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1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Jan 18, 2023, 12:01 (UTC) Patch Notes - January 18, 2023


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on January 18, 2023 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 289 updates and is approximately 1.64GB.

Major Updates - Maegu

Black Desert's 26th new class, Maegu has been released.
After Woosa’s release, many adventurers displayed great interest in her older twin sister, Maegu. We’d like to thank all of our adventurers for their patience.First off, Maegu’s main weapon is the “Foxspirit Charm.” Her inherent traits include the ability to summon an “illusory double” and being a ranged character who utilizes agile movements to perform a flurry of spectacular spells.
Her double only appears for specific skills, but retains the Maegu’s Family, character, and Guild names, and is also marked on the minimap, allowing her to cause great confusion to her enemies. Maegu can also switch places with her double with the tap of a button. We look forward to seeing the creative PvP tactics our adventurers will discover while playing as Maegu.
In addition, during her the development process, what we placed strong emphasis on were her combos and her agile movements. Maegu has several movement skills that can be easily comboed into other skills in her arsenal, enabling her to boast a rather fast-paced playstyle. Once our adventurers get used to her gameplay, they will be able to easily dish out quick combos as well. To balance out such an advantage, we made some of her more powerful skills have longer casting times, all while keeping her level of entry not too difficult, especially for PvE.
Once again, thank you for all your interest and love towards Maegu. We hope many of our adventurers enjoy playing as her. Thank you.
▲ New Class, Maegu Combat Trailer
  • The fox-summoning Do wielder of the Jwado School, Maegu has been released.
    • Main Weapon AP 100% will apply to Succession until Maegu's Awakening is released.
    • Succession is available through the questline after Maegu reaches Lv. 56.
    • Maegu cannot accept [The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation.
      • This quest can be accepted later after Abyssal Legacy skills are added for Maegu.
  • Maegu's awakening weapon slot is unlocked. Marni's Pocket Watch can be equipped in this slot after completing Succession questline.

Marni's Pocket Watch can be reformed via Heart of Karanda, Inverted Heart of Garmoth to obtain additional effects and cannot be enhanced.
Enhanced Marni's Pocket Watch can extract items to reform by purchasing Mirror of Equilibrium via the Blacksmith in Duvencrune.
Season characters cannot equip Marni's Pocket Watch.

Preparing for Maegu's Awakening - Tuvala Pendant

  • Added the Tuvala Pendant to the season servers to prepare for Maegu's future awakening weapon release.
    • The item cannot be equipped but will later be exchanged for an awakening weapon when Awakening is released.
    • You can obtain the pertaining item with a season Maegu by completing her Succession questline.
    • You can enhance the PRI (I) Tuvala Pendant up to PEN (V) enhancement level.
  • Like other Tuvala gear, you can enhance and repair the durability of the Tuvala Pendant with seasonal enhancement materials.
    • Seasonal enhancement materials: Time-filled Black Stone, Refined Magical Black Stone, Tuvala Ore
  • You can also use Heating on an unenhanced Tuvala Pendant to obtain one Tuvala Ore. 
  • You can exchange Tuvala Awakening Weapons of other classes for the Tuvala Pendant as a season Maegu with the Tuvala Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon.
  • The Tuvala Pendant will automatically be exchanged for Maegu's Tuvala awakening weapon when her Awakening is released.
  • You can obtain the Tuvala Pendant either as a quest reward or by exchanging one Tuvala Ore for a Tuvala Awakening Weapon Box containing the Tuvala Pendant at a blacksmith in any major city.
  • Added Hall of Adventurers: Maegu, a new chat group for Maegu adventurers.
  •  Character slots can be expanded up to 30 slots with Character Slot Expansion Coupon since the new class has been released.

Foxspirit (Family AP +1, Family DP +1)

  •  Applied the Revered Fox Spirit Family buff to celebrate the release of the new class, Maegu.
    • Changed Butterfly Dream, the previous buff applied to celebrate Woosa's release, to Revered Fox Spirit.
    • Period: Jan 18, 2023 (after maintenance) - Feb 15, 2023 (after maintenance)
    • Applied Effect: Family AP +1, Family DP +1

Silver Integration within Character Inventory & Storage

From now on, Silver will be integrated. By integration, we mean that Silver will no longer be stored "separately".
Before, you could store Silver in your Inventory for every character you have created and with storage as well. After this update, Silver will be completely unified to "My Silver" and everything will be integrated regardless of which character you log in to or which Storage you use.

Silver being stored separately brought some inconvenience to some contents (i.e. when trying to recover your horse with a character that has no Silver, or when trying to move to another major city via the Magnus and others). We hope Adventurers continue the journey pleasantly since this improvement will be applied to this update.
* Please note that the change won't apply to Central Market since it operates differently.
  • Integrated Silver in your character inventory within the Family and Storage to "My Silver".
    • Unified Silver displayed in your Inventory and Storage into one in the following UI:
UI Name
Notifications that ask for Inventory or Storage Silver:
Storage - Warehouse
NPC Shop
Blacksmith - Repair
Blacksmith - Extract
Blacksmith - Cleanse Gear
Wandering Alchemist - Lightstone Exchange/Purification
Cleanse Gear
Patrigio - Secret Shop
Pearl Shop - Silver Event Items
Black Spirit's Safe - Collect Silver Reward
Mail - (Mail with Silver) To Storage
Manor - Manor Contract
Work Supervisor - Contract Workers
Work Supervisor - Worker Exchange
Imperial Auction
  • Added so a confirmation notification displays again when purchasing an item that is over 30,000,000 Silver in NPC Shop.
  • Removed Silver displayed in Storage.
  • Fixed so "My Silver" is used when transporting items from Storage.
  • Fixed so Silver cannot be searched via Find My Item.
  • Fixed so Silver will be collected to "My Silver" instead of Storage when collecting Silver from the Horse Market and Rental Market within the Stable.
  • Fixed so Silver will be collected to "My Silver" instead of Storage when collecting daily wages and wages from Guild (G).
  • Change the message that displays when pressing the Collect Silver Reward button from the Black Spirit's Safe.


