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Updates Feb 15, 2023, 11:02 (UTC) Patch Notes - February 15, 2023


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on February 15, 2023 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 144 updates and is approximately 1.03 GB.


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New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
Main Weapon, Succession
Frenzied Dash
  • Fixed so that the attack is activated only with LMB after collision with another character, instead of instantly on collision.
  • Changed the last movement of the skill to be the skill's upward strike attack.

Prime: Earth Tremor
  • Changed the hotkey for the jump attack of Prime: Earth Tremor that activates after certain skills to the following.
    • SHIFT + F → F 
  • Fixed so that holding down Shift+F after Prime: Ground Smash will activate Prime: Earth Tremor where the character is standing.

Frenzied Dash, Prime: Ground Smash
  • Fixed the issue where some skills could not be smoothly comboed into after Frenzied Dash and Prime: Ground Smash.

Scars of Dusk, Prime: Scars of Dusk
  • Fixed the issue where DP increase effect would not activate upon using Scars of Dusk after Counter.
  • Changed to that Prime: Scars of Dusk can be locked.

Musa, Maehwa
Main Weapon
  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Changed so it cannot be comboed into basic attacks when used with your main weapon.
    • Changed the movement distance and continued activation speed when used with your main weapon.
    • Fixed the issue of the Super Armor effect not being applied during the skill's Invincibility > Super Armor defensive effects when [Musa] Chase II is used off cooldown.
▲ Using Chase once and continuously - Before (Left), After (Right)

Succession Musa is a class that specializes in quick combos dealing swift and powerful attacks. He can easily overwhelm opponents by hitting them with initial debuffs, then going in with combos. Swift in both attacking and retreating, with quick but critical strikes, he can gain the upper hand against opponents without a similarly matched skill set. However, he struggles against those with similar play styles. In order to balance this, we've moved the defensive effects of Prime: Crust Crusher to Prime: Blooming, so that Blooming can be used to guard him from attacks when needed, or turn the tide of battle with the skill's offensive attributes.
Main Weapon, Succession
Stub Arrow
  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Changed the first shot to be performed even faster.
    • Changed stub arrow duration from 60 sec to 3 min.

Blind Thrust (I to Absolute)
  • Changed Accuracy Rate.
    • Melee Accuracy Rate -30% → All Accuracy Rate -18%
  • Improved so Blind Thurst can be comboed during frontal Chase.

Stub Arrow: Evasive Shot
  • Changed so the character does not collide while moving when using the skill
  • Changed to no longer consume 200 Stamina when using the skill.
    • However, Stamina does not recover.
  • Changed skill cooldown from 12 sec to 5 sec.
  • Improved to combo smoothly with other skills.

Prime: Dragon Bite (I to IV)
  • Fixed the issue of the number of hits being applied differently according to the distance.
  • Changed so the number of hits are applied the same at all levels.

Prime: Blind Slash
  • Changed the skill's attacks and extra attacks to apply the same damage.

Prime: Backstep Slash (I to III)
  • Changed so the skill applies the same number of hits regardless of attack range.

Prime: Crust Crusher
  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Improved so the skill activates a bit faster.
    • Removed Forward Guard and Down Smash and changed so Knockdown effect is also applied in PvP.
      • In case of Forward Guard, it will be transferred to Prime: Blooming.
    • Changed Critical Hit Rate to +100%.
    • Changed PvP Damage Reduction Rate from 44.1% to 49.1%.

Prime: Blooming
  • Added Forward Guard to the skill and changed so Stun only applies in PvE on extra hit.

Prime: Fiery Angel
  • Improved so Serene Mind can be obtained when using the skill.
    • Added a description with the skills that allow you to obtain "Serene Mind" effects upon using the Prime: Serene Mind skill with the above change.
Succession Maehwa was geared to overwhelm opponents with combos after well-calculated debuffs, and she has been improved to be able to find more dynamic opportunities to attack.
When successful in finding an opening to attack, she will now be able to maintain her Red Blade status for longer and continuously combo into/activate skills with defensive effects.
Main Weapon, Succession
Carver I-Absolute, Prime: Carver I-IV
  • Removed skill's Forward Guard and changed Arrow Grapple (I to III)'s Forward Guard defensive effects to Super Armor.

Arrow Grapple (I to III)
  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Changed skill's Forward Guard defensive icon to Super Armor.
    • Added Knockback on hit.
    • Changed skill's cooldown from 12/11/10 sec to 8/7/6 sec.
    • Changed Stamina consumption from 150 to 100 for all levels.
      • But, changed so stamina recovers after the attack.
    • Improved so the character rotates in the camera direction during the attack.

