GM Notes [GM Notes] Preview of the Special Benefits Coming with the New Olvia Server
Black Desert Mar 17, 2021, 13:27 (UTC)



Sage has been released with the March 17, 2021 (Wed) maintenance! But, since Sage can’t be created as a season character, we know Adventurers starting for the first time or coming back from a long break might wonder if they’ll miss out on the faster leveling and other benefits a season offers.


Don’t worry!


Let us introduce you to the new, upcoming Olvia server where you’ll be able to level up your Sage!



New Olvia Server?

The new Olvia server with its various perks will be arriving on March 24!

New Oliva Server Availability Period March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - TBA


The new Olvia server is a Growth Server for Adventurers who fulfill the new/returning requirements just like the previous Olvia server.

New Olvia Server Requirements

New: Adventurers who are logging in within 30 days (720 hours) after creating a secondary password


Returning: Adventurers who have not logged in for at least 30 days (720 hours) and have not used the Web Central Market for at least 30 days (720 hours)

* The new Olvia server is for Adventurers who fulfill the new Adventurer requirement above or the returning Adventurer requirement and have less than a total of 150 levels with all characters in their Family after the March 24 maintenance.



So, what kind of benefits should you expect from the new Olvia server?




New Olvia Server – A Variety of Benefits!

Arriving on March 24th, the new Olvia server will have four awesome benefits!


① Play with a 24-Hour Permanent Hot Time event!

24-Hour Permanent Hot Time

The Olvia server will have a permanently active Combat/Skill EXP Hot Time event.


The previous Olvia server had Combat EXP +100% and Skill EXP +30%, but the new Olvia server will have a Combat EXP +150% and Skill EXP +50% Hot Time!


② Enjoy an extended adventure in the new Olvia server!

Leveling Limit

On the previous Olvia server, your character could only reach up to Lv. 60 (99% EXP)… But on the new Olvia server, your character can reach up to Lv. 61 (99% EXP)!


③ Dreaming about being a pro Life Skiller? Then the new Olvia server is for you! Enjoy boosted Life Skill leveling until Artisan Lv. 1!

Life Skill Hot Time

Receive Life Skill EXP +100% Hot Time until Artisan Lv. 1 in the new Olvia server!


You’ll experience faster Life Skill leveling until you are Artisan Lv. 1 in Gathering, Fishing, Trading, Cooking, and more!


④ Your chance to get more Contribution EXP from various quests!

Family Contribution EXP Benefits

In the new Olvia server, getting “Contribution” is easier, meaning you’ll get increased Contribution EXP depending on your total Contribution!


* +150% Contribution EXP until 100 Contribution

* +100% Contribution EXP until 200 Contribution

* +50% Contribution EXP until 250 Contribution





Special Benefits Arriving with the New Class, Sage

Sage, the Last Ancient, has appeared... so we can’t be missing special perks, right!?

New Special Gear: “Narchillan”

Adventurers on their first journey should be quite familiar with Naru gear.

Soon, we’ll be adding exchange quests where you can change your PEN(V) Naru gear and Canon Awakening weapons for Narchillan gear!


Items Required for Exchange Quest Exchangeable Items
PEN(V) Naru main weapon, sub-weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, or shoes Narchillan main weapon, sub-weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, or shoes
Canon Awakening Weapon Narchillan Awakening Weapon


Tip! Wait, Naru and Canon gear?

Naru Gear: Easily obtainable gear from the main questline for Adventurers starting out!

Canon Gear: Gear obtained for completing each classes’ Awakening questline!


* To ensure Adventurers won't experience any difficulties exchanging the gear, we have restricted the ability to delete PEN (V) Naru gear and Canon awakening weapons until the March 24 (Wed) update.


* It’s true that Sage won’t be able to obtain the Awakening weapon until he receives his Awakening update, so please hang on for a bit longer!


P.S. Narchillan gear will have high-end stats and effects similar to DUO (II) - TRI (III) enhanced Blackstar gear.


We hope you’ll look forward to the new “Narchillan” gear that arrives on March 24th!

(Narchillan gear will be Family-bound, so it can’t be sold on the Central Market.)

Easier Capotia Accessory Challenges


New Level Up Challenges

As you may know, you can receive Capotia accessories from Challenge (Y) by reaching certain levels.


With the upcoming Sage release, there’ll be new Capotia Challenges with better rewards!