● Catch up with this week's events!
Black Desert's events and coupons at a glance!

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
  • Added a feature where 100 Silver is given when creating a Trial Character.
We improved Succession Warrior to be able to use Prime: Counter in a greater capacity than before. First, we made it so that Energy Counter is always activated. This will allow the Warrior to apply the Floating debuff with attacks from mid-range, or gain an Accuracy buff while comboing into a Knockdown attack.
We've also added the Forward Guard buff to the Frenzied Dash skill. While unable to move laterally while on Guard, this improvement will enable the Warrior to relentlessly push forward, which aligns with the concept of the Succession Warrior.
Main Weapon, Succession
Prime: Counter
  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Changed so Counter, Spin Counter and Energy Counter damage are all equally applied.
      • Before: Energy Counter damage 1036% x 3, Spin Counter damage 1200% x 4, Energy Counter damage 1200% x 5
      • After: Counter damage 1200% x 5, Spin Counter damage 1200% x 5
    • Changed so it always counterattacks by sending out a stream of energy when Force Slash is learnt.
      • (However, it does not apply when Spin Counter is being activated.)
    • Fixed the issue of Air Attack not being applied when counterattacking with an energy stream.
    • Removed Push target on hits when counterattacking with an energy stream.
    • Changed skill's Accuracy Rate from +50% to +20%, and added All Accuracy Rate +15% for 3 sec when using the skill.
    • Changed skill's cooldown from 3 sec to 5 sec.
    • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 55% to 50%.

Prime: Scars of Dusk (I to III)
  • Improved so Prime: Scars of Dusk can be activated with C.
    • Improved so it activates smoothly when using Prime: Scars of Dusk accordingly after the following skills: 
      • Counter, Ground Smash, Seismic Strike, Prime: Spinning Splash, Prime: Heavy Strike, Prime: Shield Strike
  • Improved so Skill Add-ons can be applied to Prime: Scars of Dusk.
  • Changed the skill's attack range to every direction.
    • Fixed the issue of inflicting double damage in a specific location.
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate as follows:
Before After
Attacks 1 and 2 PvP Damage Reduction Rate 61.6/61.5/60.2%
Last attack PvP Damage Reduction Rate 50/50/50%
All Attack PvP Damage Reduction Rate 42/42/42%
  • Fixed the issue of a lower number of mounted last attack hits being applied during Prime: Scars of Dusk.

Black Spirit: Prime: Spinning Slash
  • Fixed the issue of skill's attack range being narrower than the skill animation.
    • Increased attack range accordingly so it matches the skill animation.

Prime: Earth Tremor
  • Changed Prime: Earth Tremor as follows:
    • Changed so it always activates with jump attacks.
      • Changed so it comboes to Charging Thrust when pressing ↑ + F after Prime: Ground Smash accordingly.
    • Changed so the falling motion displays when the character is in the air after skill's Smash Attack.
    • Changed so the character is fixed regardless of the camera direction after the skill's Smash Attack.

Upper Shield Strike
  • Removed Upper Shield Strike's Forward Guard and changed so Floating also applies to players as well.

Frenzied Dash
  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Added Forward Guard to the skill and changed so Floating only applies in PvE.
    • Changed so the attack immediately activates when colliding with enemies during Charge.
    • Improved so it comboes smoothly with Severing Thrust after the attack.
    • Changed skill's cooldown from 17 sec to 12 sec.

Frenzied Dash, Charging Thrust, Prime: Solar Flare
  • Improved so Jump Slash activates instead of Prime: Spinning Slash after using the skills above.

Counter, Prime: Pulverize
  • Fixed the issue of not comboing with Prime: Pulverize sometimes when learning Counter (I to Absolute).
Through this update, the total damage of Sorceress most frequently used Awakening’s skills for PvE has increased. Also, Soul Harvest’s casting speed has been strengthened and improved to combo faster. We have increased the combo speed of Shadow Leap’s after the character appears, as well as the speed of combos after Night Crow, as these are two of Awakening Sorceress' strengths. We've also added a skill where Shards of Darkness reset and have improved it so that Shards of Darkness are maintained when using the skill by consuming Shards of Darkness with the scythe.
Swirling Darkness (I to III)
  • Changed skill damage and number of hits.
    • Attack 1 damage 910/1011/1178% x 6 → 1229/1365/1590% x 8
    • Attack 2 damage 997/1082/1272% x 6 → 1346/1461/1717% x 8
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 53% to 65%.
  • Fixed the issue of Magic DP Reduction being applied on Core: Swirling Darkness hits.

