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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


GM Notes May 10, 2023, 08:00 (UTC) Returning Adventurers, Welcome Back!


Welcome Back Adventurer!
What updates have you missed?


Key updates in one location!

Check out the key updates of 2023! ▼
[New Class: Maegu] [Silver Integration] [Node War Individual Rewards] [Guild Bonus System Update] [Crystal Presets]

◆ New Class: The Fox-summoning Do Wielder of the Jwado School, Maegu

◆ The greatest ship the Black Desert world! Epheria Galleon


Node War Individual Rewards
- When participating in Node Wars, guild members will now receive individual rewards along with the usual tax benefits.


Crystal Presets
- Switch up your crystal settings with one click.

Silver Integration
- Silver is now integrated regardless of which character you log in to or which Storage you use.

Guild Bonus
- A quick and easy system for Guild Bonus distribution!

Reduced Weight of Items in the Central Market Warehouse
- Improved so that even more items can be stored in the Central Market Warehouse.


Check out the key updates of 2022! ▼

[Mountain of Eternal Winter] [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea] [Abyss One: The Magnus] [Capital City Fast Travel] [Shared Storage] [Marni Wave] [Arena of Solare] [New Classes: Woosa, Drakania] [Find my Item Feature]

◆ New Region: Mountain of Eternal Winter
- A new region available from level 1! Plus a whole new main quest!

◆ Atoraxxion Biome 3: Yolunakea
- The third area of Atoraxxion, Yolunakea, uncovered! Solo mode added for those looking to experience the story of the dungeon.
- Intense co-operative action in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea and Sycrakea.

◆ Kamasylvia and O’dyllita family quests for family stats
- Quests to increase AP/DP!

◆ Abyss One: The Magnus
- Abyss One: The Magnus added
- Fast travel between capital cities added! Access to storages across the Black Desert world!


◆ Marni Wave
- A dedicated music player to enjoy various background music from Black Desert.


◆ Photomode renewal
- Become a screenshot pro by pressing CTRL+ U

◆ New Class: Drakania, the Destroyer of Ynix.

◆ Balenos Main Quest Renewal
- A more immersive story awaits!

◆ New Mounts: Mythical Dine, Fwuzzy Alpaca
- Run on water with the rise of the Mythical Dine!
- Added quests so Shai can get access to her exclusive mount, the Fwuzzy Alpacca.


◆ Arena of Solare regular season
- Thrilling 3v3 PvP action with arena specific gear!

◆ New Monster Zones: Step into the realm of Calpheon Elvia

◆ New Gear: Godr-Ayed Weapon, Labreska Helmet

◆ Improved the rewards and item acquisition of all monster spots

◆ Marni's Realm
- Grab your own personal monster spot for a limited time!

◆ New Equipment Slot
- Artifacts have been added, where the new lightstones can be equipped to give a wide array of bonuses

[Life Skill]

◆ Agris Fever Life Skill Application
- Gather more stuff using Agris Fever!

◆ Liana’s Tool Bag
- Gathering has never been easier as you can now switch between different tools without using the inventory.

◆ Processing Stone Integration
- Improving your convenience when mass processing by combining all processing stones into one easy to use stone!


◆ Traveller’s Horse
- Rent a horse with great skills from Stable Keepers in large towns!

◆ Find my item!
- Search through all your characters and storages with one easy press! Essential when looking for that one item you can’t find!

Check out the key updates of 2021 ▼
[Character Reboot] [New Classes: Corsair, Sage] [Minigame - Yar!] [PEN (V) Accessory, PEN (V) Gear methods] [New Equipment Added] [Improved Enhancing Functions]

◆ Character Reboot
- All the old classes, all new experiences

◆ Minigame Yar!
- There are people who haven’t played Yar!, but there is nobody who’s only played it once!

◆ New Classes: The pirate who dreams of romance Corsair and the last ancient, Sage.

◆ Additional Family Quests for stats!
- Quests to increase AP/DP!


◆ Guaranteed PEN(V) Accessory, PEN(V) Gear Contents
- Visit Jetina from the Old Moon Guild in cities to start your path to a PEN(V) Accessory and a set of PEN(V) Boss Gear!

◆ New Monster Zones: Elvia Realm

◆ Enhanced World Bosses!
- Thundercloud Kutum, Bloodstorm Nouver, Stormbringer Karanda and Nightmare Kzarka all appear!
- Take down these monstrous bosses to get more rewards!

◆ New Gear Added
- Black Star Off-hand, Armor, Gloves, Shoes and Helmet added.
- Fallen God Armor added
- Labreska Helmet Added


◆ Enhancing Improvements
- Devour Black Stones with your Black Spirit to instantly create an Enhancement Chance stack!

Check out the key updates of 2020! ▼
[Season Servers] [Shai Instrument Store] [New Regions: O’dyllita, Grándiha & Papua Crinea] [Marni’s Suspicious Device] [Family Inventory] [Agris Fever] [Naderr’s Band] [New Class: Nova, Hashashin]

◆ New Classes: The last star of Calpheon, Nova and the Seeker of Truth, Hashashin

◆ New Mount: Mythical Arduanatt

◆ New Shai Instruments and Instrument Shop!

◆ Season Server
- A new step for new and returning users to get accustomed to the Black Desert World, Season Servers added.

◆ New Region: The Land of Thorns, O’dyllita!

◆ New Regions: Grándiha & Papua Crinea Island


◆ Powerful Field Boss: Black Shadow

◆ New Monster Zone: Traitor’s Graveyard

◆ Agris Fever
- Gain points each day, and use them for vendor loot increases!


◆ Family Inventory
- Share items between characters with the Family Inventory

◆ Marni's Suspicious Device
- Share your gear to another character and have two heavy hitters!

◆ Enhancement Improvements
- Store your Enhancement Chance stacks and switch freely between mutliple different Enhancement Chances!

Check out the key updates of 2019! ▼
[Great Ocean] [New Class: Shai] [Shai Music Composition and Performance system] [ New Monster Zone: Kratuga Ancient Ruins] [New Area: Star’s End]

◆ Great Expedition
- A new era of sailing bringing bartering and more!

◆ New Class: Mischevious Shai and Music composition
- Shai discovers her talent and plays music for Adventurers the world over!


◆ New Monster Zone: Kratuga Ancient Ruins

◆ New Region: Star’s End



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