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Notices Mar 25, 2024, 15:05 (UTC) [Pearl Abyss ID] TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA ID Integration
Greetings, Adventurers. 


Pearl Abyss ID integration for TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA service regions begins on Mar 27, 2024 (Wed).  


This should not affect the majority of adventurers playing in NA, EU, Asia, and Korea servers.  

However, if you ever registered to play in the TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA servers with the same email you are using for your Pearl Abyss ID, you need to go through the process of integrating these accounts. 


Those of you who are required to go through the integration process will receive a notification when you log in to your account after the maintenance on Mar 27 (Wed).  

If you receive the notification, please follow the integration process to be able to play the game. 


Please refer to the below for details. 



■ Official Website Maintenance for TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA Pearl Abyss ID Integration 

- Official Website Maintenance: Mar 27, 2024 (Wed) 06:00 - 15:30 (KST) 

- Purpose: TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA Pearl Abyss ID Integration  


- Adventurers Required to Integrate their Pearl Abyss ID:  

Adventurers who use the same email accounts for their Pearl Abyss ID and TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA Black Desert accounts (includes using the same OpenID and secondary email.) 


- Pearl Abyss ID Manual Integration Schedule: Mar 27, 2024 (Wed) from approx. 12:00 (KST) 

* If those who are required to integrate their ID are already online and playing the game, they can continue to play. However, you will receive the notification and will be required to go through the integration process when you re-log in. 

* The official website will be unavailable during maintenance. Please proceed with the integration process after the maintenance is over. 

* If you are unable to integrate your TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA account with your Pearl Abyss ID, you may be required to create a separate Pearl Abyss ID for TW/HK/MO, Japan, Turkey & MENA regions. 

- How to Integrate Your Pearl Abyss ID: 

① If you receive a notification upon logging into your account, please press confirm to proceed with Pearl Abyss ID integration. 

② Enter the required information to complete the Pearl Abyss ID integration process. 

③ After completing the process, you can use your existing Pearl Abyss ID to continue playing the game. 


If you have any queries related to Pearl Abyss ID integration, please contact [Support].


Thank you. 

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