxxion: Yolunakea is released.
* The "Special Letter of the Secret Guards" you will obtain from completing this preceding quest can be exchanged with a special reward after Atoraxxion: Yolunakea is released and you've completed the corresponding main questline.

2022 Autumn Season Graduation Commences!

  • Fughar, the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, is lending a hand in Winter Season graduation so that you can convert your season character who has completed the 2022 Autumn Season into a normal character.
Graduation Period Nov 9th, 2022  (after maintenance) - Before Season Ends
Graduation Requirements Adventurers who did not purchase the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must have accepted and completed all of the all of the Season Pass Challenges and accepted the rewards.
Adventurers who purchase the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must have accepted and completed all of the all of the Black Spirit Pass Challenge and accepted the rewards.
You must not have Fughar’s Timepiece in your possession
  • Season Graduation requirements for fall 2022 are as follows:
Quest NPC Quest Objective  Competing NPC
[Season Server Graduation]
At the Crossroad
Leyla the Crow Merchants Guild Scribe located at the Workshop in Velia Accept and complete the [Season] Fughar's Special Timepiece from Fughar and talk to him. Fughar
[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar Use the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate Fughar
    • Season characters can be converted into normal characters upon using the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate.
    • You can obtain Tuvala Conversion Stone Box, Gift Box Full of Memories, and Fughar's Letter of Encouragement upon completing the above quest.
    • Items contained in the Gift Box Full of Memories are as follows:
Gift Box Full of Memories
[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon x1
Graduation Cap x1
Advice of Valks (+60) x1
Golden Graduation Gown x1
Cron Stone x100
[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1
[Event] Elion's Tear x10
[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll x5
[Event] Giovan Grolin's Support Scroll x5
[Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone x1
Blessed Message Scroll x5
Premium Elixir Box x3
Finto's Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice x10

* Graduation Notice
 - If you are using the [Event] Black Spirit Pass, you must accept all Black Spirit Pass rewards.  
 - The [Event] Black Spirit Pass cannot be used after graduation regardless of its usage.
 - The "Honorable Adventurer's Certificate" obtained via the season server quest cannot be used in normal servers.
 - You cannot graduate if you have “Fughar’s Timepiece,”
  • Added quest "Season Special Gift" on the autumn 2022 season server.
Quest Name NPC Acceptance Requirement  Quest Objective Reward
[Season Special Gift] Dreaming of Ripe, Golden Light! Fughar A Lv. 20 or higher season character or a character that has completed the
“[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” quest
Talk to Fughar Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon x1
Cron Stone x50
Sour Green Grape Juice x10
Sweet Wild Berry Juice x10
Fresh Orange Juice x10 
- You can exchange the Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon obtained from the aforementioned quest for one of the following special rewards from Fughar.
* However, if you've already received the special season reward, you cannot receive the reward for that particular season again.
- Adventurers who have not received any of the season special rewards can obtain the rewards from the previous season through the next Season.
Season  Season Special Gifts 
2020 Spring Season
PEN (V) Capotia Earring or PEN (V) Capotia Ring (Select one) 
2020 Season
Perilla's Star
2020 Winter Season
PEN (V) Capotia Belt 
2021 Summer Season
PEN (V) Capotia Necklace 
2021 Season+
Advice of Valks (+100)
2021 Winter Season
Season: Drakania
Season: Dawn of Dragons
2022 Autumn Season
Advice of Valks (+100) Box
  • You can exchange Tuvala gear for boss gear with the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon via the following quests.
    • Talk to Fughar with the "[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon" in your inventory to accept the following quests. You can only proceed with one of the following quests at a time.
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kzarka Main Weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kutum Sub-weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Dandelion Awakening Weapon
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Giath's Helmet
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Muskan's Shoes
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Bheg's Gloves


● Catch up with this week's events!
Black Desert's events and coupons at a glance!

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
Main Weapon, Succession
Twisting Wind
  •  Changed to now be registerable in a Skill Cooldown Slot.
The Awakened Berserker was required to switch to main weapon skills to obtain certain helpful buffs unavailable from his Awakening skill arsenal. The combo of Headbutt - Storming Beast - Frenzied Destroyer was crucial to maintain increased Melee Accuracy and AP buffs for Awakening. If a monster did not fall to Awakening skills wielded after applying these buffs from that Main Weapon skill combo, you would have to switch back to your main weapon and reapply the same combo. Therefore, with this update, we changed the Buster Training - Blasting combo to now increase your Attack Speed and Melee AP so you can stay in Awakening while dishing out combos.
Main Weapon
  • Changed the skill's attack range and the description of its damage has been changed accordingly.
    • Attack Damage 1351% x5, max 2 hits → Attack damage 1351% x10
Weakling Hunt
  • Fixed the issue of the sound effect not playing when using the skill on cooldown during Beast Form.

