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Notices Apr 13, 2021, 01:30 (UTC) Introduction of New Macro Detection Program and Our Action Against Violators


Greetings Adventurers,


The Black Desert team has always actively taken steps, including live monitoring, etc., to combat the usage of unauthorized programs and/or macros in our efforts to eliminate these users from all aspects of our services.


As you may know, the act of using unauthorized programs or macros is an improper way to gain an unfair advantage in “progression,” one of the most key elements of an RPG. And as previously announced in our Black Desert: What’s Changing? Part 2: Operational Policy GM Note, the Pearl Protect system was introduced to the NA/EU servers to ensure Black Desert Online’s gameplay experience remains as optimal as possible. Its implementation has allowed us to identify users who were difficult to detect with previous methodologies.


The Pearl Protect system is Pearl Abyss’s in-house, proprietary macro detection program. It analyzes game logs for certain hardware that can utilize known macro functions and finds specific patterns, which is then used to help us detect macro users.


Pearl Abyss has already implemented the Pearl Protect system in Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao, Japan, Russia, Turkey/MENA, Thailand, and Southeast Asia service regions to identify hardware macro users. Thanks to constant updates and our growing experience, the Pearl Protect system has matured and seen many improvements.


Beyond this, we utilize Easy Anti Cheat to collect information and investigate unauthorized, external program use. Additionally, we also actively respond to reports regarding unauthorized program and macro users thanks to our 24-hour in-game monitoring.


For more information about the usage of unauthorized programs and macros, please refer to our Terms of Service and Operational Policy.

▶ Go to Black Desert Online Terms of Service

▶ Go to Black Desert Online Operational Policy


Please refer below for the actions taken against violators of the Terms of Service and Operational Policy.



Violators of the Black Desert Operational Policy

- Restriction Date: April 12, 2021 (Mon)

- Restriction Criteria: Use of Unauthorized Programs and Macros - 1st Violation (Permanent Restriction)
- Total Number Restricted: NA 4 Users EU 2 Users

- List of Restricted Accounts








As always, we will continue to actively take action against any users of unauthorized programs or macros to ensure your gameplay experience remains as optimal as possible.


Thank you for your continued support.

Black Desert Service team


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