Violation (I to III)
  • Changed skill damage:
    • Spin attack damage 959/1090/1343% x 8 → 1103/1254/1544% x 8
    • Down slash attack damage 959/1090/1343% x 5 → 1103/1254/1544% x 5
  • Changed skill's Critical Hit Rate:
    • Critical Hit Rate +50% (Only in PvE) → Critical Hit Rate +50% (Not applied during cooldown)
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate 57% → 70%.
  • Improved so Shards of Darkness reset during Violation using Shards of Darkness.
  • Changed Black Spirit: Violation damage.
    • Spin attack damage: 959/1090/1343 x 9 → 1103/1254/1544% x 9
    • Down slash attack damage: 959/1090/13443% x6 → 1103/1254/1544% x6
    • Critical Hit Rate +50% (Only in PvE) → Critical Hit Rate +50% (Not applied during cooldown)
    • PvP Damage Reduction Rate 57% → 70%

Soul Harvest
  • Changed the Casting Speed Increase effect that is applied when using the skill as follows:
    • Casting Speed +5% for 10 sec when using the skill → Casting Speed +10% for 10 sec when using the skill
  • Changed to a more natural pose when comboing into Soul Harvest as a combo from another skill. 

Shadow Leap
  • Fixed the issue of the following buffs that are applied when using Shadow Leap being applied after the character appears.
    • Casting Speed +10% for 10 sec when using the skill
    • All Evasion Rate +15% for 5 sec when using the skill
  • Changed so Shadow Leap's forward attack is activated when pressing LMB.
  • Improved so it comboes smoothly with other skills after using Shadow Leap.
Skill Animation

Cartian's Nightmare
  • Fixed so Shards of Darkness are reset when consuming shards and moving laterally during the skill.

Flow: Soul Reaper
  • Changed the skill damage:
    • Attack 1 damage 1380% x 2, max 2 hits → 1380% x 3, max 2 hits
    • Last attack damage 1380% x 6 → 1380% x 8
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate 54% → 62%.

Black Spirit: Grim Reaper's Judgment
  • Changed skill damage.
    • Attack damage 1709/1789/1869/1950% x 7 → 1709/1789/1869/1950% x 8

Core: Grim Reaper's Judgment
  • Fixed the issue of recovering more HP than stated in skill description when learning Core: Grim Reaper's Judgment.

Dead Hunt (I to IV)
  • Changed skill damage:
Before After
Attacks 1 and 2 damage 781/857/932% x 2 (I to III)
Attacks 1 and 2 damage 1008% x 3 (IV)
Spin attack 3 damage 516/566/616/665% x 3
Chop attack 3 damage 781/857/932/1008% x 2 
Attack 4 damage 781/857/932/1008% x 3
Attacks 1 and 2 damage 1054/1157/1258% x 2 (I to III)
Attacks 1 and 2 damage 1361% x 3 (IV)
Spin attack 3 damage 697/764/832/898% x 3
Chop attack 3 damage 1054/1157/1258/1361% x 2
Attack 4 damage 1054/1157/1258/1361% x 3
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 25%
Delighted Blast (I - III)
  • Added a Knockdown effect on melee hits.
For Succession Sage, we decided to change and/or add the defensive effect of Forward Guard to certain skills, thus enabling the Sage to maintain both Forward Guard and Super Armor after Prime: Rift Chain, albeit for a short period of time. We’ve also increased the damage of certain skills, thereby boosting the Sage’s battle prowess for PvE, and applied changes to Stamina costs and defensive effects of movement skills in the name of making some quality-of-life improvements.
Prime: Rift Chain will now use less Stamina, allowing it to be used more frequently, and Prime: Spear Bolt has had its dash attack removed, trading it in for a longer duration of defensive effects while moving. Additionally, Prime: Spear Bolt will now make your Sage appear while facing your opponent so you no longer have to spin the camera to attack immediately when using the skill while moving.
Additionally, the All DP reduction effect of Realm of Anguish has been changed to Magic DP reduction. This will allow your Sage to apply overlapping DP reduction debuffs and now deal even greater damage than before.
Last but not least, we removed the Bound debuff from Atomagia and added Forward Guard to Void Gateways. Atomagia used to be a skill that applied both a defensive effect and a debuff, but we decided to bolster Void Gateways instead to increase the latter skill’s frequency of usage.
Main Weapon, Succession
Prime: Rift Storm
  • Changed so the skill's animation is activated a bit faster.
  • Changed skill's number of hits:
    • Attack 1 damage 1318% x 3 → 1318% x 5 
    • Attack 2 damage 1318% x 8 → 1318% x 10
  • Reduced cooldown time from 13 sec → 10 sec.
  • Changed so Critical Hit Rate is not only applied to PvE but also PvP.
    • Critical Hit Rate +100% (only in PvE) → Critical Hit Rate +100%
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 35% → 55%.
  • Changed so it comboes after attack 1 when comboing with Rift Chain during Prime: Rift Storm.

Prime: Spear Bolt
  • Changed so the character rotates 180 degrees when using the skill.
  • Changed so Forward Guard is maintained a bit longer when not moving after Prime: Spear Bolt.
  • Changed skill's defensive effects as follows:
    • Forward Guard when using the skill, Invincible while concealed and moving → Forward Guard when using the skill, Invincible while moving
  • Removed the skill's Dash attack damage.
  • Changed "Down Attack on dash attacks" to "Down Attack".
  • Changed skill damage:
    • Attack damage 503% x 2 → 1060% x 4
  • Changed skill's cooldown time from 15 sec → 7 sec.
  • Added Critical Hit Rate +100% to the skill.
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 30% → 40%.