Red: Carver
  • Changed skill's defensive effects to Super Armor.

Blind Thrust (I to Absolute), Prime: Blind Thrust
  • Improved so Blind Thurst can be comboed during frontal Chase.
    • Improved so Prime: Blind Thurst can be comboed after frontal Chase when using the skill forward.
  • Changed the skill's Reduced Accuracy Rate.
    • Changed from Melee Accuracy Rate -30% → All Accuracy Rate -18%.

Blind Thrust I-Absolute
  • Removed the extra attack motion when pressing SPACE after using Blind Thrust (I to Absolute) forward.

  • Changed the skill as follows:
    • Added Super Armor.
    • Changed so the skill activates automatically when hitting with Blind Thurst.
    • Improved so it comboes smoothly with Backstep Slash, Nemesis Slash, Maehwa: Decapitation, and Blooming after using the skill.
    • Changed cooldown from 20 sec to 6 sec.

Stub Arrow
  • Changed the first shot to be performed even faster.
  • Changed Stub Arrow duration from 60 sec to 3 min.

Stub Arrow: Evasive Shot
  • Changed Stub Arrow: Evasive Shot cooldown from 8 sec to 2 sec.
  • Changed so the character collision is ignored when moving while using the skill.
  • Changed to no longer consume 200 Stamina when using the skill.
    • But, Stamina does not recover.
  • Improved so other skills can combo smoothly with the skill.

Prime: Charged Stub Arrow
  • Changed skill's bleeding damage.
    • 80 Bleeding Damage every 3 sec for 15 sec → 40 Bleeding Damage every 3 sec for 54 sec 
  • Fixed the issue of reload numbers being deducted sometimes when shooting for the first time after learning the skill.
  • Added the ability to remove 20% of the enemy's Guard Gauge on hits.
    • Removed Prime: Carver and Prime: Red Moon Guard Gauge extra damage.
  • Fixed the issue of shooting normal arrows when using Stub Arrow: Evasive Shot even though this skill was learnt.

Prime: Blooming Stride
  • Changed skill's Ignore Stun Resistance to Ignore All Resistance.
    • Ignore Stun Resistance +5% → Ignore All Resistance +5%

  • Changed so 2 Red Petals can be obtained when using the skill even during cooldown.

[Red Blade] Effect
  • Changed Red Blade duration from 10 sec to 30 sec.
  • Added so Red Petals and Red Blade can be obtained when using Prime: Decapitation and Prime: Dragon Bite.

Succession: Maehwa's Will
  • Changed so Red Blade is not activated while using the skill even when having 2 Red Petals.

Prime: Whirlwind Cut
  • Changed skill's Stamina consumption from 70 to 50 on hits.

Prime: Carver
  • Fixed the issue of the skill's number of hits being applied differently according to the distance.
  • Changed skill's extra attack is activated when pressing SHIFT + LMB.
  • Changed skill's stamina consumption from 120 to 70.

Prime: Dragon Bite
  • Improved so Red Petal and Red Blade can be obtained when using the skill.
  • Changed skill's stamina consumption from 150 to 100.
  • Fixed the issue of the skill's number of hits being applied differently according to the distance.
  • Improved so the skill can be comboed with Prime: Blooming.

Prime: Blind Slash
  • Changed so the hit damage, additional hit damage and attack range is equal for Prime: Blind Slash.
  • Changed so normal and additional hit damage levels are equal for Prime: Blind Slash.

Red: Blooming
  • Increased the activation speed for Red: Blooming.

  • Improved so the character can lean back while pressing the ↓ key when there is a wall behind the character.

Today's patch added Maegu's Lv. 56-58 enhanced (Rabam) skills and two Prime skills.

First off, we designed her Lv. 56 Rabam skills to be comboable with other skills. Her Lv. 57 Rabam skills, with Frontal Guard and Super Armor respectively, were designed to add some utility to bolster her stability when necessary. Last but not least, her Lv. 58 Rabam skills include Spirit Sparks, which helps her melee defenses with Frontal Guard and HP Recovery, and Soul Charm, which can be useful when used as Maegu re-enters the fray thanks to the HP Recovery effect.

Her Prime skills include Prime: Fan of Flames, a ranged attack that reduces your enemy's Movement Speed and can keep them at bay, and Prime: Nukduri Dance, which deals melee area damage with an AP Increase buff that can be used in all directions.

With the additions of Rabam and Prime skills, we've reduced the damage of Foxspirit: Tag and Lurking Claws for PvP. Since Maegu is gaining new melee skills to her arsenal, we decided to implement such adjustments to balance her strengths in both ranged and melee combat.