Original Level Achievement Changed Level Achievement Rewards
Level 61 Level 58 Capotia Ring
Level 62 Level 59 Capotia Earring
Level 63 Level 60 Capotia Belt
Level 64 Level 61 Capotia Necklace


Capotia Ring

Level 63


Capotia Earring

Level 64


Capotia Belt

Level 65


Capotia Necklace


Additional Life Skill Equipment!

Good news for Adventurers who enjoy Life Skills!


Characters who are Gathering Apprentice Lv. 1 or higher will have new quests to obtain Demihar Gathering tool after the March 24 maintenance.


The Demihar Gathering tool has a special Life EXP +50% effect, so I can’t wait to try it out for myself!


(However, you can only get one per Family, and since it is also a time-limited item, you won’t be able to repair it.)


We hope you’ll enjoy adventuring with all the benefits that arrive after the maintenance on March 24!



Adventurer FAQ (Added)


Q. Is the quest for exchanging Naru gear for Narchillan gear only available in the new Olvia server?

A. Nope! The new exchange quest will be available for all servers including the new Olvia server.


Q. Are only Sage characters able to exchange Naru gear for Narchillan gear?

A. Nope! All classes, including the newly released Sage, will be able to exchange PEN(V) Naru gear or Canon Awakening weapons for Narchillan gear.

But as mentioned above, Sage’s Awakening hasn’t been released yet, so you won’t be able to obtain the Canon Awakening weapon for him. We hope you’ll stay tuned for it!

Q. Is the new Capotia Challenges only available in the new Olvia server?

A. Nope, you’ll be able to complete each Capotia Challenge once per Family regardless of the server.


Q. I’ve already reached the required levels for the new Capotia Challenges! How do I get the rewards?

A. Adventurers who already achieved the levels required before the upcoming changes during the March 24th maintenance will still be able to complete the Challenges.


For example, if you are an Adventurer who has already reached level 63 and received the Capotia Ring, Earring, and Belt, you’ll still receive all the changed level rewards that you haven’t received yet from Challenge (Y), which are the Capotia Necklance and TRI (III) Capotia Ring/Earring.

However, please be aware that you can only complete each Challenge once per Family.

