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Updates Feb 1, 2023, 12:57 (UTC) Patch Notes - February 1, 2023


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on February 1, 2023 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 123 updates and is approximately 957.82 MB.


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New Additions and Improvements

Ninja Step
  • Fixed the issue where Shuriken Throw would occasionally activate when comboing from certain skills.

Maegu’s ability to confuse opponents with an illusory duplicate is a skill unique to her, and it opens up fresh new possibilities for attacking. Considering that this is a new playstyle that has no backstep defense (S-block), we've balanced the damage deal by each of her skills to counteract this heightened difficulty. 
Maegu has performed much better than intended in large-scale PvP, such as Node/Conquest Wars. As such, Maegu's PvP attack damage has been balanced following this patch (PvE damage remains the same). Though Maegu's attack damage has been reduced, as she has proven to be too powerful in Node/Conquest Wars due to her wide damage area, the damage distribution has been increased to still deal significant damage in smaller scale battles or 1v1 situations.
As Maegu is a class that can utilize duplicitous doubles and deal wide-range attacks, she really shines in large-scale PvP.
We are planning to gradually update Maegu's skill enhancement, two Prime skills, and Magnus' exclusive skill (Abyssal Legacy) in the coming weeks. Though Maegu's attack damage has been somewhat altered, we will develop her upcoming skills to add further appeal to her character. However, there may be future balances to her skills with the addition of these new ones..
Main Weapon, Succession
Spirit Step, Chain: Spirit Step
  • Changed so that Spirit Step can be activated to move forward after using Chain: Spirit Step.
  • Improved the following skills so the motion displays more smoothly when comboing.
    • Comboing into Chain: Spirit Step after using Spirit Step forward.
    • Comboing into Spirit Step after Chain: Spirit Step.
Chain: Spirit Step
  • Improved Chain: Spirit Step so the motion displays more smoothly transitioning into basic character movement.
Prime: Foxspirit: Deceiver
  • Added a UI specific to the skill that will allow you to recognize the illusory double when summoned.
  • Fixed the issue where you were moved to an inaccessible location of the Red Battlefield - Castle Ruins when using 'Prime: Foxspirit: Deciever' in certain areas.
  • Fixed the issue where the Prime: Foxspirit: Deceiver double wasn't outlined in red to enemy players in the following content.
    • Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Solare
  • Fixed the issue where the Prime: Foxspirit: Deciever double would pass through certain physical objects on the map.
  • Fixed the issue where the illusory double's maximum HP UI was not displayed in towns or normal monster zones.
Spirited Away, Flower Shroud
  • Fixed the issue where attack damage was not applied when rotating the camera while using Spirited Away and Flower Shroud.
Flower Shroud (I to Absolute)
  • Fixed the issue where stun would not activate during attack 2 of the skill.
Charm Mastery
  • Fixed the issue where attack damage of the last hit of the forward attack would not be dealt.
  • Changed the attack damage distribution of Bared Claws, Foxflare, Petal Play, Flower Shroud, Spirited Away during PvP as follows:
    • Before: -5% damage per attack when attacking 2+ targets. Only 70% of damage dealt when attacking 8+ targets.
    • After: -10% damage per attack when attacking 2+ targets. Only 50% of damage dealt when attacking 8+ targets.
  • Changed the PvP Damage Reduction Rate for the following skills:
    • Bared Claws: -30% → -40% (-14.3% more damage reduced)
    • Spirit Swirl: -55% → -65% (-22.2% more damage reduced)
    • Foxflare: -40% → -50% (-16.7% more damage reduced)
    • Petal Play: -50% → -60% (-20% more damage reduced)
    • Spirited Away: -65% → -72% (-20% more damage reduced)
    • Heavenward Dance: -50% → -55% (-10% more damage reduced)
    • Black Spirit: Heavenward Dance: -66% → -69.4% (-10% more damage reduced)
Prime: Spirit Swirl II
  • Changed the attack damage of Prime: Spirit Swirl II.
    • Attack damage 1218% → 1291%
Prime: Bristling Sparks II
  • Changed the attack damage of Prime: Bristiling Sparks II.
    • Attack damage 1140% → 1208% 
Black Spirit: Heavenward Dance
  • Changed the defensive effects of Black Spirit: Heavenward Dance as follows.
    • Before: Invincibility → Super Armor
    • Changed: Super Armor
Bared Claws, Prime: Bared Claws
  • Fixed the issue of the transition into basic character movement/attack being too slow after left attack 2 of Bared Claws when the skill was used during cooldown.
  • Fixed the issue of Forward Guard being activated during her recovery movement after right attack 2 of Bared Claws when the skill was used during cooldown.    
  • Fixed the issue of Bared Claws not activating/activating too slowly when used after Charm Mastery's forward/lateral attacks.
  • Fixed the issue of Flow: Nether River activating during her recovery movement when pressing LMB after Spirit Step, Chain: Spirit Step, or Bared Claws.