Last but not least, we have removed the illusory double that "charges forward" for Foxflare, Petal Play, and Flower Shroud. Thanks to her doubles that can spawn front, back, and even to the sides, Maegu has been regarded to be in the top tier for PvP, so we decided to add some limitations to the number of skills that spawn these doubles.

We are continuing to test and observe Maegu's gameplay for PvP internally, along with analyzing various data we've accumulated from the game. We will look to see if today's changes were either too extreme or too lax, and we plan to make further changes if deemed necessary.

  • Added Rabam skills.
    • You can learn the first Rabam skill at Lv. 56, the 2nd at Lv. 57, and the 3rd at Lv. 58.
    • You must learn the preceding skills to learn a Rabam skill.
    • You can only learn one Rabam skill for each of the aforementioned levels.

Heavenly Return/Spirit Parade
  • Added Heavenly Return and Spirit Parade as Rabam skills learnable from Lv. 56.
Skill Description Preview
Skill Description Preview

Petal Snare/Constricting Charm
  • Added Petal Snare and Constricting Charm as Rabam skills learnable from Lv. 57.
Skill Description Preview
Skill Description Preview

Spirit Sparks/Soul Charm
  • Added Spirit Sparks and Soul Charm as Rabam skills learnable from Lv. 58.
Skill Description Preview
Skill Description Preview
  • Fixed the issue of Evasion being performed forward even with ↑ + SHIFT .

Main Weapon and Succession
  • Added the following Succession skills:
    • Prime: Fan of Flames, Prime: Nukduri Dance
Prime: Fan of Flames
  • Added Prime: Fan of Flames to be learnable from Lv. 59.
Skill Description Preview
Prime: Nukduri Dance
  • Added Prime: Nukduri Dance to be learnable from Lv. 60.
Skill Description Preview
Prime: Foxspirit: Deceiver
  • Changed the following skills to no longer spawn illusory doubles.
    • Petal Play, Foxflare, Flower Shroud (backward)
  • Fixed the issue where you would be moved to an unreachable area when moving to your illusory double's position..
  • Changed the PvP damage reduction rate for the following skills:
    • Foxspirit: Tag
      • I to Absolute: -35% → -60%
      • Prime: -38% → -60%
    • Bristling Sparks
      • I to Absolute: -64% → -65%
      • Prime (I to IV): -60% → -65%
    • Lurking Claws
      • I to Absolute: -48% → -60% 
      • Prime: -43% → -60%
Foxspirit: Tag
  • Changed Maegu's hand animations to display more smoothly during the skill. 
Lurking Claws
  • Changed the defensive effect as follows:
    • Front Guard before the last attack → Super Armor during the skill
  • Improved Maegu's arm animations to display more smoothly when comboed from Lurking Claws.
  • Improved the visual effects for Maegu's footsteps to appear more natural during the skill.
Spirit Step
  • Fixed the issue where Maegu couldn't perform the skill backwards when moving after Chain: Spirit Step.
Bared Claws (I to Absolute)
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't combo into certain skills from the 2nd attack of performing the skill from the right while on cooldown.
Charm Mastery
  • Fixed the issue where Maegu could recover MP without having hit a target while mounted.

  • When matching for [Arena of Solare] Ranked Matches, the range for minimum/maximum points considered has been reduced in order to match Adventurers even more fairly.
  • Fixed the issue where the next round would start with Song of the Wind still active in the [Arena of Solare] Gyfin Rhasia Temple.

End of Winter Season
  •  The Winter Season has come to a close.
    • All season characters that have yet to convert to a normal character will automatically be converted following the Feb 15 (Wed) maintenance.
      • If converted without completing '[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad' or '[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World', you will receive a Gift Box Full of Memories and Fughar's Letter of Encouragement through your Mail (B).
      • This mail will expire on Mar 1, 2023 (23:59). Please make sure to check it before it expires.
    • All season quests will be removed from the Quests window.
    • If you have Tuvala gear that has not been converted to normal gear, only the gear with the highest levels of enhancement will be converted, and the remaining will be deleted.
      • Example) If you have two Tuvala Helmets, one PEN(V) and the other PRI (I), the PEN (V) Tuvala Helmet will be converted and the PRI (I) will be deleted.
    • All season items (Time-filled Black Stone, Refined Magical Black Stone, Tuvala Ore, Tuvala Conversion Stone, non-converted Tuvala gear, etc.) will be deleted.
    • After the end of this season, the season server will be changed to NEW Olvia.
    • Season characters that were not graduated before being converted to normal characters will receive "Narchillan Gear Box" in their Heidel storage.
      • This was an item obtainable through graduating the Winter Season.

