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Notices May 8, 2024, 09:25 (UTC) [NA] Announcement Regarding Server Relocation

Greetings Adventurers, 


During the Calpheon Ball 2022, we announced the possibility of centralized servers for North America. After much preparation and testing, we are happy to officially announce the relocation of NA game servers to the Central U.S. We would also like to thank all the Adventurers who joined us for the NA Central Server Combat Playtest


The move will take place during the maintenance on May 22, 2024. Please note that the usual scheduled maintenance may be extended for both NA and EU servers. We will announce the full details on that week's maintenance notice.


To provide a little background, the game servers have historically remained in the U.S. West Coast since the release of Black Desert in North America.


According to our data, a significant percentage of the Adventurers on the NA server play from the East Coast, despite the servers being located on the West Coast. Consequently, this server location resulted in suboptimal gameplay for a substantial number of NA Adventurers, especially when interacting with each other from the opposing coasts. 


The following image represents the distribution of NA server logins by region.  

Region Percentage *
Central & Eastern regions of the U.S. & Canada  70%
Western regions of the U.S. & Canada  20%
Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Island regions  4%
Mexico, Europe, and other regions 6%
 * Approximate percentage of NA Adventurers playing from each region respectively.


The conclusions we could draw from the regional distribution highlighted the necessity of moving the servers to a location that offered more stable, average latency.

The following table details the current average ping of Adventurers on the NA server and the projected average ping at various proposed server locations.

Location West U.S.
(Current Location)
North Central U.S.
(New Location)
South Central U.S. East U.S.
Average Ping 62.44 ms 44.08 ms 46.81 ms 48.01 ms

In addition to the regional distribution, the average ping data above factored into our decision that moving the server to the North Central U.S. would be the optimal solution for Adventurers on the NA server.


The impact of these changes on your game experience will vary depending on where you live. We expect that moving the servers to the North Central U.S. will decrease the average ping by more than 15ms. This would allow for a more equalized and fair experience for most Adventurers playing on the NA servers.


We acknowledge that the benefits of this change may not extend to every Adventurer on the NA server. However, we always value each Adventurer's perspective and remain committed to finding solutions that cater to the various needs of the community. 


Overall, based on our findings, we believe the relocation will do its part in enhancing the gameplay experience for most NA Adventurers. Rest assured; we will continue to closely monitor the central server's performance post-implementation to ensure we can make any improvements necessary in the future. 

Thank you for your continued support as always.
- Black Desert Team


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