Atomagia (I to Absolute), Prime: Atomagia
  • Changed so skill's bound effect is only applied in PvE.
  • Added 50 Pain Damage every 3 sec for 18 sec on hits.
  • Changed skill's cooldown time:
    • I to Absolute: 60/55/50/45/40 sec → 40/35/30/25/20 sec
    • Prime: 40 sec → 20 sec

Void Gateways (I to Absolute), Prime: Void Gateways
  • Added Forward Guard during Void Gateways (I to Absolute), and Prime: Void Gateways.

Gravity Rift (I to Absolute)
  • Changed skill's number of attacks:
    • Attack damage 397/507/598/793/951% x 6 → 397/507/598/793/951% x 8
  • Changed skill's HP Recovery:
    • Recover HP +10 per target on hits → Recover HP +50/50/50/60/70 per hit

Realm of Anguish (I to Absolute)
  • Changed all DP Reduction on hit to Magic DP Reduction.
    • All DP -20 for 10 sec on hit → Magic DP -20 for 10 sec on hits

Prime: Rift Chain
  • Changed consumed Stamina to half when moving while the character is concealed during the skill.

Prime: Illusion Expansion
  • Changed skill damage:
    • Attack damage 1336% x 8 → 1737% x 8
  • Added Critical Hit Rate +30% to the skill.
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 45% → 50%.

Flow: Illusion Detonation
  • Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills.
  • Improved so the attack motion is activated a bit faster.
  • Improved so the motion displays more smoothly when comboing with Ator's Fist after Flow: Illusion Detonation.

Form Shift (I to Absolute), Form Shift (I to IV)
  • Added Critical Hit Rate +30% to the skill.
  • Changed stamina consumption from 200 → 150 when using the skill.

Flow: Form Recall
  • Changed stamina consumption from 200 150 when using the skill.

Prime: Ator's Mark (I to III)
  • Changed skill damage:
    • Attack damage 916/1069/1221% x 6 → 1191/1390/1587% x 8
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 34% → 58%.

Prime: Ator's Fist (I to III)
  • Improved so combo with other skills activates smoothly.
  • Changed skill damage:
    • Attack damage 683/819/983% x 3, max 4 hits → 888/1065/1278% x 3, max 4 hits
  • Increased Critical Hit Rate in PvP.
    • Critical Hit Rate +25% (only in PvP) → Critical Hit Rate +50%
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate 44% → 60%.
  • Changed so the skill activates even when pressing SHIFT when Ator's Fist makes comboes with other skills.

Prime: Ator's Energy (I to IV)
  • Changed skill damage:
    • Attack damage 988/1094/1201/1307% x 8 → 1265/1400/1537/1673 x 8
  • Changed skill's PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 34% → 52%.

Ator's Energy, Prime: Ator's Energy
  • Changed skill's defensive effects from Super Armor Forward Guard.

Prime: Spatial Collapse
  • Improved so motions activate more smoothly when using the skill.

Flow: Finishing Touch
  • Improved so attack motions activate more smoothly when using the skill.

Main Weapon, Succession
Prime: Rain's Thirst
  • Improved to combo more smoothly during Stormfall, Cloudrise, Kaleidoscope Swirl, and Kaleidoscope Flower.
  • Changed the skill to no longer be affected by effects which increase/decrease casting or movement speed.
Prime: Inkwrath
  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills.
    • Changed the command key from ↓ + C to C.
    • Added an effect to decrease the Guard Gauge of 1 opponent by 20% on hits.
    • Changed the attack damage as follows. PvP damage reduction rate has been adjusted accordingly.
      • Attack damage 1432% x 6 → 1002% x 6
      • PvP damage -36% → -8.5%
Prime: Flurry
  • Increased the speed of the skill's first and second attacks.
  • Improved for the following skills be able to combo into the third attack of Prime: Flurry:
    • Sagoonja: Plum, Sagoonja: Orchid, Sagoonja: Chrysanth, Sagoonja: Bamboo, Bamboo-zled, Thunderstroke, Cloudburst
  • Improved so that Butterfly Step can combo into Tigerfly on its last attack motion.
Spring Blossom
  • Increased the natural HP recovery time from 20 seconds to 40 seconds.
Cloudrise, Prime: Cloudrise
  • Changed so that opponents are dealt damage while below Woosa in accordance with the skill's animation.
  • Changed to activate more quickly.
Cloud Flower
  • Improved to summon two rainclouds from Prime: Quiet Waters at once.
Prime: Quiet Wates
  • Changed so that opponents are dealt damage while below Woosa in accordance with the skill's raincloud effect.
  • Updated to show the character's falling form at the same position as other classes when falling from a high location.


Marni's Realm - Thornwood Forest

  •  "Thornwood Forest" is now accessible as a Monster Zone in Marni's Realm.
  • The total likes per chat group has been reset following today's maintenance.
    • Temporary titles (90 Days) have been awarded to Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons.
    • Temporary titles (90 Days) have also been awarded to Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons in the 24 Hall of Adventurers Chat Groups.
    • All titles awarded for chat group rankings on Oct 19, 2022 (Wed) have been deleted following Jan 18, 2023 (Wed) maintenance.
Chat Group Gold Silver Bronze
Lunar Halo Inn Protector of Newbies Luminary of Newbies Herald of Newbies
Dancing Marlin Tavern Oh Captain, My Captain Reliable First Mate Hardworking Steerer
Battle Arena Fist of Legend Born to Fight Backstreet Fighter
Hystria Ruins Relentless Slayer Perceptive Hunter Clever Tracker
Florin Neighborhood Meeting Touch of Midas Crafty Diligent Life Skiller
Garnier Troupe Virtuoso Genius Composer Rhapsodist
Heidel's Street City Celebrity Famed Storyteller Street Herald
Hall of Adventurers Pathfinder Role Model Mentor

Thank you for your love and support for Woosa and Maegu class. We would like to give an additional Fughar's Timepiece to our Adventurers to express our gratitude.
This timepiece can be used for Maegu which will be released on the upcoming Jan 18 maintenance.
Also, we are giving out 3 Narchillan weapons and 4 pieces of Narchillan armor exclusive for this Winter Season. We hope it helps adventurers in their journeys.
Thank you.

