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Updates Mar 10, 2021, 12:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - March 10, 2021



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on March 10, 2021 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 43 updates and is approximately 715.34 MB.

Happy adventuring!


Fughar's Times of Success

● New adventure log, "Fughar's Times of Success", has recently been published. Follow the trail of Fughar and how he became a successful Chief Manager in the Crow Merchant Guild with nothing but an apple in his hands.
- Upon completing the Mediah Main Questline, if you're Lv. 57 or higher, you can accept the quest "Adventure Journal: From the Bottom to the Top" by talking to the Black Spirit.
- This adventure log consists of 3 volumes, with 5 chapters per volume for a total of 15 chapters altogether.
- You can use Fughar's Secret Book, a secret text of the Crow Merchants Guild, to gain a large amount of Contribution EXP.
* If your maximum Contribution Points (CP) shared by your Family is 200 CP, once you complete all of Fughar's Times of Success, you will be able to increase your Family-wide CP to 230 CP.

Fughar's Times of Success Reward
Volume 1 Chapters 1-4 1 Fughar's Secret Book per chapter
Volume 1 Chapter 5 Weight Limit +2LT (Family-wide)
Volume 2 Chapters 1-4 1 Fughar's Secret Book per chapter
Volume 2 Chapter 5 Inventory +1 Slot (Family-wide)
Volume 3 Chapters 1-4 1 Fughar's Secret Book per chapter
Volume 3 Chapter 5 All DP +1 (Family-wide)

'Contribution Points (CP) are an absolute must to fully enjoy the various, deep content of Black Desert. However, to attain a decent amount of CP requires a large investment of time, and many novice adventurers may feel daunted by this prospect when playing Black Desert for the first time. To address this issue, we added "Fughar's Times of Success" as the 12th adventure log. By following the footsteps of Fughar, who made a name for himself with his own two bare hands, you will find that you've accrued quite the Contribution EXP upon completing this log.




Plump Yourself Up with Plump Pufferfish! event has started.

Event Period

- March 10, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – March 24, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance


Event Details

① During the event period, the oceans of Black Desert will be filled with Pufferfish!

▲ Balenos Islands, Nox Sea, Ahrmo Sea


② Flocks of seagulls will gather at places where Pufferfish are abundant.



Fishing Handbook - Pufferfish


They’re not your everyday puffers!

Read on to learn more about what makes them special!


Item Name


* Pufferfish can be sold to NPC Vendors for 500,000 silver each.


* You must be at least Artisan Fishing Lv.1 to discover the Seagulls chasing after the Pufferfish.

Tip! Try fishing near experienced fishers, and maybe you’ll reel up some Pufferfish a lot faster?


* Using a Triple-Float Fishing Rod for the event will cause its durability to go down even though the ability to catch multiple fish at once will not take effect.


* Pufferfish aren’t easy to fish up. You need to be at least Professional Fishing Lv. 5 to be able to catch them.


* Pufferfish are more aggressive to baits, so they will bite more often at event spots compared to normal seagull fishing spots.


③ There’s a small chance of reeling in a Plump Pufferfish when fishing where a flock of seagulls is chasing after pufferfish!

Fishing Handbook – Plump Pufferfish

Item Name


* Plump Pufferfish can be sold to NPC Vendors for 1,000,000 silver.


* Plump Pufferfish are fresh for 3 hours before their freshness expires.

* After 3 hours have passed, the Plump Pufferfish cannot be exchanged nor sold.

Make sure to hand over Plump Pufferfish to the [Rookie Barterer] Miya and complete the daily quest before their freshness can drop!


Quest NPC Quest Name Quest Objective(s) Completion Reward

[Velia] [Rookie Barterer]

NPC Miya

[Repeat] Plump Pufferfish Hand over one Plump Pufferfish to Miya Gold Bar 1,000G

* This quest can only be completed once a day per Family.

* The Gold Bar 1,000G can be sold to Storage Keepers for 100,000,000 silver.


④ When fishing at a spot where seagulls are chasing after pufferfish, there’s a low probability of obtaining an incredibly rare Scaled Red Egg.

Item Name

Scaled Red Egg

* The Scaled Red Egg can be sold to NPC Vendors for 10,000,000 silver.


⑤ The very precious Scaled Red Egg is highly sought after by the Dragon Scholar for their research! Collect ten Scaled Red Eggs and hand them over to be richly rewarded.

Quest NPC Quest Name Quest Objective(s) Completion Reward

Dragon Scholar

NPC ???

Scaled Red Egg

Hand over ten Scaled Red Eggs

Title: [Egg Thief]

Gold Bar 10,000G

* This quest can only be completed once per Family.

* The Gold Bar 10,000G can be sold to Storage Keepers for 1,000,000,000 silver.



Special Reward

- The Adventurer who is the first to complete the quest above will receive an additional special reward!

First Adventurer to Complete the Quest: Very first Adventurer to hand over ten Scaled Red Eggs to the Dragon Scholar and complete the quest.


