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GM Notes Aug 4, 2021, 11:00 (UTC) Learning About World Bosses Part III – Karanda, Slayer of the Skies



Hello Adventurers!


[GM] Daisy is back with the third lesson about the World Bosses! Today’s topic is Karanda, Slayer of the Skies. Whether you’re a new Adventurer who has no idea what World Bosses are, or a returning Adventurer trying to figure out where Karanda spawns, everyone is welcome!


Let’s get started!


Beginnings of Karanda, Slayer of the Skies


The strongest female of the harpies is chosen as their queen and is given the name “Karanda”. Being the sole Harpy with the right to brood eggs, Karanda soared into the world of Black Desert on August 31, 2016.


What’s the story behind Karanda?


▲ Karanda, the Vicious Slayer of the Skies!


Harpies that inhabit Karanda Ridge are social creatures that live in a herd. Harpies choose the strongest female as their lead, calling her “Karanda”. Karanda is critical to the very continuity of Harpies as a species because she is the sole being with the right to brood Harpy eggs. Some scholars speculate that this is because Harpies brooded by Karanda are more likely to have absolute loyalty to their queen, not only as subjects, but also as progeny.


They say the newly chosen Karanda hosts a bloody fest, slaughtering other creatures to boast her and her herd’s strength.


"Be wary when a new Karanda rises,

for a blood fest will be held to celebrate the new Queen’s reign."


Where does Karanda appear? What rewards do you get for defeating Karanda?


Here’s an image that helps answer both questions!



Karanda appears on Karanda Ridge, north of Calpheon, right near Florin.

If you want to face Karanda, head straight up to the top of the ridge!


Now, let’s have a look at the rewards!

Remember that you have a higher change at better rewards the more you contribute to Karanda’s defeat, so keep your chin up and fight with courage!



 Dandelion Weapon Box


This is a box containing an awakening weapon imbued with the power of Karanda. Just imagine how strong it must be! Make sure to open the box with the right character to get the appropriate weapon for the class you want to play!



 Karanda‘s Latent Aura


These are fragments of Karanda’s Power. You can take 100 of these to Kreutz near Old Dandelion to exchange them for a Dandelion Weapon Box.



Belongings of an Adventurer


A precious bag left behind by an adventurer who perished while fighting Nouver...


You have a chance to obtain the Belongings of an Adventurer by defeating Karanda. Opening the Belongings of an Adventurer will grant you one of the following accessories (up to TET (IV) enhancement level).

- Ogre Ring

- Laytenn's Power Stone

- Eye of the Ruins Ring

- Orkinrad's Belt

- Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

- Narc Ear Accessory

- Basilisk's Belt

- Ring of Crescent Guardian



 Black Magic Crystal - Vigor


Black Magic Crystal – Vigor can be transfused into amor sockets, which then grants Max HP +50, Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance 10%.



 Black Magic Crystal - Ascension


Black Magic Crystal – Ascension can be transfused into shoe sockets, which then grants Jump Height +35, Knockback/Floating Resistance +10%.



 Black Magic Crystal - Descent


Black Magic Crystal – Descent can be transfused into shoe sockets, which then grants Fall Damage –15%, Knockback/Floating Resistance +10%.



Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor)


Black Stones are one of the must-have items for adventuring in the Black Desert world, allowing you to enhance your weapons and armor!


Although Adventurers who are playing on the season servers with Tuvala gear don’t quite need them yet, there will be a day when they outgrow their Tuvala gear after the end of the season, so it’s a good idea to stock up on this must-have item.



Special Title!



Here’s a look at the special title, KaaaraAaannng!


The title’s description says, “We started with a 'We,' but 'I' finished off Karanda! KaaaraAaannng!” So, you might be wondering, just how do you get this title?


You obtain it being the one to deliver the final blow to defeat Karanda!


Holding this title is something that truly signifies your bravery, so make sure to keep hitting Karanda until the end!


So, when does Karanda appear?


Ta-da! Here are timetables with the appearance times for all the World Bosses on the North American and European servers!



Stormbringer Karanda?



The Delphe Knights of Calpheon have long fought the Harpies on Karanda Ridge in order to reclaim Balenos Mountains.


As a result of the prolonged battle, the Knights finally had their goal within their grasp. However, in order to protect their grounds, the Harpies chose a female Harpy even stronger than their existing Queen, and the newly risen Queen annihilated the Delphe Knights with feather like steel and a windstorm more vicious than ever.


In response, Captain Brego Williar of the Delphe Knights named the new Queen “Stormbringer Karanda” and raised the level of vigilance in the area near Karanda Ridge.


As you can guess, Stormbringer Karanda lashes out powerful wind to push back adventurers, and makes feathers like steel rain down on adventurers, mercilessly piercing them to the ground.

If you’re someone who’s scared of the plain-old Karanda! Make sure to be on your toes whenever you face the Queen. No one knows exactly when Karanda will “bring a storm”.


On the other hand, if you’re someone who has no fear, defeating Stormbringer Karanda will grantyou more valuable loot for braving such a powerful foe. You can obtain up to a TET (IV) awakening weapon and the Heart of Karanda, which can be used to upgrade your awakening weapon. The Delphe Knights call awakening weapons that have been upgraded with the Heart of Karanda the Storm Devoured awakening weapon. These weapons have 1 more crystal socket and grants Critical Hit Damage +3%.


And as you might have already guessed, you’ll also have an increased chance of getting the Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bar (up to 1KG), or a type of Magical Black Stone.



That covers pretty much everything about Karanda, Slayer of the Skies. All that’s left is for you to go out and face the fearsome Stormbringer!


Worried about taking on Karanda? Scared to brave it alone? For Adventurers that are unsure or for Adventurers who just want to fight with allies, join the GMs at the following times:


August 10 (Tue) 17:00 (PDT)

August 10 (Tue) 20:00 (EDT)

August 10 (Tue) 17:00 (UTC)

August 10 (Tue) 19:00 (CEST)

Season1 (Novice only)

Come to the Karanda Ridge node on the Season1_Novice Only server at the times listed above to meet the GMs! They’ll show you the way up the ridge, and give you tips on dodging her most powerful attacks! See you there!


That’s it for Part 3! Part 4 is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!



Take a look at all the new Adventurers who helped us defeat Karanda, Slayer of the Skies







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