[Winter Season] Additional Fughar's Timepiece

  •  A quest for obtaining another Fughar's Timepiece has been added for the Winter Season.
Quest Quest Objective Quest Reward
[Winter Season] Fughar's Secretive Timepiece Go talk to Fughar and obtain another Fughar's Timepiece
Fughar's Timepiece
An item that is used to change classes in the season server. Can be used from Lv. 25 to a character that is below Lv. 25.
Transfer seasonal privileges/experience over to a (normal) character when using Fughar's Timepiece.
For more details, search "Fughar's Timepiece" in Adventurer's Guide on the website.

Winter Season Graduation Begins!

  • Fughar, the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, is lending a hand for Winter Season graduation so that you can convert your season character who has completed the 2022 Winter Season into a normal character.
Graduation Period Jan 18th, 2023 (after maintenance) - Before Season Ends
Graduation Requirements Adventurers who did not purchase the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must have accepted and completed all of the Season Pass Challenges and accepted the rewards.
Adventurers who purchase the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must have accepted and completed all of the all of the Black Spirit Pass Challenge and accepted the rewards.
Complete [Winter Season] Fughar's Secretive Timepiece
You must not have Fughar’s Timepiece in your possession.
* Please note before graduating! An additional Fughar's Timepiece for this Winter Season!
Obtain an additional Fughar's Timepiece in this Winter Season along with the release of the new class, Maegu.
Please note that Winter Season graduation will be available after obtaining the additional Fughar's Timepiece accordingly
(Accept and complete [Winter Season] Fughar's Secretive Timepiece from NPC Fughar.)
  •  Season Graduation requirements for Winter Season 2022 are as follows:
Quest  NPC Quest Objective  Completing NPC
[Season Server Graduation]
At the Crossroad
Leyla the Crow Merchants Guild Scribe located at the Workshop in Velia
Accept and complete the [Season] Fughar's Special Timepiece from Fughar and talk to him.
Complete [Winter Season] Fughar's Secretive Timepiece and talk to Fughar.
[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar Use the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate Fughar
    •  Season characters can be converted into normal characters upon using the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate
    •  You can obtain Narchillan Gear Box, Gift Box Full of Memories, and Fughar's Letter of Encouragement upon completing the above quest.
    •  Items contained in the Gift Box Full of Memories are as follows:
Narchillan Gear Box
Gift Box Full of Memories
Narchillan Main Weapon Box
Narchillan Sub-weapon Box
Narchillan Awakening Weapon Box
Narchillan Armor
Narchillan Helmet
Narchillan Gloves
Narchillan Shoes
* Narchillan Gear can only be equipped with normal characters, not season characters.
* Maegu and Woosa cannot open Narchillan Awakening Weapon Box since their Awakening classes haven't been released.
[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon x1
Graduation Cap x1
Advice of Valks (+60) x1
Golden Graduation Gown x1
Cron Stone x100
[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1
[Event] Elion's Tear x10
[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll x5
[Event] Giovan Grolin's Support Scroll x5
[Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone x1
Blessed Message Scroll x5
Premium Elixir Box x3
Finto's Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice x10
Narchillan gear can only be equipped with normal characters, and bear stats and effects similar to Blackstar gear between DUO (II) to TRI (III) enhancement levels.
Obtain gear suitable for your class when opening Narchillan Main/Sub-/Awakening Weapon Boxes.

Previous Way to Obtain: Enhance Naru gear to PEN (V) with Beginner Black Stones on a normal character,
then accept [Special Aid] Fughar's Letter available via the Black Spirit (/), then exchange each piece of Naru gear for Narchillan gear. (Once per Family)
(Quest Requirements: Be at least Lv. 50 and complete the entire Calpheon questline OR be at least Lv. 56)
Added Way to Obtain: Complete [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World during this Winter Season
to obtain the Narchillan Gear Box that includes 3 weapon and 4 defense gear pieces.

* I've already opened the Narchillan Weapon Box. How do I use it with another class?
- Purchase Narchillan Processing Stone with 1,000,000 Silver from Blacksmith in town.
- As long as you have the processing stone and a Narchillan weapon, you can return it to its box via Manufacture (L).
- Switch to your desired class and open the restored Narchillan Weapon Box to obtain a weapon suitable for your class.
(All normal characters can equip Narchillan defense gear regardless of class.)

 * For more details regarding Narchillan Gear, search "Narchillan Gear" in Adventurer's Guide on the website.