First Adventurer to Complete the Scaled Red Egg Quest

Special Title: [Dragon Snatcher]

World Boss Crimson Dragon Garmoth Summon Scroll x1

* The items above will be sent by in-game mail during the March 24, 2021 (Wed) maintenance.

* If there isn’t an Adventurer who completes the quest during the event period, the event rewards will not be given out.

[Go to Plump Yourself Up with Plump Pufferfish!]



● Sweeter Adventures with Sweet Candy! event has started.

Event Period

- March 10, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – March 24, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance


Event Details

① Defeat monsters, gather, or fish during the event period for a chance to obtain the item below!

Defeat Monsters, Gather, or Fish

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag


② Bring the [Event] Sweet Candy Bag to the [Heidel NPC] Lara to exchange for the items below.


Required Items to Exchange Exchangeable Items

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag x2


Swaying Wind Shard x1

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag x5

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x1

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag x35

Premium Elixir Box x1

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag x60

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag x100

Advice of Valks (+30) x1

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag x100


Krogdalo's Origin Stone x1

[Event] Sweet Candy Bag x150

Fine Accessory Box x1

* The [Event] Sweet Candy Bag can still be exchanged after the end of the event.


③ You can open the [Event] Sweet Candy Bag to receive one of the following items instead.

Open the [Event] Sweet Candy Bag for one of the items below!

[Event] Sweet Candy

[Event] Sour Candy

[Event] Refreshing Candy

* The items above can only be used when each respective fitness level is under 30.

Tip! Check your fitness levels from My Information (P) - Battle Stats!

[Go to Sweeter Adventures with Sweet Candy!]



● Lara's Special Request Week 3 event has started.

Week 3 Event Quest Accept Period
- March 10, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – March 24, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

Quest NPC Quest Name Quest Objective(s) Quest Completion Rewards


NPC – Lara

[Event] Lara’s Special Request III

- Make Fruit Juice x50.

- Give Lara Fruit Juice x50.

Contribution EXP 100


Selection Reward (Choose One) ▼


 Manos Necklace


Manos Earring


Manos Ring


Manos Belt

* This quest can only be completed once per Family during the event period.

[Go to Heidel’s Lara Needs Help!]



New and Improvements

● Succession: Magical Evasion - Skill can now be added to a Skill Cooldown Slot.



● Core: Fissure Wave - Changed the direction of the skill's graphical effect.
● Equilibrium Break - Changed the skill's graphical effect for Remastered mode or higher.



● Added an idle animation for [Ranger] Pieris Outfit Set.



We're changing the rules of Black Spirit's Adventure. When we first revamped Black Spirit's Adventure, we added a variety of devices in hopes to increase not just the fun factor but its strategic element as well. However, in this process, we realized that we had forgotten a rather important thing - that is, the emotions wrought by failure. The original Black Spirit's Adventure had no real consequence for failing to reach the finish square, but while focusing on revamping the board, we neglected this important part. And so, today's update will remove the "Failed to Finish" option entirely, revamping the board to now allow for anyone to enjoy without fearing to fail. In light of this change, we've also enhanced the rewards for successfully completing a round. We were originally planning to reset all "Rewards for Additional Rounds Completed", but after looking at the in-game statistics, we discovered that many adventurers had yet to use their dice. And so, the actual reset for the number of additional rounds completed is scheduled for 2 weeks later on March 24. You'll be able to try your hand once more to win all the rewards for additional rounds reset back from 0, and we also plan to add rewards for additional rounds completed up to round 75.
※ When the number of completed rounds are reset on March 24, you will be returned to the START square. (Added)
● Changed the rules for Black Spirit's Adventure. Now there is no penalty for failing to reach the finish square.
- Removed "Rolls to Finish", which stood for the number of dice rolls left to reach the FINISH square from the START square.
- Removed "Failed to Finish" with the removal of "Rolls to Finish".
- Removed the "Lucky Day" Arcana cards, which added additional rolls to finish, with the removal of "Rolls to Finish".
- Issued Black Spirit's Dice to compensate for the type of "Lucky Day" Arcana cards in your possession.
Arcana Card Compensation
Lucky Day - 1 Additional Roll Black Spirit's Dice x1
Lucky Day - 2 Additional Rolls Black Spirit's Dice x2
Lucky Day - 3 Additional Rolls Black Spirit's Dice x3
- If you have any unopened Arcana of Fate Boxes, all Lucky Day - 1, 2, 3 Arcana cards will be deleted and replaced with 6 Black Spirit's Dice when you open the box after the update.
- Removed the limit of additional rolls after rolling the same number on both dice.
Before Now
After having rolled an additional roll gained from rolling the same number of pips on both dice, you would not gain additional rolls if you rolled the same number once more You will continue to gain additional rolls whenever you roll the same number of pips on both dice

- Added different boards.

Before Now
Your piece is returned to the START square after reaching the FINISH square Your piece is moved to a new board after reaching the FINISH square
▲ 1st Board
▲ 2nd Board
▲ 3rd Board


● Enhanced the rewards based on additional rounds completed.