    • Improved so that Flow: Nether River can only activate in certain areas after using the above skill.
  • Fixed issue of the charm effects disappearing too slowly when comboing into the skill.
  • Fixed the issue of MP not being consumed when the skill is used during cooldown.
  • Fixed the issue of the amulet effect still remaining when using Spirit Step during Charmed.
Black Spirit: Spirit Swirl
  • Changed Maegu's expression during Black Spirit: Spirit Swirl to match the skill.
Heavenward Dance, Black Spirit: Heavenward Dance
  • Changed so mouse movements are no longer available during Heavenward Dance, and Black Spirit: Heavenward Dance.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to interact with NPCs after drawing out then sheathing a weapon while mounted.
  • Fixed the issue where the volume of Maeug's voice was the same regardless of distance.
  • Fixed the issue of Combat Assistance function not being applied when using the following skills:
    • Foxspirit: Tag, Spirit Swirl, Bristling Sparks
  • Adjusted the damage of the following skill ranks learned below Lv. 56.
Skill Name Before After
Bared Claws (I) Attack damage 193% Attack damage 123%
Petalblast (I to II) Attack damage 282/645% Attack damage 182/545%
Petal Play (I to III) Attack damage 208/404/845% Attack damage 108/304/645%
Foxspirit: Tag (I to II) Attack damage 317/517% Attack damage 137/317%
Foxflare (I to IV) Attack damage 265/606/845/1163% Attack damage 165/306/745/1063%
Spirit Swirl (I to IV) Attack damage 179/362/584/859% Attack damage 89/192/484/759%
Flower Shroud (I and III) Rank I attack damage 131%
Rank III attack damage 463%
Rank I attack damage 101%
Rank III attack damage 413%
Bristling Sparks (I) Attack damage 160% Attack damage 130%
Heavenward Dance (I to II) Attack damage 189/307% Attack damage 72/207%
Soulflame (I to III) Attack damage 186/780/1012% Attack damage 244/380/912%
Soulsnare (I to III) Attack damage 177/344/624% Attack damage 217/314/764%
Ghost Bomb (I to IV) Attack damage 201/374/668/1041% Attack damage 141/274/468/941%
  • Improved the Golden Pig's Blessing and [Event] Golden Blessing of Agris to now share cooldown timers since the effects granted from both items do not stack.
    • The Golden Pig's Blessing item's cooldown has now been changed to 1 hour, and will also display a confirmation prompt when used.
  • Improved so many can be exchanged at once when exchanging [Event] Remnants of Destiny.
  • Added the following to Royal Plume description:
    • Added NPC name to train pets.
    • Added description to prerequisite quest to train pets.
    • Improved so the following NPC location is shown when searching for Royal Plume NPC locations:
      • Balenos: Pulvio
      • Serendia: Melissa Brady, Puia
      • Calpheon: Fresio
      • Altinova: Drosh
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to recover max durability from Maegu exclusive Tuvala pendant to Tuvala Ore and Tuvala pendant.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to exchange Maegu exclusive Tuvala pendant when exchanging Tuvala Awakening Weapon Box to Tuvala Ore via Blacksmith NPCs in major cities.
  • Fixed the issue of HAN Magic Crystal - Hoom not showing in awakening weapon crystal slot when setting Arena of Solare exclusive gear.
  • Added text that this item cannot be used with Woosa and Maegu class in [Event] Outfit Swap Box I description.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't proceed with the "[Awakening Weapon EXC] PRI (I) - PEN (V) Tuvala Pendant" questline with a seasonal Woosa.
  • Fixed the "[Enhancement] Even Sharper Awakening I and II" quests to now be available for Maegu and her Tuvala Pendant.
Quest & Knowledge
  • Added a [Contribution] Daily quest for O'draxxia in O'dyllita.
    • Salanar, owner of Salanar Pond, is said to have overworked herself to exhaustion.
      • (Quest Acceptance Conditions: Lv. 60+, "Life" quest type toggled)
  • Added a questline involving the villagers of Delmira Plantation.
    • Rumors of the human slaves plotting a rebellion from the plantation abound.
      • (Quest Acceptance Conditions: Lv. 60+, "Life" quest type toggled)
  • Added a questline involving the Forgotten Gateway and Tshira Ruins of Drieghan.
    • Diana at the Forgotten Gateway is said to be depressed and lethargic, side effects of her recent bout with homesickness.
      • (Quest Acceptance Conditions: Complete "Homesickness" via Zelgar NPC at Khimut Lumber Camp, "Life" quest type toggled on)
    • Drieghan soldiers near a cave in Tshira Ruins report some unusual energies in the area.
      • (Quest Acceptance Conditions: Lv. 56+, "Combat" quest type toggled on)
    • A soldier standing next to Diana at the Forgotten Gateway has something to share regarding "Swamp Imp Bronks."
    • Apparently some Shai can't return home due to the strange "living" trees of Tshira Ruins.
    • Word around the woods is that there's been a steady increase of people vanishing into the fog of Tshira Ruins.
  • Changed Crio in Velia to now teach you the Paste Bait knowledge for Discarded Glass Bottle x3 instead of Seaweed x10.
Node & Conquest War