* Graduation Notice
 - Adventurers who have purchased [Event] Black Spirit Pass, make sure to claim all Season Pass and Black Spirit Pass challenges and rewards.
 - Unused purchased [Event] Black Spirit Pass can no longer be used after Season graduation.
 - Honorable Adventurer's Certificate that can be obtained during the Season Server Graduation quest can be used in normal servers.
 - You cannot graduate if the character has Fughar's Timepiece.
  • Added quest "Season Special Gift" to the winter 2022 season server.
Quest Name NPC Acceptance Requirement  Quest Objective Reward
[Season Special Gift]
Mystical Violet Dream
Fughar A Lv. 20 or higher season character or a character that has completed the
[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World quest
Talk to Fughar Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon x1
Cron Stone x50
Sour Green Grape Juice x10
Sweet Wild Berry Juice x10
Fresh Orange Juice x10 
- You can exchange the Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon obtained from the aforementioned quest for one of the following special rewards from Fughar.            
* However, if you've already received the special season reward, you cannot receive the reward for that particular season again.            
- Adventurers who have not received any of the season special rewards can obtain the rewards from the previous season through the next Season.            
Season  Season Special Gifts 
2020 Spring Season
PEN (V) Capotia Earring or PEN (V) Capotia Ring (Select one) 
2020 Season
Perilla's Star
2020 Winter Season
PEN (V) Capotia Belt 
2021 Summer Season
PEN (V) Capotia Necklace 
2021 Season+
Advice of Valks (+100)
2021 Winter Season
Season: Drakania
Season: Dawn of Dragons
2022 Autumn Season
Winter Season
Advice of Valks (+100) Box
  • You can exchange Tuvala gear for boss gear with the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon via the following quests.
    • Talk to Fughar with the "[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon" in your inventory to accept the following quests. You can only proceed with one of the following quests at a time.
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kzarka Main Weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kutum Sub-weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Dandelion Awakening Weapon
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Giath's Helmet
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Muskan's Shoes
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Bheg's Gloves
  • Changed the number of Lion Blood needed to replace Bear Blood from 2 to 1 when trying to do Alchemy.
  • Changed the number of Scorpion Blood needed to replace Fox Blood from 2 to 1 when trying to do Alchemy.
  • Adjusted the max price of the following elixirs in the Central Market.
Item Previous Max Price Changed Max Price
[Party] Elixir of Amity 146,000 178,000
Elixir 158,000 185,000
[Party] Elixir of Human Hunt 138,000 169,000
[Party] Elixir of Draining 281,000 306,000
[Party] Elixir of Demihuman Hunt 150,000 183,000
[Party] Elixir of Perforation 302,000 323,000
[Party] Elixir of Energy 62,000 86,000
[Party] Elixir of Wings 81,000 104,000
[Party] Elixir of Wind 146,000 172,000
[Party] Elixir of Swiftness 152,000 182,000
[Party] Elixir of Spells 136,000 173,000
[Party] Elixir of Concentration 50,000 75,000
[Party] Elixir of Will 84,000 112,000
[Party] Elixir of Resistance 89,000 119,000
[Party] Elixir of Life 51,000 85,500
[Party] Elixir of Clear Mentality 75,000 98,000
[Party] EXP Elixir 147,000 174,000
[Party] Elixir of Endurance 87,500 109,000
[Party] Worker's Elixir 146,000 181,000
[Party] Fisher's Elixir 133,000 187,000
[Party] Antidote Elixir 13,100 36,700
[Party] Elixir of Time 147,000 175,000
[Party] Elixir of Training 147,000 177,000
[Party] Helix Elixir 113,000 146,000
[Party] Elixir of Destruction 250,000 296,000
[Party] Elixir of Lethal Destruction 304,000 605,000
[Party] Elixir of Endless Persistence 258,000 280,000
Elixir of Lethal Destruction 252,000 585,000
  • Revised the [Event] Imperial Training Delivery that could be obtained from Imperial Delivery during the event to a yellow-grade item.
    • Bring the revised [Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice to NPC Gula to exchange them for the following items:
Item Needed Exchangeable Item
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x1 Swaying Wind Shard x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x1 Rumbling Earth Shard x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x3 Deep Blue Hoof Root x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x3 Rainbow Gem Fruit x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x3 Breezy Conch Seaweed x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x5 Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x5 Fruit of Yianaros x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x5 Mysterious Blue Conch x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x20 Stonetail Wind's Meal x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x30 Courser's Aura x1
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x30 [Event] Horse Emblem Box
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x50 One "Granverre" horse gear (champron, barding, saddle, stirrups, or horseshoes)
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x150 Krogdalo Horse Gear Crafting Box
[Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice x150 [Event] Tier 8 Horse Emblem Box
* Obtain [Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice only during the event period.
  • The [Playful] Pit-A-Pat Mole, which spawns at a low probability while Farming, will now dig in place instead of attempting to run far, far away.
  • Fixed the issue of [Wild] Phnyl chasing the adventurer for a very long distance.


  • Added a function where you can send back Traveler's Horse that was taken out via the stable keeper.
    • Now when you interact with a stable keeper, there will be an additional button to return the Traveler's Horse.
    • You can also return the Traveler's Horse via a button in the Mount Information window. (You must have dismounted from the horse.)
You can mount on "Traveler's Horse" via the stable keeper
when not having a trained horse or when you need to visit somewhere with another character.
* Traveler's Horse has the following skills:.            
 - Start Accel, Sprint, Drift, Instant Accel (Skill Training 100%)
 - Traveler's Horse can Sprint without a saddle.
* Please refer to Traveler's Horse wiki in Adventurer's Guide for more details.