Mar 17, 2021, 15:43 (UTC) 1
Does "New: Adventurers who are logging in within 30 days (720 hours) after creating a secondary password" mean setting up OTP or is it something else?
Mar 17, 2021, 17:12 (UTC) 6
Will the new Level Reward be Retroactive?
Mar 17, 2021, 17:14 (UTC) 1
@Dragonnight Man I hope so, that'd be a real shaft if they didn't.
Mar 17, 2021, 20:28 (UTC) 0
@Dragonnight Pretty sure they will be. Biggest question is, do we get another ring and earring if we're lvl 62 for example...
Mar 18, 2021, 08:42 (UTC) 1
So the new Narchillan gear will be better and EASIER to get than Tuvala PEN? really?
Mar 17, 2021, 17:52 (UTC) 1
@fresko If I understood correctly this will not be available for season server. Just a new help for players on normal servers.
If you look at the global labs it is sitting statwise between tri-tet boss gear and has similar bonuses as blackstar gear ( more monster damage/monster damage reduction). So Pen-Tuvala is still half a step better than that gear.
Just a thought: Could be they are gonna remove OASIS-Event soon cause it is pretty much one year since it started, so they want to give people to still have some helpout gear to ease them into getting their normal boss gear.
Mar 20, 2021, 15:57 (UTC) 0
@KitaMitaKatta So will they implement the new gear like they did wth the Oasis gear or will we have to hunt down the new gear?
Mar 24, 2021, 14:46 (UTC) 0
I'm confused... could someone please explain to me if I'm supposed to make my new Sage character today? or on March 24th when this new Olvia server is up? or on April 1st when the new Season server is up?
Mar 17, 2021, 21:53 (UTC) 1
What is the point of that Life Skill tool if we only get one ever and it's valid for a brief moment never to be seen again?
How is that beneficial to literally anyone in Life Skilling community?
Mar 17, 2021, 22:41 (UTC) 2
@Milianna Save it 'til you're at least GURU 1 in your favourite lifeskill. Use it then. :D
Mar 18, 2021, 00:17 (UTC) 0
@EnigmaHatsumuya Why would you wait until Guru to use it?
Mar 18, 2021, 04:32 (UTC) 0
Narchillan it is for everyone or only for Ovlia? Catch-up mechanism is always good but full set with BS duo/tri stats just like that for nothing offends players who have spent years of their lives here. You throw our sacrifice into the bin.
Mar 17, 2021, 22:52 (UTC) 2
@Senemedar I was gonna ask if it was backwards compatible a bit or something... but I realized that I've deleted all my character's Naru gear (that I'd still had for a while/wasn't traded) because it's Character Bound and couldn't go in storage. Needed
the space. I know what you mean... should be an option... but I wonder if it's just Season + Olvia (new)... or only New Olvia too.
Mar 18, 2021, 00:19 (UTC) 0
@EnigmaHatsumuya You can exchange new Naru gear with beginner black stones, but the problem is getting those stones if you've already done MQ earlier. You could melt normal black stones, but the ratio is just wacko (3 regular black stones for 1 beginner
Mar 18, 2021, 08:41 (UTC) 0
Are they still PVE, why are they not open to all toons that are below level 61 99% as a PVE only server?
Mar 18, 2021, 02:54 (UTC) 4
I sure hope there is going to be a way for existing characters to get this gear. I still have my Canon weapon but my Naru is long gone
Mar 18, 2021, 05:36 (UTC) 1
I don't understand
Mar 18, 2021, 06:43 (UTC) 0
Cant wait for 24th it will be very exiting day :)
Mar 18, 2021, 07:22 (UTC) 0
awesome :)
Mar 18, 2021, 07:50 (UTC) 0
you get rewards right now for creating a sage and level up rewards for him also :D more on 24th amazing:D
Mar 18, 2021, 07:51 (UTC) 0
yeah because this is needed why ? why do returning and new people get rewarded with extra login rewards and olvia server access ? on the flip side long time players get screwed and get nothing extra ?
Mar 18, 2021, 08:06 (UTC) 2
@robotnic238 asking myself the same question mate. It is actually pretty unfair that we old Players had to work so hard for the stuffs and the new and retturning guys just get EVERYTHING FOR FREE
Can't really understand that. ALSO the new classes should be locked for new Players anyways undtil they didnt play one of the older classes to lvl 60/61 and learned about the game.
Mar 23, 2021, 14:26 (UTC) 1
* The new Olvia server is for Adventurers who fulfill the new Adventurer requirement above or the returning Adventurer requirement and have less than a total of 150 levels with all characters in their Family

This requirement is a joke. That means nobody with more than 2 lvl 60 characters will be able to play on the Olvia servers again...

Being able to grind without constant "duel 4 spot" was really nice to when returning to BDO. Grinding on normal channels is getting more and more annoying because of constant duels everywhere...
I like to take breaks after playing for 1-3 months and Olvia was always a welcome change to the normal channels.

I am sure that i am not the only one with this opinion.
Mar 18, 2021, 15:28 (UTC) 13
As the above post said, this is like a smack in the face to people who actualy stuck by the game for 5 years. New folk getting Blackstar quality gear and to add insult, annyone with more then 2 characters is forever exempt from olvia servers. If this is
the case then i want a no-PvP server so i dont get grief-ganked every 5 minutes. That this new armor makes Naru less of a trash piece, and the way capotia is granted earlier, that is for the better, but dont heap all your glory just on returning/new players
and leave older ones that stuck with you standing in the rain please.
Mar 18, 2021, 18:32 (UTC) 7
@DakimDragco It'll only change that new ppl or returning will be not killed with one shot on pvp. Currently full tet boss gear with crystals for ~60-80mil, capotia acc + some tri tungrad are nothing in pvp. I'm dying by one shot with full tet, all this
capotia that I got from events.
Another thing - games always need some new players. Without that things no one will start playing the game (or at least 99% of ppl will not play the game) if they won't be able to do some newer content in next 6 years.
Mar 19, 2021, 10:56 (UTC) 0
Hello, I'm Newbie. The above-mentioned "Canon Awakening Weapon" is called "Katana Cestus" for Mystic?
Mar 19, 2021, 11:39 (UTC) 0
"less than a total of 150 levels with all characters" So I can never use the Olvia servers???

