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Updates Dec 21, 2022, 10:17 (UTC) Patch Notes - December 21, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on December 21, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 108 updates and is approximately 1.18 GB.

Cloud Accessories

"Cloud accessories" have been added to aid Adventurers along their path of personal growth.
These items may have the same stats as Capotia accessories, but what sets them apart is that TRI (III) is much easier to reach, and you can obtain materials for guaranteed enhancement.

Cloud accessories can be equipped by both normal and Winter Season characters, which will provide a much more enjoyable experience for Adventurers who are beginning a new adventure.
Additionally, returning Adventurers can also obtain Cloud accessories, so we hope they will benefit all Adventurers.

  •  Added "Cloud accessories", support Items sure to aid your growth in your adventures.
    • Choose one TRI (III) Cloud accessory of your choice through Reward (Y).
    • Cloud accessories have the same stats as Capotia accessories.

Enhancing Cloud Accessories!

  • Log in to Black Desert every day to receive a "Dreamy Cloud Stone" through Challenges (Y).
    • One Dreamy Cloud Stone can be obtained by logging in every day and is not limited to a fixed period (you can obtain up to 21.)
    • You can enhance Cloud Accessories to the following levels:
      • TRI (III) → TET (IV) : Use 7 stones for 100% Enhancement rate.
      • TET (IV) → PEN (V) : Use 14 stones for 100% Enhancement rate.

Learn more about Cloud accessories!

  • Season characters playing during the Winter Season as well as normal characters can equip Cloud accessories.
  • Cloud accessories will be exchanged to Capotia accessories of the same type when the season ends.
    • It will be changed so Dreamy Cloud Stones can also be used as material to perform guarantee enhancement on Capotia accessories.


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Black Desert's events and coupons at a glance!

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
Dark Knight
Prime: Twilight Dash
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't activate the skill if you had more than the required Stamina.

Many of our adventurers all across the globe are playing with the newly-released Woosa. We'd like to thank you for your great love and support of the new class. Many of you have sent us some quality feedback as well. Since it's barely been a week since her launch, we will carefully consider your suggestions while waiting a bit to see where fixes are needed.
  • Added a visual effect when Woosa takes out her do stave while idle in combat stance.
  • Changed the level requirements of the following skills:
    • Absolute: Wingbeat - Lv. 59 → Lv. 57
    • Prime: Wingbeat - Lv. 60 → Lv. 58
  • Fixed and changed the following for Woosa:
    • Changed her facial expressions to appear less agitated when training with a Book of Training.
    • Fixed the issue where your HP appeared abnormal in the "You Leveled Up!" window.
    • Fixed the issue where your Woosa couldn't enter certain instances even with full HP.
    • Fixed the issue where your fairy would keep feeding you potions via the Miraculous Cheer skill even if your HP was at the max setting.
    • Fixed the issue where your Woosa's physical location would appear abnormal when struck by the Stiffness debuff.
    • Fixed the issue where your Woosa's physique appeared abnormal upon falling into Abyss One: The Magnus.
    • Fixed the issue where your Woosa's physical location would appear abnormal when leaning up against or hanging from a wall.
Main Weapon, Succession
Sagoonja: Chrysanth
  • Fixed the issue where comboing into Sagoonja: Orchid would not activate smoothly in certain situations.
Sagoonja: Plum
  • Improved to combo more smoothly into Sagoonja: Bamboo.
Sagoonja: Orchid
  • Fixed the issue where pressing the key command for the next skill in a combo slightly late would cause the combo to not activate smoothly.

Fan Training
  • Improved to now combo more smoothly from Chain: Flitting Step.
Flitting Step, Chain: Flitting Step
  • Improved to combo more smoothly into Sagoonja: Orchid during the skill.
  • Fixed the issue where comboing during the skill into Sagoonja: Chrysanth or Sagoonja: Bamboo would not activate smoothly in certain situations.

Prime: Quiet Waters
  • Changed the location of the storm cloud created by the skill to be more obvious before the rain and/or thunder began to fall.

Butterfly Step
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't combo into the skill while Sprinting.
  • Changed the skill to no longer be affected by movement speed effects.

Butterfly Step I~II
  • I to II - Changed the cooldown from 16/13 sec → 10 sec.
    • Absolute's cooldown remains the same 10 sec.
Fan Wall
  • Changed so you can no longer combo into Yangban Step or Flitting Step during the skill.

Wingbeat, Prime: Wingbeat
  • Fixed the issue where the "Recover MP per attack hit" effect didn't mention the "(Nullified on cooldown)" text.