Node & Conquest War

We give our sincerest thanks to our Adventurers who have been enjoying the pre-season of Node Wars.
Currently, we have been focusing on data from tiers 2 and 3, and have made adjustments to damage reduction rates to boost the intensity and fun of these battles, so we ask for your continuous support of this content.
  •  Adjusted Tier 2-3 stat limits such as AP and Damage Reduction limit as follows:
    • Tier 2 Node War
      • AP 532 → 514 (Reduced 18)
      • Damage Reduction 328 → 354 (Increased 26)
    • Tier 3 Node War
      • AP 585 → 572 (Reduced 13)
      • Damage Reduction 364 → 398 (Increased 34)
  • Adjusted so Tier 3 Node War Damage Reduction Rate only applies up to 25%.
  • You can check the information on the stat limit for each tier through the node icon on the world map, and the stats will be set based on the total stats in your Character Stats UI.
  • According to the above changes, the limit on stats applied to each tier are as follows.
Stat Limits by Node Tiers
Node Tier Tier 1 Beginner Tier 1 Intermediate Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
AP 245 335 514 572 No Limit
Damage Reduction 223 286 354 398
Accuracy 645 695 757 796
Evasion 741 805 870 922
Damage Reduction Rate 7% 14% 21% 26%
Accuracy Rate 15% 15% 20% No Limit
Evasion Rate 15% 15% 20%
Special Evasion 0% 0% 20%
Resistance 20% 30% 50%
  • Adjusted the durability of the following Tier 2-4 forts and annexes as follows:
Fort & Annex Node War Tier Max Durability Increase
Node Fort Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Flame Tower Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Enhanced Flame Tower Tier 3
Tier 4
Hwacha Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Big Hwacha Tier 3
Tier 4
Wooden Fence Gate Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Barricade/Flimsy Barricade Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Iron Barricade Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Recovery Center Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Conquest War
Cannon Observatory Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Conquest War
Elephant Nursery Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Conquest War
Supply Depot Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Conquest War
Indomitable Flag Factory Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Conquest War
Indomitable Flag Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Conquest War
NPC, Background, Sound
  • Changed so that reviving at the closest Safe Zone revives you near the Witch's Chapel entrance when dying at Witch's Chapel.
  • Improved the text that displays when viewing the Marniwave from the ESC menu without completing the Marniwave quest.
A function in which you can listen to Black Desert background music anywhere at anytime.
This function can be used after completing a questline via NPC Wacky Toshi with a character from Lv. 45. (Activate "Other" Quest Type)
Listen to music via ESC menu - Adventure (F5) - Marniwave menu after completing the quest.
Also, you can enjoy the adventure even more by activating the "Auto-play upon Mounting" button so Marniwave plays every time you are mounted.
* Check [Adventurer's Guide - Marniwave] for more details.
* Do you want to listen to more Black Desert music?
[Youtube] Go to the official Pearl Abyss music channel
  • Optimized the chat window function.
  • Changed so the Guild Secretary can also join Officer chat.
  •  Changed the UI design to Maegu when exiting the game.
  • Added an Arena of Solare widget on the left side of the minimap.
  • Fixed so the Crystal Inventory and Crystal Presets cannot be checked when playing Arena of Solare and Abyss One: The Magnus content.
  • Changed the icon of the Black Desert launcher.
  • This icon will display differently according to the changes made on PC settings.
▲ When set to "Extra large icons" ▲ When set to "Small icons" ▲ Taskbar icon
  • Adjusted the icon size and changed the alignment of the Pearl Shop "view details" and "purchase" windows. 
The Guild Bonus Payout System has been revamped to make the distribution of bonuses easier and more convenient.
Points will be allotted based on guild activity, and bonuses will be allotted based on those accumulated points. (Unlike the accumulated 'Guild Activity' based on your contribution to guild experience, 'Guild Points' are used solely for bonuses and disappear when paid.)
Though there is a default setting for how points are distributed based on Guild Activity, such settings can be changed to whatever fits the guild's preferences.
As for guild members, all they need to do in this revamped system is submit a point form based on their accumulated Guild Activity. This will set the incentive level for when bonuses are allotted. 
However when participating in Node/Conquest Wars, such point forms will be submitted automatically.
We have also introduced the new position of 'secretary', who will be in charge of these applications. The secretary will help the guild leader to make point application management more convenient.
Once all point applications are submitted and managed, the guild masters and advisors will be able to distribute the bonuses right away. For those who have completed special activities in addition to the designated activities, their bonuses can be manually distributed.
In this revamped Guild Contribution (Point) System, points can be allotted to all members to be used on special occasions or guild events, or Guild Allowances can be adjusted in bulk. We hope this will make the guild experience more enjoyable.

Guild Contribution (Point) System

  • Revamped to make the distribution of bonuses easier and more convenient.

Guild Points

  • Points will be allotted based on the guild member's activity, and bonuses will be allotted based on those accumulated points
    • Guild Points can be earned through the following activities and will be reset once paid out.
Obtaining Guild Point
1. Guild Point Form
2. Participating in Node/Conquest Wars
    •  Accumulated points will be used to set the incentive level automatically during payout, according to the criteria set by the guild master.
      • The set point criteria will stay in place until it is changed, regardless of when the payout occurs.
      • The incentive level can be changed whenever the guild master wishes.

[Guild Members] Guild Point Form

  • Guild members can apply for Guild Points through the "Guild Point Form".
    • The Guild Points obtained through the Guild Point Form will depend on the Guild Activity criteria set by the guild master/advisor.
    • Points are obtained when the form is approved by the guild master, adviser, or secretary.
      • However, these point forms will be submitted automatically when participating in Node/Conquest Wars.
Click the "Point History" icon that looks like a scroll at the top of the Guild Member Status tab.
Anyone can check the details of other guild members' points.

