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Notices Sep 6, 2023, 08:25 (UTC) Upcoming Changes to the Silver Value of Cron Stones and Outfits


Greetings, Adventurers.  


Black Desert is an ever-evolving virtual world constantly being influenced by not only new events, updates, and content, but also by the actions of you, our Adventurers. And so, the challenge for us is to ensure a healthy balance of the game economy while continuing to provide new and exciting content to explore. Part of this effort, as you may have seen in recent updates such as the introduction and revamp of various Monster Zones, is the adjustment of silver prices for various in-game items.  


When Cron Stones were first introduced in 2016, they were 1 million silver, which was later adjusted to the current price of 2 million silver in 2019. As for outfits, our most recent adjustment to the value was in May 2022. Since then, our in-game currency, silver, has become more and more accessible due to updates and improvements to our game such as Elvia Realm updates, monster zone revamps, and more recently, Dekhia’s Lantern. That, coupled with the increased average gear score (correlated with silver income), led to inflation within the in-game economy.  

First, here’s a look into the overall silver inflation based on earnings over the past: 


*Silver obtained per year (with 2019 as the baseline of average silver earned)
*  The average Silver Gained per Adventurer per Day in 2023 is 5.06 times as high on NA and 6 times as high on EU compared to 2019.

 * This average Silver Gained has been counted by all daily active Adventurers in a day, including new/returning Adventurers.

 * The Cron Stone price of 2,000,000 silver has remained throughout the entire period.


We know that this has been a hot topic of interest. After much consideration, we concluded that to ensure the value of these items better reflects the current state of our in-game economy, we needed to implement a targeted adjustment on Pearl Items as well as Cron Stones purchasable from NPC Blacksmiths as follows on September 13, 2023 (Wed). 


* Please note that the below is subject to change with the official update on September 13, 2023 (Wed). 




Number of Valks' Cry obtainable when extracting 

(based on Premium Outfit Set)



(▲ approx. +60%)

Number of Cron Stone obtainable when extracting 

(based on Premium Outfit Set)



(▲ approx. +60%)

Silver price of Pearl items available for registration on the Central Market 

(based on max price, Premium Outfit Set)

840,000,000 Silver

 1,630,000,000 Silver

(▲ approx. +94%)

Selling price of Blacksmith's Cron Stone

2,000,000 Silver

3,000,000 Silver

(▲ +50%)


Price of Artisan’s Memory sold at the Pearl Shop will be changed as below. 




Artisan’s Memory sold at the Pearl Shop

50 Pearls

25 Pearls

(▼ -50%)



Other Pearl items will be increased as below after the September 13, 2023 (Wed) maintenance. 



Max Silver price of all Pearl items available for registration on the Central Market 

(* excl. Dyes)

▲ approx. +94%

Number of Valks’ Cry and Cron Stone obtainable from Pearl outfits when extracting

▲ approx. +60%


We will continue to keep a close eye on the in-game economy and introduce changes as needed.


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