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Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


GM Notes May 24, 2023, 15:10 (UTC) Are you ready to beat the heat? - Dive into the Summer Season!

The ultimate summer
experience is here!

Embrace a fresh wave of growth as the Summer Season sets sail!

Wondering what a season holds? Let us take you away!

Season servers are special servers designed to help Adventurers
progress faster for a set period while adapting to the game.

During the season, play exclusively with your “Season Character.”

With this character that thrived on season boosts and season equipment they obtained.
you can venture into the vast world of Black Desert on regular servers!

The Season server offers a variety of great benefits. So why wait?

Start your adventure in the Summer Season right now! 

The Season server offers a variety of great benefits. So why wait?

Start your adventure in the Summer Season right now! 

By playing on the Season server right now, you can enjoy

Non-stop EXP boosts and accelerate your progession!

Various ADV Support items through daily quests, challenges and the Season Pass!

Season Fishing and new Training benefits!

Abundant season exclusive events and level achievement rewards!

Exclusive season gear, equipment and a sweet graduation perk!


Get the essential details  
for the Summer Season!

Ride into adventure with your loyal mount companion in the Summer Season!


A Season Server with a variety of themes awaits you!

Create your very own Courser!

Various training support items to help you get a magnificent Courser!

* Dream Horse is not available for Season characters.
We highly recommend attempting to obtain a Dream Horse after graduating from the Season server!

[Season] Coelacanth Returns!

Continue progression for your season character through fishing!!


Don’t miss out on these essential items for the Summer Season!

[Season] Summer Seal

Horse Emblem: Fine Horse Qualification

[Season] Coelacanth

[Season] Summer Seal

Awaken your Courser with [Season] Summer Seal!
Exchange them for dazzling items that will enhance your adventures!

[Season] Exchangeable Items for Summer Seals

Requirement Required # of Summer Seals  Exchangeable Item
Once per Family Summer Seal x55
[Season] Advice of Valks (+140)
Summer Seal x40
3 Weapon Exchange Coupons
Summer Seal x25
Main/Sub/Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon x1 
Summer Seal x20
Choose Your Pet Box
Summer Seal x10
Memory Fragment Bundle (20-50)
Summer Seal x15
Mount Skill Selection Coupon x1
3 times per Family Summer Seal x20
[Event] Choose Your Artisan Worker Box
Summer Seal x10
[Event] Rare Courser Training Box x2 
Summer Seal x10
Krogdalo's Origin Stone x1
Summer Seal x5
Family Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon
Unlimited Summer Seal x1
Cron Stone x 2


Horse Emblem: Fine Horse Qualification

Introducing this Summer Season’s Horse Qualification!
A mount that has achieved mastery in three essential skills, each one a crucial requirement for obtaining a Fine Horse.

Utilize the mount qualification to create a Courser with ease!

Obtained Skill Skill Effect
Instant Accel
Controls: F during Sprint to Instant Accel
The guardians of the Kamasylve bless you with a burst of speed.
S: Instant Accel
Controls: F during Instant Accel
The guardians of the Kamasylve bless you with consecutive bursts of acceleration.
S: Sideways
Controls: A or D
Sideways Speed Up 
Moves to the side without changing direction.
*  “S: Sideways” can be obtained after learning “Sideways.”

[Season] Coelacanth

Splishin' and splashin' in the waves we go~ ♬
fishy friends unite, in the Season Server's glow!
Splishin' and splashin', in normal server's fun,
swimming side by side, under the warm sun!

From Spring to Summer, the fishy fun continues!
Season] Coelacanth returns to join you in both the Season and Normal servers!

[Exchangeable items for [Season] Coelacanth 

Requirement Required # of Coelacanth Exchangeable Item
Once per Family (Can be exchanged through Family quest.)
[Season] Coelacanth x50
Advice of Valks (+60)
[Season] Coelacanth x25
Choose Your Concentrated Boss Crystal Box x1
[Season] Coelacanth x20
Burning Moonlight Black Stone x10
3 times per Family
[Season] Coelacanth x20
3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons
[Season] Coelacanth x25
Dreamy Crystal of Balance x7

View details

The Dreamy Crystal of Balance can be used to enhance Capotia Accessories to TET (IV) and PEN(V). You need 7 to enhance from TRI(III) to TET (IV), and 14 from TET(IV) to PEN(V).
Once a week per Family.  
(Can be exchanged via weekly quests)
[Season] Coelacanth x20
[Event] Courser Training Box
[Season] Coelacanth x12
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit I
[Season] Coelacanth x10
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5
[Season] Coelacanth x7
Advice of Valks (+40)
[Season] Coelacanth x4
Yona's Fragment x5
[Season] Coelacanth x3
Magical Shard x5
[Season] Coelacanth x3
Mass of Pure Magic x5
[Season] Coelacanth x1
Time-filled Black Stone x5

Where to find [Season] Coelacanth


Exclusive gear for Season characters!

Don’t miss out on these exclusive benefits only available during the season! And let's not forget about the season exclusive Tuvala gear!



Exclusive growth support for Season characters only!

Season Pass

All kinds of growth support!

Season Pass!

Leveling Up Challenges

Challenges await you every time your season character levels up!


Summer Season time is Hot Time!

It never stops in the season server!


Combat EXP


Skill EXP


Life EXP (excludes Trading)

* Combat EXP Hot Time from Lv. 51. Skill/Life EXP is applied for all levels.


And don't forget, exclusive content is only available in the Season Server!

Good to go with Season gear

Season Exclusive Content

Swap your Season Character!

Fughar's Timepiece

Let's have a blast this SUMMER SEASON! ෆ⸒⸒⸜( ˶'ᵕ'˶)⸝

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