Node War Individual Rewards

  • When participating in Node Wars, guild members will now receive individual rewards along with the usual tax benefits.
    • Upon victory/liberation/defeat, you can obtain individual rewards through the "Participation Reward" button in the Guild Information (G) - Guild Member Status tab.
      • Like Conquest Wars, only those who pressed the participation button for the Node War can receive these individual rewards.
However, individual rewards can only be obtained when the guild/alliance fulfills the minimum requirements for restoring Node War participation opportunities.
- Minimum requirements for participation opportunities to be restored: destroy enemy fort, or if the number of defeats is at least 20 or more at the conclusion of the Node War.
  • The Node War Reward Chests will expire in 15 days if left unopened. You must open the chest within 15 days to obtain the items inside.
    • If you do not collect the participation reward at the end of a Node War, you will be unable to apply to participate in the next Node/Conquest War.
    • Aside from individual rewards, you will still obtain taxes while occupying bases as before and have access to the war vendors of each respective tier.
    • The Resplendent Medals of Honor that are obtained through participating in Node Wars are now included in the individual reward chests.
    • Though Resplendent Medals of Honor used to be rewarded even when the minimum conditions for restoring participation opportunities were not met,
    • This has been changed so to not be included in the individual rewards if the minimum conditions are not fulfilled.
    • The top 5% of adventurers who were active in victorious guilds/alliances will receive Resplendent Medals of Honor x5, the same as before.
    • The adventurer with the highest activity in the victorious guild/alliance will be rewarded additional Battlefield Honor (tiers 1 and 2) and Battlefield Glory (tiers 3 and 4), just as before.
Tier 1 Node War
Upon Victory Upon Liberation/Defeat
Fervent Triumph Reward
Fervent Resolve Reward
Contents Contents
Gold Bar 1000G x3
Resplendent Medal of honor x20
Essence of Honor x5
Essence of Gallantry x5
Item Collection Increase Scroll x1
Gold Bar 100G x5
Resplendent Medal of honor x 20
Essence of Honor x2
Essence of Gallantry x2
Item Collection Increase Scroll x1
Tiers 2-4 Node War
Upon Victory Upon Liberation/Defeat
Determined Triumph Reward
Determined Resolve Reward
Contents Contents
Gold Bar 1000G x5
Resplendent Medal of honor x 30
Essence of Honor x5
Essence of Gallantry x5
Glorious Item Drop Rate Increase Scroll x1
Item Collection Increase Scroll x1
Gold Bar 1000G x1
Gold Bar 100G x5
Resplendent Medal of honor x 30
Essence of Honor x2
Essence of Gallantry x2
Item Collection Increase Scroll x1

