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Notices Feb 6, 2024, 17:00 (UTC) War of the Roses Preseason Round Two

War of the Roses Preseason Round 2

Get ready for the 2nd Preseason on February 18, 2024 (Sun)!
Adventurers, we were thrilled to witness the exciting action and battles of the first-ever War of the Roses in North America and Europe, and we appreciate all the feedback we've received about our newest large-scale 300 vs 300 content. We also want to thank everyone who participated, and give a special shout-out to the leading guilds: Chonker, Opposite, ChoNation, and Epherium!

With the first preseason round finished, we're pleased to announce that round two will be held on February 18, 2024 (Sun). We hope to see more exhibiting tactics and combat, and look forward to receiving your valuable feedback. If you're interested in participating in round 2, make sure to check out the details!



Second Preseaon Leading Guild Requirements

Guilds and/or Alliances must have achieved victory at least once during the Tier 4 & 5 Node Wars and Conquest Wars after the War of Roses Preseason 1 on February 4 (Sun). 

Points are accumulated for each occupied node and region, and the guilds/alliances with the highest score during this period will be selected as Leading Guilds

* Points accrued per victory: Tier 4: 1 point / Tier 5: 3 points / Conquest War: 10 points
* Points can be accumulated after War of the Roses 1st preseason on February 4 (Sun).

Details on How to Participate and Requirements


Leading (Captain's) Guild

The Third Legion

How to Apply

ESC Menu - War (F7) - War of the Roses


Up to 100 (members of the same guild/alliance, including war heroes) per faction

Up to 200 per faction

When to Apply


Fri 11:00 PM - Sat 11:10 PM

Sat 11:10 PM - Sun 01:05 PM


Sat 01:00 CET - Sun 01:10

Sun 01:10 - Sun 15:05

Leading Guilds will be announced right after the application window closes.


Guilds (alliances) appointed as leading guilds must select a "Captain" by Sunday
NA: 01:05 PM (PST)
EU: 15:05 (CET)
(This cannot be changed once confirmed.)


Guilds (alliances) who've won at least one Tier 4/5 Node War/Conquest War in the past two weeks
(Each victory accrues points, and guilds/alliances with the highest *accrued points will be appointed)

Total gear score of at least 680 (AP + DP) 
(Sum of main/awakening AP (highest of the two) and DP)


10 billion Silver in Guild (alliance) funds 
* Refunded if not selected

500 million Silver 
* Refunded if not selected

Selection Process

The guild with the highest accrued points selected

Applicants randomly selected

Participants after Selection

Up to 100 (members of the same guild/alliance, including war heroes) per faction

Up to 200 per faction


Randomly selected between Kamasylvia and O'dyllita factions


Can join via the "Participate" button on the War of the Roses server (the same as Node/Conquest War)



Preseason Rewards

During preseason War of the Roses, the following rewards will be given to participating Adventurers!

War of the Roses Result 

Leading Guild / The Third Legion 


[Reward worth 3 Billion Silver] 

- Gold Bar of the Glorious Battlefield 10,000G x3 



[Reward worth 2 Billion Silver] 

-  Gold Bar of the Glorious Battlefield 10,000G x2 


[Rewards worth 1.5 Billion Silver] 

-  Gold Bar of the Glorious Battlefield 10,000G x1 

-  Gold Bar of the Glorious Battlefield 1,000G x5 

* Rewards for the War of the Roses preseason will be delivered via Mail (B) during maintenance after the preseason ends.

* Preseason rewards will not be provided to Adventurers who were judged to have not actively participated in the War of the Roses.


Want to learn more about War of the Roses? Check out our video guide!

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