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GM Notes Jul 12, 2023, 12:00 (UTC) Meet your Dream Horse!
CG 아트워크, 말, 스크린샷, 만화 영화이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


Meet your Dream Horse!


A dream horse obtained through Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse already has
All Skills at 100%
All skills learned at 100% will remained intact

after resetting your dream horse obtained by Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse,

with the Mount Growth Reset item.

Indispensable skills for fast travel!
Unique skills only for dream horses!
▲"Wings of Wind,” an exclusive skill for Arduanatt

How about learning the main skills for you to enjoy the vast world of Black Desert on your dream horse?

[Common Skills]
Skill Hotkey Description

SHIFT + W Accelerates forward and runs powerfully.
This is the basic skill to travel fast.

Instant Accel
F while running Runs with explosive power in an instant. It is activated with flashing effects.

S: Instant Accel
F while using Instant Accel Gives an extra boost so that your horse can rush explosively during Instant Accel.

A or D
+ S

while running

Changes a direction instantly with a brake while running.

[Necessary Steps for Using Sprint!]

A saddle should be equipped to the horse to use Sprint.

It can be purchased from Stable Keeper NPCs in each town, or the Central Market.


Hard to pick one dream horse? Dream Arduanatt could be the best choice if this is your first dream horse. You can fly into the sky with this one.

Let your heart decide.

So, please explore the stories of dream horses and choose the one that suits you!

말, 포유류, 눈, 적외선이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Arduanatt, the embodiment of the wind, freely soars and glides through the air with the help of its two majestic wings.


One day, Arduanatt met and befriended Secrua, the daughter of the sun. Unlike Secrua, who was just as passionate as the sun,

Arduanatt's soul was free-roaming. This caused a lot of quarrels between them. One day, after a big fight, Arduanatt's wings melted from its back, causing it to plummet to the ground.


However, people believe that after ages of hiding from Secrua, the fallen Arduanatt will once again take flight.

This caused a lot of quarrels between them.

* The dream horse recommended to choose as your first dream horse.

말, 포유류, 야외이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Diné, the embodiment of the freshness of the forest, was the only one that could get close to Doom with its forest-razing flames.

One day, a small snake appeared and said that seeds of death had been planted in the forest. Diné ran like the wind, but found nothing there but thick fog, hanging quiet and peaceful, when they arrived.

Only later did they realize that the snake was gone and returned to their mother's trace, but by then Doom had already left the forest.
The thought that Diné had failed to protect their own family made them despair. Leaving their try of protecting the woods behind, Diné left the forest for the desert following the sad traces of Doom.

말, 포유류, 암말, 종마이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Unlike Arduanatt of the wind, who flew the skies freely, or Diné of the earth, the forest's most beloved one, Doom was not free from the burden of their own flame. Apart from those two, no one would dare come close to Doom. Because of this, they suffered from loneliness.

One day, Ibedor, the snake of darkness, came to Doom.
"With him, you can run freely in the world, flaunting your burning flames,"
The snake whispered that someone awaited Doom beyond the gate of hell at the desert’s end.

Convinced by Ibedor's words, Doom left their mother for the very first time.
People believe that, eventually, Doom will overcome the whispers of darkness and meet the one that embraces their flames and run freely over the earth.



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