Black Spirit: Wingbeat, Black Spirit: Prime: Wingbeat
  • Improved so your character can now spin in the same direction as the camera prior to activating the skill's attack 2.

Black Spirit: Stormfall, Black Spirit: Prime: Stormfall
  • Changed to prevent movement with your mouse during the skill.
Silent Strike
  • Fixed the issue where your character moved abnormally after using the skill while facing towards a wall.

Bartali's Adventure Log
Bartali's Adventure Log was implemented to allow explore the idea of increasing AP and DP beyond equipment alone and to take Adventurers through various content and adventures for their own growth as well. This was a welcomed update, however we have modified some contents deemed too difficult to approach or complete.
  • Some portions of Bartali's Adventure Log has been updated.
Updated Logs Before After
Vol. 5 Chapter 4 Try eating some of the combat rations of the knights Try the tear-soaked Simple Cron Meal
Vol. 6 Chapter 5 Obtain a PRI (I) Kalis Necklace and hand it to Valks Rent a container with Contribution Points and show it to Valks
Vol. 9 Chapter 2 Make Grunil Armor at the Armor Workshop Make Advanced Cooking Utensil at the Tool Workshop
Vol. 10 Chapter 1 Hand over Golem Fragment x10 to Anna Marre of Shuri Farm Defeat the [Hard] Helm Golem
Vol. 10 Chapter 3 Defeat the Skeleton Kings from the Cartian Spell 10 times;
(*Unavailable with party summon)
Defeat the Skeleton Kings from the Cartian Spell 5 times
(*Available with party summon)
Vol. 10 Chapter 5 Equip a PRI (I) or higher Asula's Accessory Complete "[Invitation from I] Invitation from I" and talk to Allan Serbin of Tarif village
Vol. 11 Chapter 4 Try Special Valencia Meal Try the Seafood Cron Meal
  • Improved the conditions for obtaining the scrolls required to complete the following chapters of Igor Bartali's Adventure Log to read more clearly.
    • Vol. 3 - Chapter 3, Use the scroll and face the witch
    • Vol. 13 - Chapter 3, Defeat Muskan's brother

Rift's Echo

  •  Added a Stage 2 Rift's Echo to the interactable Faded Ancient Relic NPC.
    • Each party member will need 2 Rift's Echo items to proceed with a Stage 2 Rift's Echo fight.
  • Improved the following Season Pass objective to be completable from any Rift's Echo, including those spawned during events.
    • Season Pass: Silenced the Echo (Defeat the monster summoned from the Rift's Echo)
  • Atoraxxion: Yolunakea - Changed the items required to move to the following areas via the Sol Magia.
    • Yolu's Spine: Soaring Hatred Tear (including [Elvia] and [ADV] versions)
    • Yolu's Teeth: Voidlight Dagger (including [Elvia] and [ADV] versions)
  • Changed the Guild Expedition Region to now remove your character from the instance if you select to be revived in another location.

Mount Call Distance Change and Discernment

The call distance of certain mounts have been changed. We hope this update will help our novice adventurers feel more at ease when riding their mounts.
  •  Changed the basic call distance for horses, donkeys, camels, miniature elephants, and alpacas from 50 to 150.
    • The call distance for wagons and ships remain the same as before.


Marni's Stone Navigates to Nearest Wacky Toshi

  • Improved the Marni's Stone item to now navigate you to the nearest Wacky Toshi NPC via RMB.
    • The Find NPC function will also direct you to the closest Wacky Toshi NPC as well.
  • Removed [Season] from the following item names:
    • [Season] Finto's Filling Juice (L), [Season] Finto's Sweet Juice (L), [Season] Finto's Fresh Juice (L), [Season] Finto's Box of Juices (L)


  • Improved so Grandpa Cron's Gift Box can be hit even by a low level character.

