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Updates Oct 11, 2023, 08:40 (UTC) Patch Notes - October 11, 2023



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on October 11, 2023 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 98 updates and is approximately 1.98GB.


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New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
Dark Flame
  • Changed to no longer activate while F is held down.
    • This fixed the issue where ↓(S) + F + LMB wouldn't perform Darkness Released continuously.
Crosscut (II to IV)
  • Fixed the issue where the skill description displayed the incorrect damage reduced in PvP only.
  • Fixed the issue where the speed of performing a standing attack was different compared to the speed of comboing into other skills after having comboed from other skills, such as Crosscut or Eradicate.
  • Fixed the issue where you would combo from other skills such as Crosscut or Eradicate at a slower speed than when compared to performing the skill while standing.
Rampaging Predator (II to III)
  • Fixed the issue where the skill description displayed the incorrect Echo Spirit damage reduced in PvP only.
  • Improved to quickly switch to idle stance by quickly pressing ↓(S) while out of combat.

Green Artisan (Gathering mini-game) - Butchering

  • Improved so you no longer have to win the Green Artisan Butchering mini game 3 consecutive times.
    • As long as you successfully complete the mini-game 3 times within the remaining time limit, you will obtain 10 Gathering attempts' worth of resources.

Khan's Heart: Destruction & Protection

Feeling their stats a bit lackluster, we decided to buff two of the three Khan's Heart items craftable with Khan's Concentrated Magic obtainable from the guild boss Khan, Eye of the Great Ocean. We hope this improvement not only adds to the excitement and anticipation when joining your guild members to raid the sea monstrosity, but also serves as a useful alchemy stone for many adventurers in their ongoing journey to becoming stronger.
  • Changed the stats of the Khan's Heart: Destruction & Protection items.
    • Added 1 AP to the stats granted by Khan's Heart: Destruction items.
    • Added 1 DP to the stats granted by Khan's Heart: Protection items.
Item Name Before After
Khan's Heart: Destruction
1 AP 2 AP
Blessed Khan's Heart: Destruction
1 AP, 2 DP (Damage Reduction) 2 AP, 2 DP (Damage Reduction)
Exalted Khan's Heart: Destruction
1 AP, 4 DP (Damage Reduction) 2 AP, 4 DP (Damage Reduction)
Khan's Heart: Protection
1 DP (Damage Reduction) 2 DP (Damage Reduction)
Blessed Khan's Heart: Protection
3 DP (Damage Reduction) 4 DP (Damage Reduction)
Exalted Khan's Heart: Protection
5 DP (Damage Reduction) 6 DP (Damage Reduction)
  • Changed the number of Sweet Honey Wine exchanged through Ceilyn at the Kamasylve Temple.
Before After
Brilliant Fairy Wings: Sweet Honey Wine x6
Radiant Fairy Wings: Sweet Honey Wine x10
Brilliant Fairy Wings: Sweet Honey Wine x20
Radiant Fairy Wings: Sweet Honey Wine x40
  • Added Coral Harp to the [Event] Coral Shine Blue Shell Prop Set exchangeable with [Event] Sea Palace Reward Seals.
* Distributed Coral Harps to Heidel Storage of Adventurers who've exchanged this item before the Oct 11, 2023 (Wed) maintenance.
  • Improved so you will now move items instead of using them if you have the storage or transaction maid/butler UI open while mounted.

Mirumok Destroyer Offin

  • Changed some elements of the Mirumok Destroyer Offin boss fight.
    • Watcher Offin Tett will no longer be protected by Offin's shield.
      • Removed the mechanic requiring adventurers to switch to matchlocks to take down Offin's shield.
    • If Watcher Offin Tett's elemental make-up becomes unstable, it will immediately mount up on the Mirumok Destroyer to protect itself.
      • If Watcher Offin Tett's HP drops to 50% or below after entering battle, it will remount up on the Mirumok Destroyer.
  • Changed loot drop rates and amount for defeating the Mirumok Destroyer Offin.
    • Since the shield mechanic and defeating Offin Tett portion of the fight has been removed, all relevant loot has been added to the Mirumok Destroyer Offin's loot table.
Loot Changes
Offin Tett's Light Sealed Weapon Box
- Increased drop rate by 2.25 times
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
- Increased drop rate by 2.5 times
Mythical Feather
- Increased drop rate by 2 times
Magic Crystals
- JIN, BON, & WON Magic Crystals - Cobelinus: Increased drop rates by 2.5 times
Forest Fury
- Increased drop rate by approx. 2 times
Offin Tett's Light Fragment
- Increased drop rate by approx. 2.5 times
Other - Destruction Spirit Stone, Lemoria Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Shoes, Pure Forest Breath, Gold Bar 100G - 1,000G, Stabilized, Cleansed, & Pure Magical Black Stones: Increased drop rates by approx. 2 times