  • Added Melee AP +16 for 10 sec effect during the skill.
  • Changed Knockback on attack 3 to Stiffness on attack 1.
  • Fixed the issue where additional WP was consumed upon using the skill during cooldown.
  • Changed the skill motions and damage amount.
Before After
Attack damage 1314% x2, max 3 hits
No Critical Hit Rate Increase
Attack 1 damage 1314% x3
Attack 2 damage 1314% x6
Critical Hit Rate +50% (not applied during cooldown)
Flow: Earth Dividing
  • Changed the cooldown from 12 to 10 sec.
Flow: Split Shot
  • Changed the number of hits from 4 to 5 hits.
    • Changed from -1 to -2 hits in PvP only.
Flow: Ancient Wave
  • Changed the number of hits from 7 to 9 hits.
    • Changed the damage reduction from -45% to -57.2% in PvP only.
Lunatic Discus
  • Improved so you can combo into Danse Macabre while using the skill.
  • Changed so you can combo into Danse Macabre, Moon Storm, Sah Spree of Sonan, Lethal Spin Spree, Sah Chakram after using the skill.

Moon Storm
  • Improved so Kunoichi reappears more naturally after disappearing while using the skill.
Wizard, Witch
Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage/Strike
  • Changed the description to match the skill's actual effect.

Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo/High Voltage
  • Changed the control description to match the skill's actual effect.
Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage/Strike
  • Fixed the issue where Skill Cooldown Slot would appear to be on cooldown even when it wasn't.
Main Weapon, Succession
Sweeping Kick
  • Improved to now apply the Martial Spirit effect even when used via Quick Slot.

Flow: Crosswind
  • Fixed the issue where Martial Spirit Shards wouldn't be consumed when comboed from Twisted Collision with 3 Martial Spirit Shards.
Shadebound Beam, Marked Bloom
  • Fixed the issue where the skills wouldn't remove hidden names and/or the concealed state of your hit opponents.
Prime: Aal's Breath
  • Fixed the issue where your character's accessories would still be visible even when you were concealed after using the skill.

  • Improved residences so you can purchase them at the highest level all at once.
    • Now you can set the max level of a storage, horse gear workshops, refineries, costume mills, crop factories, work shops, etc., you wish to purchase with Contribution Points.
    • The cost and time required to complete your purchase will display the combined total of purchasing up to the desired level.

  • Changed the Balenos Abyssal Vein exit from the Magnus to be activated when the Serendia Abyssal Vein exit is activated.
    • This Abyssal Vein will be activated after completing [The Magnus] By Mountain's Breeze.
      • For Adventurers who have already completed the above quest, it can be activated upon obtaining [Knowledge] Abyssal Veins: Balenos via  the Black Spirit (/) -  Talk (W).
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the taming wild horse minigame Training content.
    • Pressing the SPACE bar will now increase your taming gauge at greater increments than before.
    • Not pressing the SPACE bar will now decrease the gauge at lesser increments than before.
    • You will now only need to feed a wild horse 1 lump of raw sugar to successfully tame it.
  • Fixed the issue where if you forfeited the [The Magnus] Golden Lion of Serendia quest, you couldn't complete the abyssal pocket.
    • The structure and dialogue for [The Magnus] Golden Lion of Serendia has been changed and adjusted accordingly.
  • Separated [Berserker] Bractus Gloves and Shoes from the [Berserker] Bractus Armor.
    • Bractus Shoes and Gloves of outfits that could not be registered on the Central Market will also not be registerable.
    • Added [Berserker] Bractus Gloves and Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain the [Berserker] Bractus Armor.
      • Adventurers who had the [Berserker] Bractus Armor in their possession will find the [Berserker] Bractus Gloves and Shoes in their storage in Heidel.
* If your outfit's dyed settings appear different from before the update, please contact [Support] with a screenshot of your original dyed setting.
  • Improved so the following items can be registered for Fairy's Continuous Care Auto-use Items:
    • [Party] Elixir of Skill and [Party] Elixir of Infinite Skill
    • [Party] Elixir of Mastery and [Party] Elixir of Improved Mastery
    • [Party] Elixir of Labor and [Party] Elixir of Rough Labor
    • [Party] Elixir of Armor and [Party] Elixir of Corrupted Armor

  • Added the "Ode to Heroes of Yore" item that can be obtained from defeating Field Bosses.
    • This item will expire in 5 hours upon receiving.
    • Upon use, you will obtain "Item Drop Rate +10% will be applied for 5 hours."
      • You can stack this buff with other Item Drop Rate increase buffs.
    • You can store this item in your Family Inventory.