Quest & Knowledge
  • Fixed the issue where the auto-navigate function would be interrupted during the "[Balenos] [Awakening] Release the Cron Castle Relic" quest.
  • Added explanatory dialogue for seasonal Woosa characters while proceeding with the "[Awakening Weapon EXC] PRI (I) - PEN (V) Tuvala Pendant" quests.
  • Fixed the text for Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 5 regarding the Monster Zone Info UI.
  • Improved the skip feature during tutorial (prologue) as follows:
    • Decreased the time it takes to skip when pressing ESC or R during the tutorial (prologue) from 5 sec to 2 sec.
    • A separate UI will now appear instead of a system message when you skip scenes.
    • Made it easier to check scenes in the tutorial (prologue) that cannot be skipped.
What if you've already completed the tutorial (prologue) once?
1. Once you've created a new character, pressing the "Enter" button will let you choose to proceed with the tutorial or not.
2. All characters in your Family will be able to skip the tutorial.
  - You must have completed "[Tutorial] Black Spirit's Behest" with a character who is at least Lv. 10 and has completed the tutorial.
  • Added "This quest can be accepted from Lv. 60. Classes without their Abyssal Legacy skill will be able to accept this quest at a later time." to the description of [The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation quest that can be accepted via the Black Spirit.

NPC, Background, Sound
  • Eilton's Cooking Merchant, Narangerel, now sells Cooking Ingredients.
  • Changed the "Find NPCs" function to now lead you to tavern owner, Ornoa, when searching for "Cooking" near Eilton.
  • Added an effect when Adventurers collide with spheres that gather at the "Root of Creation" at Yolu's Cradle's. 


Low HP (40%) Alert Toggle Added

  • Added option to toggle the alert that is displayed when HP is lower than 40%.
    • ESC Menu - Settings (F10) - General Settings - Alerts - Mortal Danger

Life Tool Durability Alert

  • Added an alert option for Life Tool durability.
    • Durability lower than 10%: highlighted in orange
    • Durability 0%: highlighted in red

Improvements to Level-locked Family Content

  • Improved so that you can access the following features without level limitations if you have at least one character over Lv. 10 in your Family.
    • Chat window
    • Edit UI (and saving edits)
    • 3D minimap

  • Changed the system dialogue displayed when you exceed the number of Pearl Items that can be sold per week on the Central Market to be more intuitive.

  • Strengthened security by no longer saving login information when you log in via social media on the Black Desert launcher.
  • Changed the size of the game's rating image.
  • Fixed the text of the banner located in the upper portion of the "Purchase Package" page.
  • Changed the Purchase and Web Storage history from displaying the "last 30/90 days" to all time.
    • This covers from the moment Pearl Abyss took over publishing rights in the region.

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the text displayed for the Find Party/Platoon function when Party/Platoon Leaders are offline.
  • Fixed the issue of the NPC disappearing at certain times during the "[Life] Dreaming of a Better Hunt" quest.
  • Fixed the issue of Eilton Cooking Merchant Ornoa selling the duplicates of certain ingredients.
  • Fixed the issue of Eilton NPC Tolgoldor's knowledge and description being displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed the issue of awkward standby movements of Altinova residents. 
  • Fixed the issue of terrain being displayed abnormally in Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.
  • Fixed the issue of the Elvia server description being displayed for certain quest/monster zone UI.
  • Fixed the issue of the main weapon disappearing upon selecting a glove from the Pearl Shop (F3).
  • Fixed the issue where the length of the customized hair for [Drakania] Lethena Helmet could be adjusted through the Beauty (F4) window.
  • Fixes in the Party and Platoon UI are as follows:
    • Fixed the issue where applied settings would not be saved upon closing the Party window via the [-] button.
  • Fixed the issue where Family-shared buffs appeared as if they could be relocated during Edit UI mode.
  • Fixed the following issue that occurred when you first logged into the game.
    • Fixed the issue of the mouse cursor moving to the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of certain monsters appeared abnormal in certain situations in Atoraxxion.
  • Removed the Woosa class descriptions that were not applicable for the below items:
    • Yianaros Headpiece Box, Trilby Hat Box, and [Event] Thankful Premium Outfit Box.
  • Fixed the issue where the class icon appeared abnormally when playing [Yar!] with your Woosa.
  • Fixed the issue where some of the Amity description text at the bottom was repeated upon interacting with NPCs.
  • Fixed the issue where the wild horse's system message would not be displayed when using the Raw Sugar Cube to tame it..
  • [Drakania, Woosa] Fixed the issue where succession skills appeared to other adventurers even though succession skills were not used.
  • Fixed the issue of Woosa's Succession quest name appearing awkwardly in Quests (O) - Suggested tab.
  • Fixed the issue of an object displaying abnormally in a certain location within Zvier Highlands.
  • Fixed and changed the following for Gamepad UI mode:
    • Moved the gamepad key guide to the right and adjusted the size in the Disconnect screen.
    • Fixed the issue of not being able to scroll in the Mail (B) window.
    • Fixed the issue of not being able to check mount info when mounted on a wagon.



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