[Guild Members] Guild Activity

  •  The activities that will earn you points through the form are as follows.
    • However, points obtained through activities (general, guild missions, PvP participation, etc.) will depend on the criteria set by the guild master/advisor.
      • The amount of points obtained through Node/Conquest Wars cannot be changed.
Guild Activities (Default Settings)
1. General
2. Guild Missions/Crafting
3. Guild Boss Subjugation
4. PvP Participation
5. Node/Conquest War Participation
(Point distribution criteria can be changed for all but Node/Conquest Wars)

New Position - Secretary

  • Introduced the new position of secretary, who will be in charge of managing guild points.
    • The secretary will have the rights of an officer, with the additional responsibility of approving/rejecting point forms.
    • Only one secretary can be appointed per guild.

[Guild Master, Advisor, Secretary] Point Menu

  • Point forms can be approved/rejected from the Request Approval menu.

You can approve/reject point forms and have points distributed accordingly
The "All Approved" button will conveniently have all forms approved.
  • The guild master and advisor can distribute points to all guild members through the Distribute Points menu.

Distribute points to everyone, whenever you want!
Whether it be for guild events, for participating in a war together, in celebration of successful crafting, or just because you can!
  •  You can set the point criteria by Guild Activity through the Set Points menu. 

Guild Acitivity categories and their respective points can be adjusted manually, anytime.
Designate different amounts to different categories, according to your guild's preferences!

[Guild Master, Advisor] Distribute Bonus

  • When it comes time for payout, you can distribute the bonuses through the "Guild Bonus" button on the Guild Member Status tab.
    • In the Guild Bonus UI, you can have the bonuses of each level automatically set based on accumulated Guild Points.
      • As point criteria can be changed at any time, bonuses at each level can also be manually distributed.
    • After checking the details of the bonus settings, the guild master/advisor can distribute the bonuses through the 'Distribute Bonus' button.

[Guild Master, Advisor] Set Allowance

  • Click the "Set Allowance" button on the left of the Guild Member Status tab to set allowances, which can be changed any time.
    • In the Set Allowances window, guild members can be classified up to 5 levels according to points accumulated, and allowances can be set for each level.
  • Following the implementation of the point system, the "Support Funds" button from the Guild Member Status tab has been moved to the Guild Information tab.
  • Changed the UI font for the Search feature on the official website.
  • Added class introduction for the New Class: Maegu. 
  • Changed so the Family name of deleted accounts displays as "Unknown" in Oasis of Knowledge.
  • Improved the sorting order of finished events.
  • Fixed the issue where the white space under certain posts in the Adventurer's Board (F2) - Oasis of Knowledge would appear abnormally.
  • Changed and unified the following terms in Spanish:
    • Endurecedor de contrachapado → Endurecedor de madera


Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue where you could not unacquire [Nova] Star's Call, Star's Ring skills.
  • Fixed the issue where upon equipping [Sage] Keraunos Armor, and Winterland Soiree Gloves together, certain parts of the gloves appeared awkwardly.
  • Fixed the issue where Western Guard Camp Miguel's Reclamation Box was being displayed abnormally in certain situations.
  • Fixed the typos in the following situations:
    • Upon interacting with the Architect's Kyvelan Hexahedron during [Solo] Enter Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.
    • During the quest "Surveying the Excavation Site."
    • Certain words within Taxidermy knowledge
    • Igor Bartali's Adventure Log Vol. 8 Chapter 1
    • Upon using the Worker's repeated task feature.
  • Fixed the issue where unavailable NPC information would display upon checking knowledge on Mythical Feather in the Crafting Notes.
  • Fixed the awkward wording in the Oquilla's Flower item description.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not exchange Asula's accessory with NPC Herbin located at Grána.
  • Fixed the issue where [Tavern Owner] Santo of Mountain of Eternal Winter would proceed with duplicate sales of rum.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest widget would not update normally upon proceeding with a quest after having accepted 24 quests.
  • Fixed the issue where the preset and Disable Mode feature would not work properly when using Hotkeys to disable the mode settings while the character is moving in Combat Focus Mode.
  • Fixed so certain item icon background images would align properly in the Pearl Shop (F3).
  • Fixed the issue where the emphasis effect for items purchased from the Central Market would display unnaturally in the Warehouse in certain situations.
  • Fixed the directional text that is displayed for file compression errors to be more clear. 
  • Fixed the issue of compensation for only the winning team occurring during the Conquest War participation contribution payout.  
  • Fixed so additional records don't display in Recent Memory UI.
  • Fixed the issue of remote installation UI disappearing upon pressing ESC when entering with remote installation mode.
  • Fixed the issue where upon equipping [Dark Knight] Secrua Vediant with gloves, certain parts of the arm appeared abnormal. 
  • Fixed so you can purchase passes via the mini purchase window upon clicking locked daily special pass rewards.
  • Fixed the size of the modify comment button in More Details within the Beauty Album.
  • Fixed so certain UI for Courser Training (Dream Horse Awakening) would match with the background.
  • Fixed the issue where the Change Server screen would be displayed awkwardly.
  • Fixed the order of Create Character UI for Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue of Land Mount Call Distance displaying as 300.            
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to deactivate Cron Stone usage when running out Cron Stones during Courser Training (Dream Horse Awakening)            
  • Fixed the following when using Crystal presets for Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the item tooltips in Crystal presets displaying in PC version.
  • Fixed the issue of the snapping moving when selecting or unselecting crystals in removal mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the name tab snapping when pressing name/group filter.
  • Fixed the issue of the preset name overlapping with the key guide.
  • Fixed the issue of the delete effect displaying when extracting crystal occasionally.





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