  • Improved the following Field Bosses to now spawn successive bosses when defeated.
    • Dastard Bheg → Red Nose → Dim Tree Spirit
    • Giant Mudster → Katzvariak
* With the aforementioned improvements, you will be given a brief intermission between defeating each field boss to provide ample time to prepare for the next battle,

Balenos Territory Field Bosses

Tired of the endless hordes of Adventurers who seek out their ruin, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, and Dim Tree Spirit have decided to band forces and unleash havok together all over the Balenos Territory.
  • Dastard Bheg will first appear in Balenos Forest, attacking any adventurers who travel through Heidel Pass. 
    • Once you take down Dastard Bheg, Red Nose will appear at Agris Steppe near the Western Guard Camp to threaten Adventurers and soldiers alike.
      • Once Red Nose is defeated, the Dim Tree Spirit will awaken, shaking the very foundations of the Forest of Seclusion.
* Each Field Boss appears approx. 3 min after the previous boss has been defeated.

Serendia and Driegan Territory Ruins Bosses

The Giant Mudster made of compost and corpses in Serendia's Glish Ruins and the poisonous Katzvariak of Drieghan's Tshira Ruins, have begun to threaten nearby adventurers.
  • While fighting the Giant Mudster, the Mudster will flee then reappear in another location.
    • Decreased the number of times the Giant Mudster flees from twice to once with the above change.
  • Changed so Katzvariak of Tshira Ruins appears 5 min after defeating the Giant Mudster.

Adjustments in Field Boss Rewards and Drop Rate Probability

  • Increased the probability of obtain looting upon defeating the following field bosses.
Field Bosses Changes
- Increased the probability and number of Pure Magical Black Stones obtained by 3 times.

- Changed so you are guaranteed to obtain Black Stones (weapons and defense gear) and doubled the number obtained.
- Doubled the number of Hunter's Seals obtained.

- Doubled the number of Gold Bar 1G obtained.
Red Nose
- Increased the number of Concentrated Red Nose Crystals obtained by 10 times.

- Increased the number of Red Nose's Latent Auras obtained by 1.5 times.
Dastard Bheg
- Increased the number of Concentrated Dastard Bheg Crystals obtained by 10 times.

- Increased the number of Dastard Bheg's Latent Auras obtained by 1.5 times.
Dim Tree Spirit
- Increased the number of Concentrated Dim Tree Spirit Crystals obtained by 10 times.

- Increased the number of Dim Tree Spirit's Latent Auras obtained by 1.5 times.
Giant Mudster
- Increased the Drop Rate of Mark of Shadow by 1.5 times.
- Increased the Drop Rate of Eye of the Ruins Ring by 1.5 times.

What's Boss's Latent Aura?

1. You can exchange 2 Latent Auras of a boss monster for 115 Concentrated Boss Crystals through Jetina's weekly quest.
(These crystals can be used for the guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear conversion.)
2. You can obtain a Boss's respective Boss Gear if you obtain at least 100 Latent Boss's Aura.
(E.g., Exchange Bheg's Latent Aura x100 for Bheg's Gloves x1.)
3. Adventurers who have already exchanged for boss gear can exchange Latent Boss's Aura x1 for Memory Fragment x1.
(You can find the quest and exchange location by pressing RMB.)

Changed field boss loot reward

  • Removed and added loot rewards that can be obtained after defeating field bosses.
Removed Loot Added Loot
Akum Defense Gear (Armor, Gloves, Helmet, Shoes)
(Some field bosses loot reward)
Enchanted Scroll (+20)
Enchanted Scroll (+30)
Enchanted Scroll (+40)
Advice of Valks (+10)
Advice of Valks (+20)
Advice of Valks (+30)
Advice of Valks (+40)
An Ode to the Heroes of Yore
  • Changed so the following field bosses will disappear 1 hour after they spawn.
    • Red Nose
    • Dastard Bheg
    • Dim Tree Spirit
    • Mudster
    • Katzvariak
  • Added further divisions to how boss loot is distributed based on contributed damage to ensure a greater number of adventurers get rewarded as follows:
Before After
TOP 20
TOP 21 - 50
Below TOP 51 - TOP 70%
TOP 20
TOP 21 - 50
Below TOP 51 - TOP 90%
Below TOP 90%
Pearl Shop
  • Changed so Recommendations for New Adventurers shows for New Adventurers in the Pearl Shop banner on the bottom right corner.
  • Improved the Recommended Service that pops up when you've entered another service region.
  • Changed the location of page navigation that pops up in the Read Forum Posts page.