This is a terrible barrier and should not be implemented.
Mar 19, 2021, 13:25 (UTC) 5
@Goatgruff Hello, i saw a lot of ppl that say same thing "less than a total of 150 levels with all characters" is bad", this is for veterans ppl NOT returning players, (means that if you veteran/old player and have only one/more/ less than 150 lvl total
you can access new olivia even if you old player). The thing is this apply only after creating a secondary password. Hope this clarify for new readers!
Have a nice day!
Mar 25, 2021, 06:33 (UTC) 0
Re-iterating what others have said but the 150 level limit on Olvia servers is awful and should never be implemented. It's bad enough that you disrespect veteran players by offering sales designed only for new players but now you're locking out what must
be a significant percentage of players whilst pretending it's a good thing because of improved rates; Worse still when a new player asks a question in server chat there's going to be far fewer people capable of answering now.

Now I'm faced with the question: do I delete characters to keep access to Olvia servers? Which is a terrible question that nobody should have to ask themselves in any game. It directly contrasts with the way the game is designed to be played due to season characters,
boss alts, lifeskill alts and more.
Mar 19, 2021, 19:24 (UTC) 9
@DarkChocolate Hello, you don't need to delete any chars you can take a brake of 30 days if you want to access Olivia servers OR yes you can del chars to 150 total and you can enter anytime no need to wait 30 days if you del chars for Olivia.
Mar 25, 2021, 06:37 (UTC) 0
@Robica If this is how it is functioning ingame then fantastic, this is just a translation error in that case.

But just to be clear this is not how it's written in the post, for context here's the original post:
* The new Olvia server is for Adventurers who fulfill the new Adventurer requirement above OR the returning Adventurer requirement AND have less than a total of 150 levels with all characters in their Family after the March 24 maintenance.
This is saying returning players also have to reach the <150 levels milestone to gain access to the servers.

Like I said though if this is a translation error, great that's good news, everyone still has equal access to the Olvia servers. However if this is a translation error this is something that should have been responded to and corrected before I even posted my
initial response and I would like some more clarification on it even at this late point from a GM.
Mar 25, 2021, 16:05 (UTC) 0
@DarkChocolate Hello again (sry didn't got any notice about reply) i have a friend in guild that he returned a week ago and he told me that he have like 5 chars and now is playing in the New Olivia Server and didn't got any restrictions (at least that's
what he told me). I will test it too after 31 when season ends. I will take a brake of 30 days and I'll be back with a comment (i have 8 chars 56+ 2chars 60+ and one 61). Best regards!
Mar 27, 2021, 17:50 (UTC) 0
Not a fan of the new Olvia servers, if I'm reading this correctly. Implementing this 150 character level limit would bar a lot of folks that return, enter the Olvia channels, and happily answer new players questions in server chat. It would also, personally,
make me a lot less interested in returning to BDO after a break. Those same folks that answer the newer players educate me on all that's changed in the year(s) since I stopped playing.

I hope this is just an error, a misunderstanding, or is reconsidered.
Mar 19, 2021, 19:50 (UTC) 7
Might as well say only new players can have access to Olvia servers because a lot of returnees aren't going to have access because of that 150 limit. Please reconsider and remove that limit it's truly unfair.
Mar 20, 2021, 23:23 (UTC) 4
Will the Naru to Archillan gear exchange be a one time account thing? Or can I do it with multiple characters. Will the exchanged weapons come in a box, or will they automatically be converted to the class that you exchanged them with?
Mar 21, 2021, 05:16 (UTC) 0
@Saygon Would love to get an official answer to this one, too. I saw someone translate from Glabs that it would be once per family, but I'm really hoping that was just a translation error and that these are once-per-character, family-bound gear quests.

Would be nice if they come in a box, but I doubt that.
Mar 23, 2021, 08:25 (UTC) 0
Can A GM/CM can confirm how the Narchillia exchange will work (Box or Not)?
I have prepared a Ranger with full PEN Naru gear right now. Since Naru Gear is Charbound i wonder if i exchange the "PEN Naru Bow" will i get a "Narchillia Bow" or a "Narchillia Mainhand Weapon Box".