[Conquest War] Lord's Guild/Alliance Node War Participation Adjustments

  • Changed the guild/alliance occupying the territories of Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia to now be able to participate in their Node Wars twice a week.
    • Guilds/alliances occupying the aforementioned territories will now be able to participate twice a week in Node Wars regardless of the outcome of the Conquest. The reset occurs after the end of the Conquest War every Saturday.
    • If guilds/alliances currently occupying a territory do not meet the minimal Node War participation requirements (total number of enemy forts destroyed or enemies defeated/killed is 20 or greater), all of their participation opportunities will be expended, thus preventing said guilds/alliances from participating in the Node War.
      • Guilds/alliances currently occupying territories can check their remaining participation opportunities through the Guild (G) window under Occupying → Node War Participation Opportunities.

Skip Skill Add-on Animation

  • Added the option to skip the animation when applying skill add-ons.

Enhancement Chance Material Usage Saved

  • Changed the Enhancement UI so that the most recently used enhancement materials will be remembered in the Select Material (+ button) window.
    • Once you've successfully enhanced your gear, after increasing your Enhancement Chance by consuming enhancement materials via the [+] button, the next time you open the "Select Materials" button, your most recently selected enhancement material will be highlighted.

Monster Zone Info UI # (Hashtag) Filters

  •  Improved the Monster Zone Info UI so you can now click the hashtags to filter the relevant monster zones.
  • Added an informative window for the Server Selection screen to display for New Adventurers.
  • Changed the "Saying of the Day" in the Guild window to mention to be unavailable for War Heroes.
  • Increased the selectable area of the Guild Mission category tab buttons.
  • Carried out optimization of the game client during loading times.
  • Carried out optimization of the game client's instability during loading times.
  • Fixed the issue where the [Confirm] button was too small on the Steam launcher settings window.
  • Updated so that user authentication is now possible through the launcher, not just the website.
  • Fixed the issue where account details were displayed abnormally in mobile view.
  • Fixed the issue where Steam users with limited community accessibility could not charge Acoins.
  • Improved so that the areas that require input when logging in through the launcher are easier to recognize.
  • Improved the readability of the buttons on the Account Information page.
  • Improved the margins between products on the Purchase Package page.
  • Improved the sorting of products on the Bundles page.
  • Improved to change to the new address for Black Desert TV when selecting your country at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Added "Copy Link" to the "Share" function.
  • Improved the main page of the Adventurer's Board.
  • Changed and unified the following terms in English:
    • Dim Magical Crystal → Dim Magic Crystal
    • Dim Magical Crystal: Sail → Dim Magic Crystal: Sailing
    • Faintly Magical Crystal Box → Faint Magic Crystal Box