  • Changed and unified the following terms in German:            
    • Seltene Überraschung: Magiekristall → Überraschung: Magiekristall

  • Changed and unified the following terms in Spanish:      
    • Loco por la Agricultura → Loco por el Cultivo
    • [Evento] Caja de Nueva Aventura → [Evento] Caja de Nueva Travesía
  • Changed and unified the following terms in French:
    • Équipement de Tuvala renforcé → Équipement de Tuvala plus puissant

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue of not being able to travel to certain areas in Northwestern Calpheon.
  • Removed Opal that could be gathered from abnormal locations along the Mediah Shore.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to escape when moving your character into a specific location within the Sherekhan Iron Mine.
  • Fixed the issue of the pillar not showing within Serendia Shrine of Elvia Realm.
  • Improved the cutscene and quest progression for some tutorial quests, [Everfrost] The Ynix, and [Everfrost] The Flame that Consumes Gods.
  • Fixed the following issues when equipping [Sorceress] Millen Fedora Clothes:
    • Fixed the issue of your outfit's hands displaying abnormally when equipped with other amulet outfit pieces.
    • Fixed the issue of the dye not being applied to some parts when the armor durability is low.
  • Fixed the issue of the enhancement level not displaying for enhanced gear in the Processing (L) window.
  • Fixed the issue of "Quick" Grass Hedgehog not displaying properly.
  • Fixed the issue of [Special challenges for New Adventurers!] not getting completed in certain situations.
    • Extended the event period to Dec 7, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance for Adventurers who couldn't claim the rewards due to this issue.
  • Fixed the issue of "Summer Season Enhancement Aid!" reward among 2020 Season Challenge showing to some Adventurers.
    • Please note that this challenge reward couldn't be claimed.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to proceed when the party member has the Skills (K) window open when the party leader uses the Boss Summon Scroll.
  • Fixed the issue of Boss Vision being maintained when exiting Atoraxxion content after applying changes to Boss Vision.
  • Fixed the issue of the cutscene replaying when the Adventurer was in the middle of the following quest and on a certain location in Terrmian Beach.
    • When not proceeding with "[Event] Clash of the Furr-some Papus and Otters" after completing "[Event] Welcome to Terrmian!"
  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue of the message and scores not displaying properly when defeating the opponent while riding Heilang in Red Battlefield.
  • Fixed the issue of the item name arrangement order being different when using "Auto Arrange" in Inventory or Storage.
  • Fixed so an item name linebreaks automatically when reform stones are extracted if it is too long.
  • Fixed the issue of the list not sorting by scores when checking the guild tab in Residence List.
  • Fixed the issue of the mission starting right after the cutscene when entering with Drakania during [The Magnus] Into the Fire.
  • Fixed the following alchemy stones' item descriptions to match their actual effects.
    • Khan's Heart: Protection → All Resistance effect
    • Treant's Tear → Life Exp increase effect
* Also, we will send Mystical Spirit Powder during the Nov 16 (Wed) maintenance to Adventurers who had these items prior to maintenance.



Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we've compiled a list of some of our recent major ones. Check them out below!


For Progression-minded Adventurers:

Abyss One: The Magnus
Proceed with the main questline within another world, The Magnus, and experience another side of Black Desert.
Obtain PEN (V) Boss Defense Gear and quality of life (e.g. fast travel, region-free storage) updates!
Monster Zone UI Revamp Where's the best monster zone suited to my stats?
Look no further than the Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) and click "Monster Zone Info"!
Artifacts and Lightstones Artifacts and Lightstones were added!
They will greatly aid you in your adventures!
Ornette and Odore's Spirit Essence Improvements The fabled infinite potions of Ornett and Odore now have newly-added extra steps and weekly quests to hasten the process.
Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline Speak to Jetina to begin a reforming questline to obtain your very own set of PEN (V) boss gear, guaranteed!
PEN (V) Accessory Questline Complete daily quests to gather materials to complete your very own accessory at the highest enhancement grade possible.

For Combat-focused Adventurers:

Elvia Guild Missions
Guild Missions were added to Elvia Serendia and Calpheon!
Complete these missions to help contribute to your guild's growth!
Elvia Calpheon The corruption of Hadum has reached Saunil Camp, Rhutum Outstation, Gehaku Plain, Hexe Sanctuary, and Quint Hill of Calpheon.
You can obtain materials for the Godr-Ayed weapon and reforming alchemy stones from here.
Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones Your very own monster zone with no other Adventurers to duel!
Subjugate monsters to your heart's content in Marni's Realm.
Tier 5 Pets Alpha pets are finally here! Train Tier 4 pets to Tier 5 and appoint them as the alpha to increase the looting speed of all active pets.

♥ For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

Liana's Tool Bag Pickaxe, Hoe, Butcher Knife, Fluid Collector, and other Gathering tools can be stored in this amazing tool bag and used with ease.

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