- Offin's Root Shard: Increased drop amount by approx. 2.4 times
- Concentrated Offin Tett Crystal, Tree Spirit Stone Fragment, Black Stone (Weapon & Armor), Gold Bar 1G - 10G: Increased drop amount by approx. 3 times

Tungrad Ruins

  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't apply the Stun debuff to Tungrad Ascetics and Executioners upon defeating the Tungrad Visionary.
  • Fixed Tungrad Ruins monsters to stop chasing adventurers at a quicker pace.
  • Removed some of the Mine Imps' spawn locations to prevent them from interfering with adventurers progressing through Northern Heidel Quarry quests.
Quest & Knowledge
  • Improved the speaking and motion animations of characters during the Maegu and Woosa Awakening questlines to appear more natural.
  • Fixed the camera effects to make the cutscenes appear more natural during the [Woosa Awakening] Fox's Gift II and [Maegu Awakening] Fox's Gift II quests.
NPC, Background, Sound

Solare Hall of Fame

  • Displayed the statues of adventurers who achieved first place in each class in the official season of Arena of Solare in the Hall of Fame.
    • Added statues of Adventurers who achieved first place in Woosa and Maegu classes in the official season of Arena of Solare to the Hall of Fame.
    • When interacting with "Solare Knight" in the Hall of Fame, you can exchange 20 energy for the "Blessing of a Great Knight" buff effect.
      • Blessing of a Great Knight: Breath EXP +10% for 10 hours
  • Fixed the issue where your Silver would be displayed instead of Crow Coins in the Crow Coin Shop.
  • Improved the system message displayed in the crystal transfusion window.
  • Improved the following search windows to no longer be case sensitive.            
    • Upper-left portion of the World Map (M)            
    • Knowledge (H)            
    • My Information (P) - Title            
    • Cooking & Alchemy Tool search            
  • Added mention of Season Gift Exchange Coupons to the description of Evergreen Season Pass - Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 2.
  • Added a button to the Black Spirit's Adventure board to take you to the Ancient Black Spirit's Adventure board when the event is ongoing.
  • Improved so pressing ESC will only close the opened "How to Play," "Rewards," or "Arcana window for the Black Spirit's Adventure.            
  • Changed the name of the "Adventurer's Guide" entry in the (ESC) Menu.            
    • Adventurer's Guide → Adventurer's Guide (Help)            

Find My Item (CTRL + F) in the Enhancement Window

While enhancing, it could be rather inconvenient if you didn't have the appropriate Advice of Valks item on your character. Now you can quickly search from the Enhancement window to find and use the necessary Advice of Valks item right away.r.
  • Improved the Enhancement window accessed through the Black Spirit (,) so you can also use the Find My Item (CTRL + F) function.
  • Improved so that you can now copy and paste your verification code on your IOS mobile device.
  • Changed so you will have to pass a reCAPTCHA check before needing to verify your email when registering a new secondary email address.
  • Changed and unified the following terms in Spanish:             
    • Pescado Hervido → Pescado al vapor            
    • Agente de Fermentación → Levadura            
    • Cristal de Asesino cruel → Cristal de aniquilación cruel            
    • Cabeza de Oso Feroz con Aliento Disecada → Cabeza de oso feroz imbuida de aliento            
    • Cabeza de Oso Salvaje Disecada → Cabeza disecada de oso feroz            
    • Jabalí con Aliento Disecado → Cabeza de jabalí imbuida de aliento            
    • Cabeza de Jabalí Feroz con Aliento Disecada → Cabeza de jabalí feroz imbuida de aliento            
    • Cabeza de Jabalí Salvaje Disecada → Cabeza de jabalí feroz disecada            
    • Pescado con Coco Frito → Pescado frito con coco            
    • Pescado con Coco Frito Crujiente → Pescado Frito Crujiente con Coco            
    • Langostino Hervido → Langostino al vapor            