Modified or Changed

  • [Ranger] Guardian Wind - Fixed the skill's motions to better match the description.
  • Fixed the issue where icons of mounts taken out by your character in the Character Selection/End Game window wouldn't display properly.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest list on the right side of your screen wouldn't refresh immediately upon accepting a quest.
  • Fixed the issue so if you remove the Magic Crystal of Infinity - Energy from your crystal preset while your current Energy exceeds your original max capacity, your current Energy will be re-adjusted to match your max capacity.
  • Fixed the issue where the location of certain rocks in the Sherekhan Necropolis appeared awkward.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would get stuck in the terrain of the Gyfin Rhasia Temple battlefield in the Arena of Solare.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't pass through certain parts of Calpheon Workshop District 2-1.
  • Removed the F7 End Spectator Mode entry in the key guide while in spectating an Arena of Solare match 
  • Fixed the issue where the song titles from Marni's Wave would bleed out of the UI when opening World Map (M) while mounted.
  • [Maegu, Woosa] Fixed the issue where the character's legs would tremble during a certain movement from a certain posture.
  • Fixed the issue where you would fall under the map in certain areas of Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground.
  • Fixed the issue where some monsters that appear in Gyfin Rhasia Temple would occasionally move to abnormal locations and be unable to attack.
  • Fixed the issue where character movement and interactions with window were not possible in certain residences around Calpheon Workshop.
  • Corrected the quest acceptance conditions for the Marniwave quest in Quests (O) - Suggested.
  • Removed the ambiguous icon in the Call Mount tooltip.
  • Fixed the issue of endless Water Scooping being cancelled when changing Gathering level.
  • Fixed the issue of Rank UI leaning towards one direction in a certain screen resolution when you obtain a higher badge in Arena of Solare.
  • Fixed the issue of the pop up screen overlapping with the buttons when stop tracking Ecology Knowledge in Knowledge (H).
  • Fixed the issue of unobtainable items displaying in the Central Market listings.
    • Black Magic Crystal - Power
  • [Woosa] Fixed the issue of some part of the character hair showing abnormally when equipping Nacre Butterfly Hairpin with Moonlit Helmet.
  • [Maegu] Fixed the issue of some parts of the outfit displaying abnormally when equipping Mookhyang Armor without equipping any gloves or other outfits.
  • [Maegu] Fixed the issue of the lower half displaying abnormally on combat stance or specific move in an inclined area after equipping Moonlit Silver Armor.
  • [Maegu] Fixed the issue of outfit sleeves showing abnormally in combat stance after equipping Mookhyang Armor.
  • [Maegu] Fixed the issue of part of Woosa class hair displaying differently when applying short hair (no.2).
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to receive mail with the Get All button in the Mail (B) menu.
  • Fixed the issue of the numbers overlapping with the text of attached mail when the item name bleeds out in the Mail (B) menu.
  • Fixed the issue of the outfit being changed and only the Family name being displayed when the same character approaches to the NPC placed in Solare Hall of Fame and God of Fishing.
  • [Drakania] Fixed the issue of not being able to apply or change the Fate Beckons's Skill Add-on.
  • Fixed the issue of certain crystal item descriptions displaying abnormally.
  • Fixed the issue where Acoin, Pearls, and Loyalties would display abnormally upon entering the Pearl Shop (F3) for first-time adventurers logging into the game.
  • Changed so the guild boss cannot be summoned if Party (Platoon) members have already summoned a guild boss.
  • [Maegu, Woosa] Fixed the issue of the equipped and set effects of the following gear (normal and upgraded) that weren't being applied.
    • Agerian Helmet, Taritas Helmet, Zereth Helmet, Talis Helmet, Steel Taritas Helmet
  • Fixed the issue where the Vision Range effect was not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom's vision range was being applied abnormally.
  • Fixed the issue of Recent Memory UI not displaying on the top left side of the screen when initially logging in.
  • [Maegu] Fixed the issue where the item description for the Beginner's Serendian Soldier Suit and related descriptions in the crafting Costume Mill appeared abnormal.
  • Fixed the issue where talking with the God of Fishing NPC would grant Fishing Mastery +200.





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