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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Notices Jan 27, 2021, 13:01 (UTC) Pearl Abyss Black Desert Official Website Launch and Guide



Greetings Adventurers,


The Black Desert Online NA and EU official website has now launched as we head towards self-publishing Black Desert Online, which will begin on February 25, 2021, 11:00 22:00 (UTC).


Within, you’ll be able to find the latest Black Desert news, discuss the game with fellow Adventurers, and have direct communications with developers.


We ask for your support while we continue to improve our services. We have prepared a guide to the website below.




This is a space where you can check various news, announcements, updates, and events of Black Desert.

• Announcement: Latest news of Black Desert

• Update: Latest content updates for Black Desert (will open on 2/25)

• Event: Information of upcoming or ending events and announcing event winners

• GM Note: Information directly from Black Desert Team

• Pearl Shop: Pearl items currently on sale or planned to go on sale (will open on 2/25)



Game Overview

Check out what Black Desert has to offer and take a look through the classes that are available! If you need help, check out the Adventurer's Guide!

• Game Features: Unique features of Black Desert including beautiful graphics, spectacular battles, large-scale PVP, and several life skill activities

• Classes: Information and screenshots of all the playable characters and their features

• Adventurer’s Guide: Helpful guide on playing the game (will open on 2/25)



Adventurer’s Camp (will open on 2/25)

Find new friends or a guild to begin your journey together! You can also check your progress within Black Desert.

• Adventuring Friend: Search a friend or send friend request.

• Find Guild: Search active guilds and clans in Black Desert.

• Beauty Album: Browse character customization options uploaded by fellow Adventurers.

• Photo Gallery: Peruse a variety of in-game screenshots.

• Update History: Check the update history of Black Desert all at once!

• Partner Streamer: Apply to become a Partner or view introduction pages for existing partners.

• Black Desert TV: Browse streams of Adventurers worldwide who are enjoying Black Desert.

• Central Marketplace: Access Central Marketplace on the mobile and webpage.



Shop (will open on 2/25)

This is place where you can charge Acoin, purchase Pearl Boxes, and use web coupons.

• Package: Purchase packages that include passes to access the game and other various items

• Web Package: Purchase packages where various in-game items are bundled together.

• Charge Acoin: Top up your Acoin, which is used to purchase Pearl Boxes from the in-game Pearl Shop

• Use Coupon: Enter web coupons acquired from various events.




This is a place where Adventurers can freely discuss Black Desert.

• News & Announcements: Forum related news and announcements

• General Discussion: Talk freely with other Adventurers about various subjects.

• Guilds & Friends: Gather new friends and guild members!

• Art & Media: Share creations you made with your fellow Adventurers

• Suggestions: Share your feedback and suggestions to help us develop Black Desert.

• Tips & Guides: Share tips & guides to help other Adventurers with their journey

• Classes: Discuss all things related to Classes here.




This is a space where you can download game client and various media such as videos, wallpapers, and OSTs.

• Download: Download the Black Desert client and a fan site kit (will open on 2/25).

• Videos: View official Black Desert videos.

• Wallpaper: Download beautiful wallpapers of Black Desert.

• OST: Enjoy the remastered Black Desert OST.




If you have any issues or questions visit [Support].

• Support: Visit Support if you have any questions or issues related to the Black Desert service.

• FAQ: Frequently asked questions are compiled here, so check here first to find answers for your questions. Other questions or issues can be shared to our Support Team.

• Security Center: Set additional security measures to protect your account and personal information.



We hope you enjoyed this guided preview of the Official Black Desert website!


Thank you.


Pearl Abyss Black Desert team

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