Modified or Changed

  • [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where the hair was awkwardly exposed when looking down when wearing a Lahr Arcien (R) Helmet.            
  • [Ninja] Fixed the issue of some hair appearing unnatural when wearing the Obsidian Arrow Hood with Hairstyle 20.            
  • [Sage] Fixed the issue of the arms looking unnatural when sitting after wearing the Lovely Bloom Armor.            
  • [Drakania] Fixed the issue of some parts of the outfit being abnormally displayed when wearing the Checkmate Outfit.            
  • Added the information about obtaining Rough Rubies to the description of the Some Miner's Sack.            
  • Modified the summary and completion objectives of the quests "Don't Wanna Point Fingers, But..." and "Just Like New" appropriately.            .
  • Improved the interaction with the window of the residence at Velia 3-2.            
  • Corrected the navigation guidance to Zya, the Old Moon Manager of Grána.            
  • Fixed the issue of a certain location in Yeowoo Pass in the Land of the Morning Light appearing unnatural in a specific display quality.            
  • Fixed the issue of the minimap displayed abnormal at a certain location in Hanji County.            
  • Fixed the appearance of Sari Flowers to appear more natural in the Sea Palace.            
  • Unified the wording of the system messages displayed upon leveling up a Life Skill.            
  • Fixed the issue where Marni's Realm (private monster zone) icons and hashtags were appearing for Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper) in the Monster Zone Info UI.            
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't fast forward through cutscenes if you had registered the "G" key to a different hotkey.            
  • Fixed the issue where the key guide located in the bottom right corner of the screen displayed EXP gains as if you weren't mounted for gamepad UI mode.            
  • Fixed the "Automatically use Sprint" guide to display while mounted for gamepad UI mode.            
  • Fixed the issue where the EXP mark was displayed in a different icon if your mount UI wasn't yet updated to display your tagged character's status.            
  • Fixed the type of messages displayed when untagging characters.            
  • Fixed the issue where you could stack the effects of Iridescent Maehwa Liquor and Miraculous Nourishing Soup.            
  • Fixed the issue where the dyes for your shard wouldn't display while wearing the [Drakania] Lath'rakan Outfit.            
  • Fixed the issue where parts of the [Guardian] Lath'rakan Armor appeared abnormal.            
  • Fixed the issue where the quest objective didn't match the location marked on the map for the Balenos-located "A Wealth-Bringing Production" quest.            
  • Fixed the issue where the skill guide for Charge and Quick Run didn't display upon mounting atop the Cadria Elephant.            
  • Fixed the issue where obtaining the [Event] Crunchy Hangwa item for the [Look at the Bears!] event too quickly (ie. looting pets) after a mole was summoned and defeated would cause the game to incorrectly identify that a monster was already summoned (mole, bear, etc.) and thus didn't spawn the bear.           
  • Issued the loot for defeating the bear via in-game Mail (B) for adventurers who obtained the [Event] Crunchy Hangwa but didn't see the bear summoned.            
  • Fixed the issue where the wrong icon for an item was displayed when attempting to delete it.            
  • Fixed the issue where your sub-weapon appeared abnormal when wearing the [Woosa] Ram Horn Witch Outfit.            
  • Fixed the issue where Kamasylvia Castle's mark was different in the World Map versus the 3D minimap.            
  • Fixed the following for gamepad UI mode.            
    • Fixed the issue where entering the incorrect text for using Vipiko's Dreaming Horse wouldn't display the proper system message.            
    • Fixed the issue where the confirm key would activate when pressing a different key after entering something in the input window.            
    • Fixed the issue where the character creation button and the character's name would overlap in the lower portion of the character selection screen.            
    • Fixed the issue where locking items in your inventory would open the Newbie Inventory.            
    • Fixed the irregular location of the tooltips that appeared when checking items in the Newbie Inventory.            
    • Fixed the issue where getting hit with the "Participating Region" UI displayed while installing a Node War fort would hinder controlling your character.            
  • Fixed the issue where deleting all crystals in your Crystal Inventory would break the scroll function.            
  • Fixed the issue where Silver instead of Crow Coins would be displayed in the Buyback tab of the Crow Coin Shop.            
  • Fixed the issue where the message mentioning a lack of worker's lodging would display if you attempted to contract a worker through the supervisor of a newly-discovered town.            
  • Fixed the issue where vertically/horizontally inverted mouse options weren't applied for Sniper Hunting.            
  • Fixed the issue where the Item Copy icon would remain in Morco's Gear Bag if you had untagged a character while having copied items in said bag.            
  • Improved the description for Offin Tett's Light Fragment to read more clearly.            

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