Unification of Mercenary's Experience & Mercenary's Skill

  • Unified the items Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill, which were acquired through the daily challenge "Daily Blood Frenzy!"
    • You can obtain Mercenary's Experience with the combined effects of Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +30% through "Daily Blood Frenzy!"
* This item's effects cannot be stacked with the original Mercenary' Experience and Mercenary's Skill.
  • Items with higher buffs can be crafted through Simple Alchemy with 3 of "Mercenary's Experience".

  • Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill, which could be obtained from Daily Challenges, can now be crafted together by Simple Alchemy as follows:
    • Simple Alchemy regarding Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +30% of Mercenary's Experience are as follows:
      • Mercenary's Experience (Combat EXP +100%) x2 + Mercenary's Skill (Skill EXP +15%) x2
      • Mercenary's Experience (Combat EXP +200%) x1 + Mercenary's Skill (Skill EXP +30%) x1
    • Simple Alchemy regarding Combat EXP +600% and Skill EXP +90% of Mercenary's Experience are as follows:
      • Mercenary's Experience +600% x1 + Mercenary's Skill +90% x1
* Added text regarding Simple Alchemy to Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill description according to the update mentioned above.
  • Cloud Accessories that could be obtained via "[GM Notes] Strong Support Arrives on a Cloud!" will be exchanged for Capotia Acessories of the same enhancement level on Feb 22 (Wed) maintenance.
    • Dreamy Cloud Stones, which were used to enhance Cloud Accessories will be exchangeable with enhancement material for Capotia Accessories.
  • Removed the items Blessing of Fragrant Wind and Blessing of Breathing Earth that could be obtained through "[Event] Time for Buff-filled Adventures!"
  • [King of the Grass Rhinos] Rawr-Rawr's HP has been doubled.
  • Obtainable rewards by damage contribution of [King of the Grass Rhinos] Rawr-Rawr has been changed to the following.
Before After
Damage contribution 1st - 20th place: High-tier rewards
Damage contribution 21st - 50th: Mid-tier rewards
Damage contribution 51th and lower: Low-tier rewards
Damage contribution 1st - 40th place: High-tier rewards
Damage contribution 41st - 80th: Mid-tier rewards
Damage contribution 81th and lower: Low-tier rewards

Though following the Jan 11 update, Valtarra's Clairvoyance and Memory has been obtainable through tanning subjugated monsters with the effects of gathering mastery 2000 being applied, we've confirmed that effects of your original mastery level has been influencing the item drop rate as well. Instead of fixing the abnormal application of mastery level effects, we have taken a different approach to improving the system once more by increasing the item drop rate, while still keeping your original mastery level from influencing item drop rate.
  •  Fixed the issue of your gathering mastery level influencing the gathering of Valtarra's Clairvoyance and Memory at Navarn Steppe.
    • Increased the probability to obatin Valtarra's Memory at Navarn Steppe by 1.3.
  • When gathering from monsters with the following tanning knives at Navarn Steppe, "Gathering Item Drop Rate (with Tanning Knife) +50%" will be applied to the probability of obtaining Valtarra's Clairvoyance and Memory.
Tanning Knife
Old Tanning Knife
Improved Tanning Knife
Sharp Tanning Knife
Steel Tanning Knife
Shining Steel Tanning Knife
Manos Tanning Knife
Dostter Steel Tanning Knife
Loggia Tanning Knife
Leight's Tanning Knife
* Applied upon equipping a tanning knife that does not have the text highlighted above.
Quest & Knowledge
  • 'Decreased how long it takes for the summoned soldiers to disappear upon leaving the quest area for "[Balenos] Out of One's Senses".
  • 'Improved the navigation for "[Shai Talent] Those Who Seize the Day".
  • 'Changed so that you can still complete "[Shai Talent] Forget Your Worries" without a Bottle of River Water.

Changed Floramos Accessory Event Quest to Normal Quest

Quest Objective Reward
Floramos Accessory ▼ Hand over 300 of one of the following:
Fairy's Breath (Gathering byproduct)
Witch's Delicacy (Cooking byproduct)
Mysterious Catalyst (Alchemy byproduct)
▼ Choose one of the following accessories:

Floramos Necklace

Floramos Earring

Floramos Ring

Floramos Belt

  • Life accessory with the same stats as a TRI (III) Manos Accessory. (However, Floramos Accessories cannot be enhanced.)
  • Equpping with Manos Accessories will still trigger Manos Accessory set effects.