Since then i need to __create a new char with same class then my main.
Mar 21, 2021, 13:04 (UTC) 0
Remove the 150 limit, that is a stupid change
Mar 21, 2021, 19:35 (UTC) 5
The new Olvia rules are ridicolous indeed.
I agree that if you do that at least give us a no-pvp server to play in peace, plus I as well think there'll be nobody to answer newbies questions this way.
The rest of the changes are very welcome, but locking out all returners (unless they're newbie returners) out of Olvia is really a bad move.
Mar 22, 2021, 13:41 (UTC) 2
When are we going to see "channels without forced pvp" ?
Or allow to anyone play in olivia at all time ( and i suppose it would need to have far more olivia channels ), and only apply the buff if thoses players meet the current "olivia entrance requierment"
Mar 22, 2021, 14:53 (UTC) 2
I got screwed out of money trying to buy has been several days and received no help.....
Mar 22, 2021, 15:57 (UTC) 0
I have a question I throw away my Canon awakening weapon how can I get it again for the Eexchange quest for the Narchillan Awakening Weapon?
Mar 23, 2021, 07:49 (UTC) 1
@ELI4S Also Interested about this one...
Mar 23, 2021, 08:46 (UTC) 0
Secondary password? There is OTP, Alternative Email and Password change, but I've never seen a Secondary Password option. The term is only searchable on BDO back in 2015/6. What does it mean today?
Mar 23, 2021, 10:10 (UTC) 0
When will PA work out there is a really big requirement for PVE servers?
Mar 23, 2021, 11:05 (UTC) 4
I want to __create a new character that is not a sage, is it worth it to play on this new olivia server or just wait for the new season servers?
Mar 23, 2021, 12:32 (UTC) 0
Man yall made lots of people angry with these restrictions for new Olvia servers, and thus hopefully stuff will be reconsidered because I do agree that you guys are unfair towards the veteran players with the rewards. Just shoving top tier rewards system
to only returns and new players its a joke. Please do consider to add non PVP servers because stuff gotten really difficult for lifeskillers and grinders since with the Hadum servers. Hope stuff will get better soon.
Mar 24, 2021, 06:25 (UTC) 3
Olvia servers should be available to everyone. Having forced PvP turned off makes the game literally perfect, and I don't end up having a panic attack whenever I see a white square on my minimap.

People are the worst, and I want to a__void them :')
Mar 24, 2021, 08:47 (UTC) 2
You have really, really, messed up with that new Olvia requirement...
Mar 24, 2021, 13:38 (UTC) 2
This post has been deleted.
Can someone confirm to me whether or not we'll have Spring seasonal servers following the end of the Winter season?
Mar 24, 2021, 18:49 (UTC) 0
@Yoshimaro Hello sadly we will NOT have spring servers here more info:
Mar 25, 2021, 06:20 (UTC) 1
Horrible choice to remove season servers some of us returned with the account transfer. The Olvia buff will expire soon and we started a season character when the season is ending. So no benefits or boost with no new season coming to catch up. Better just
to not come back.
Mar 24, 2021, 20:54 (UTC) 0
BDO seems increasing the reward for _not_ playing it while heavily RNG taunting all those who invested thousands of hours.

Grinding many hours to get that rare ring, belt, ... drop? No. Go off and wait for event gift.
Grinding many hours to increase your gear? No. Go off and wait for gift.
Leave your PC on to train/breed horse? No. Go off and wait for (season) gift.
Even lvl 61 is now available in almost an __b__link of an eye... so catch up to a broad mass while leaving all those at the same medicore-spot that invested a lot of time. But wait ... getting too much time into this would bring you a new penalty if you get too
much level?

There is not that many you can do in BDO to stand out and in that rare niches those events and gifts are like marauders that make pretty much every effort pointless. Ever killed hundrets of Ogres to finally get a baris necklace... and wondered why there are
hundrets of ogre rings in the market until you saw that new event? Lol...
Mar 25, 2021, 15:04 (UTC) 0
@Neutronux Hi , that's why they cancel seasons servers because too many complains like this and they say they want to rethink season, so everyone will be happy, cuz some players didn't want to __create season chars and they enrage because too many "gifts"
was only for seasons chars. Maybe It’s for the Best, we will see this year.(hopefully)
Mar 25, 2021, 18:31 (UTC) 0
Mar 30, 2021, 16:17 (UTC) 0
Great Event for newbies
Mar 31, 2021, 02:44 (UTC) 1
This post has been deleted.
Can I still meet the "less than a total of 150 levels with all characters" if I delete a character or two?
Apr 11, 2021, 08:25 (UTC) 0