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GM Notes Jan 4, 2023, 11:00 (UTC) Arena of Solare at the Morning Light!

An overview of the Arena of Solare for PvP rookies!

Arena of Solare, where you can battle 3vs3 matched PvP with equalized gear!

The Arena of Solare Regular Season returns on July 19, 2023 (Wed).

A complete guide to the Arena of Solare, both for PvP beginners and veterans awaiting the new season!

Now, let’s dive into it!


Preparing for the Arena of Solare?

Step 1

How to Enter and Set Your Gear

In the Arena of Solare, you can use exclusive gear that fits your PvP playstyle 

to test your combat skills in 3vs3 PvP matches.

You can enter via Main Menu (ESC) - War (F7) - Arena of Solare.

Press the [Set Gear] button to freely equip arena exclusive gear and crystals. 

You can also use Seals of Solare won from matches to unlock a variety of gear and crystals!

Step 2

Practice? Ranked? Where to Start?

Once you have your gear set, press the [Find Match] button to begin searching for a match!

North America (PDT)

* Arena of Solare Ranking Refresh Period: 00:00 - 01:00


Europe (UTC)

* Arena of Solare Ranking Refresh Period: 23:00 - 00:00

▲Arena of Solare Practice and Ranked Mode Schedule

If this is your first time, try Practice Mode to warm up! 
You can go in alone or with party members.

If you want to test your skills right away, Ranked Mode awaits your prowess! 

See the schedule above to see when you can enter Practice or Ranked modes. 
Find a match then begin your challenge!

Step 3

Battlefields Await Your Entrance!

In this season, you will enter one of the following Land of the Morning Light battlefields. 
Prove yourself in the Land of the Morning Light!

Dalbeol Village Maehwa Road Shimnidae Forest
Dokkebi Cave Donghae Office (Lee Duksoo’s residence)
Gowun Plateau Reed Field
Step 3

Check Your Opponent’s Info After Matches! Know Your Enemies to Win!

Learn how other players set their gear!

You can check the gear settings of the winning team.

Also check their Skill Add-ons and detailed stats by class!

▲ Press the magnifying glass to view their info!


▲ View their Succession, Awakening, and Skill Add-ons in one view!



Arena of Solare Regular Season!

Arena of Solare Regular Season July 19, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – Sep 13, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance

Enjoy PvP in the New LoML Battlefields!!

Improved Matching system! Now fight with adventurers of similar prowess!

More Seals of Solare in ranked matches! Win to get 20 seals!
* Seal of Solare can be used to unlock exclusive gear and crystals.


Don’t Miss out the Arena of Solare Event!

July 20, 2023 (Thu) 00:00 – Sep 6, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance

 Rewards for winning 1 time in the Arena of Solare via any mode (Ranked or Practice)!

Call the Black Spirit (,) with a character at a above Lv.60 and accept the [Event] [Arena of Solare] Master of Solare] quest!

Enter the Arena of Solare and choose either Ranked or Practice Mode!

Ranked or Practice Mode Black Spirit (,)!


Rewards for honorable victors of the Arena of Solare!

이미지 삽입 중...

Cron Stone x100



Honorable rewards for the top 100 adventurers in the Arena of Solare!

Solare Knight Outfit

▲ [Warrior] Solare Knight Outfit ▲ [Valkyrie] Solare Knight Outfit
▲ [Shai] Solare Knight Outfit



* This title can be used until the end of the next Arena of Solare regular season.



Glorious Solare Box

Glorious Solare Box

 This contains the following items:

Cron Stone x1,000

Corrupt Oil
of Immortality x20

Perfume of Courage x30

Khalk's Elixir x30

Elixir of Deep Sea x30

Perfume of Charm x30

Perfume of Insight x30

Giant's Draught x50

Armor Draught x50

Elixir of Indignation x50

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x30

* The rewards for the Arena of Solare Top 100 can be obtained after the regualr season ends.


Team up with fellow adventurers and test your prowess

against others in the PvP content, The Arena of Solare!

Now it's time to challenge yourself and become a true master of the Arena of Solare!
Everybody ready to run to the Arena of Solare?



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