Want a different Floramos Accessory? Go find Liana!

- Limited to once a day, you can bring 10 Concentrated Magical Black Gems to Liana and change your Floramos accessory for a different one.
Quest Objective Reward
[EXC] New Choice: Floramos Accessory Hand over the Floramos accessory and Concentrated Magical Black Gem x10 to Liana

▼ Choose one of the following:

Floramos Necklace

Floramos Earring

Floramos Ring

Floramos Belt

  • Changed the texts of certain categories in Settings.

New Guild Positions - "Guild Staff" and "Mission Specialist"

  • Added the new guild positions "Guild Staff" and "Mission Specialist".
    • Guild Staff have the general rights of a Secretary and Guild Officer, and help the Guild Master and Advisor in managing the guild. They will have responsibilities that only the Master and Advisor had, such as the appointment of members to certain positions, allowance distribution, obtaining Guild Skills, Guild House production, setting Guild Protection capacity/appointing Guild Protection, transferring Guild Mount gear (removing/equipping gear), Guild Drill retrieval, and applying/reserving for Arena of Arsha.
      • Mission Specialists have the general rights of other positions, with the specialized responsiblity of accepting and completing Guild Missions.
      • Up to 3 Guild Staff can be appointed, and there is no limit to number of appointed Mission Specialists.
      • With the addition of Guild Staff, the rights to ban guild members have been allotted to Master, Advisor, Staff, and Secretary.
  • Improved so that Guild Advisors can check the allowances of guild members.
    • You can check Allowances through Guild Information (G) → Guild Member Status → hover mouse over Guild Contract icon.
  • The Revered Fox Spirit Family buff applied to celebrate the release of the new class, Maegu has ended as of now.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to log in after verifying via the verification code in certain situations when trying to log in from a region outside of your usual region.
  • Fixed the issue where the My Page > openID link account window would not appear if the iOS Safari block pop-up feature was enabled.
  • Improved the Account Details UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the alert notificiation would occasionally appear upon starting the game through the launcher.
  • Improved so Acoin purchases can be made while the Black Desert webpage is under maintenance.
  • You can log in to the launcher, access the game, and make Acoin purchases while the Black Desert website is under maintenance.
  • Changed the name of purchase methods displayed on the Black Desert website.

Modified or Changed


  • Fixed the issue where you could not move in certain areas of Narcion.
  • Fixed the issue where the Inventory UI would close upon using an Item Collection Increase Scroll for the first time.
  • Fixed the issue where spirits located far away would not be displayed on screen.
  • Fixed so the text related to using the Matchlock in the quest summary for "Maryan's Taxidermy" would match the actual quest upon accepting the "Pleading Goblin" Crossroad quest available in Duvencrune,
  • Fixed the name within the knowledge to match the item name from Precision to Ensare upon crafting Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ensnare.
  • Fixed the issue where the icon and description within the crop information window would overlap for longer text in the Garden Place Mode.
  • Fixed the issue where you would be taken through reconnection upon appointing a non-active guild member to a position below Officer.
  • Fixed the issue of the Growth Reagent item icon not displaying in the Crafting Notes.
  • Fixed the placement of the cursor to match the actual placement of the text in the My Information UI.
  • Fixed the issue of the quest icons not appearing for the folllowing quests that can be accepted in the O'dyllita region:
    • "Drives Her Krezeh," and "Love is a Krezeh Invention."
  • Fixed the following item descriptions to be more clear:
    • Refined Essence of Emotions item description and usage.
    • Crafting descriptions for Essence of Insight, Turo Heart, and Thick Turo Blood
  • Fixed typos and awkward wording for the following:
    • "[Ranger Awakening] Retired Hero" Quest
    • Usable Pirate Ship's Remains item descriptions
    • Guru's Cooking Box item crafting material descriptions
    • Fish-related item descriptions
    • Guild items and required guild positions
  • Fixed the order of the description text for [Maegu] Tiger Emissary Outfit Set.
  • Fixed the issue where the Swallowtail fan would not be displayed at the waist inn the non-combat position upon equipping [Woosa] Kibelius Swallowtail Fan.
  • Fixed the issue where a greyed out Quest Widget would be displayed after a Node War was concluded.
  • Fixed the sorting feature for the Points tab to function properly in the Distribute Bonus window.
  • Fixed the issue where changing your resolution during an Arena of Solare match wouldn't change the size of the countdown timer accordingly.
  • Fixed the issue where the skill commands for [Musa] Flow: Dash Slash were incorrect.
  • Fixed certain #hashtags displayed for Padix Island in the Monster Zone Info UI.





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