Round Completed Before Now
5 rounds Black Spirit's Special Dice Box Arcana of Fate Box
10 rounds Fine Accessory Box Fine Accessory Box II
20 rounds [Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Combat) x2 Black Spirit's Adventure Box x5
30 rounds [Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Life) x2 Black Spirit's Adventure Box x10
50 rounds [Event] Gold Bar Box x2 [Event] Black Spirit's Adventure Gold Bar Box x2
100 rounds Advice of Valks (+100) Advice of Valks (+100)

- Right-click the [Event] Black Spirit's Adventure Gold Bar Box to obtain 1 of Gold Bar 2,000G, 4,000G, 6,000G, 8,000G, or 10,000G. 


- Whether your piece is on the normal or event board, all boards will increase your Number of Completed Rounds by 1 when you successfully move your piece from the START square to the FINISH square.
* Thus, the once separate numbers of successful rounds finished for normal and event boards will be combined henceforth.
* Based on the combined number of successful rounds finished for both types of boards, rewards pertaining to the new combined number will be sent to your Mail (B).
● Removed text from the Lucky Day Arcana cards mentioning additional rolls.

● From Mar. 10 (after maintenance) - Mar. 24 (before maintenance), the number of dice for Black Spirit's Adventure is increased to five and a special background is applied to celebrate the Pearl Abyss direct service. (Added)

● A new season of the Old Moon Grand Prix has begun.
- Beginning with the new season, you will gain points for every race you run, and your overall ranking will be updated depending on the points you accrue.
- Selecting a race course in the Old Moon Grand Prix Race Info window will display your personal records pertaining to that course.
- Personal records will display your best time and the number of times you completed that specific course.


- You can check your rankings by Old Moon Grand Prix season when you click the arrow button for "See Old Moon Grand Prix Season Ranks" in the Old Moon Grand Prix window.
- You can see your rankings by season, race course, and ranking type.
- Ranking types are divided into Overall Ranking and Record Ranking. More details regarding the types of ranking are as follows:


- Record Ranking: Record Ranking displays your best rankings per race course. It displays your best rankings along with the race horse you raced with and the date when you achieved that record.

- Overall Ranking: Overall Ranking combines your points earned from your rankings of all the race courses. It displays the number of times raced, the number of times you achieved a specific rank, and your overall point total.
- You will gain the following number of points based on your rank.

Rank Point(s)
1st 10 points
2nd 5 points
3rd 3 points
4th and below 1 point

● Opened the Calpheon: Anti-Troll Fortification and Mediah: Stonetail Horse Ranch race courses for the Old Moon Grand Prix.
● Added the Happy Black Spirit buff.
- For more details on the Happy Black Spirit buff, please refer to [Thanking Adventurers in Over 150 Countries Worldwide].
● Has everyone received the title which was added after March 3 (Wed) maintenance to celebrate (?) the transfer of NA/EU service? For those adventurers who have yet to obtain it... try leveling up any character!


Quest & Knowledge

● There's news of some gossipy NPCs in each of the major city's taverns and inns offering interesting tales of this world. They talk of Adonna Rioblanc, who trudged through the harsh sandstorms of the desert to settle down in a quiet tavern somewhere in the western continent. - You can find details regarding Adonna Rioblanc's actual location by talking to the following NPCs located in the taverns/inns listed below.
Town / Capital City Inn / Tavern NPC
Velia Lunar Halo Inn Kono
Heidel Golden Toad Inn Ponterra
Calpheon Herba Tavern Sauvinanc
Altinova Mariam Inn Taruc
Valencia Sabi Inn Akadula
Grána Luansei Inn Garkana
Duvencrune Bamam Inn Dotanta
O'draxxia Thornflower Tavern Rune Terna

- Meet with Adonna Rioblanc, and solve her simple riddle quests to get your fortune read for a total of 9 times per family. Each time you get your fortune read, you will be able to receive a special gift that is useful for the Black Spirit's Adventure.
- You will be able to get your fortune told a few days after the previous fortune reading session from Adonna Rioblanc. Once you're able to get another fortune read, Adonna Rioblanc's Borky will announce in the inn/taverns of the towns/capital cities listed above that you can get another fortune read.
- Once her parrot makes the announcement, you can return to Adonna Rioblanc, who will eagerly read your fortune without the need to accept a separate quest.
- Adonna Rioblanc and her parrot will return to their wandering ways when the time comes. Right before they set off on their journey, adventurers will be able to accept a quest from the parrot Borky, who will reveal their hidden story, and also reward you with Adonna's last gift and title, .
- However, Adonna does not wish to sour the still-bright futures of adventurers who are below Lv. 30, and will refrain from reading their fortunes.

● Added the "Wanderer's Star" category under Adventure Log - Travel Log.



* We discovered that the incomplete version of the expanded gamepad function was released in the March 3 (Wed) update. Here, we would like to announce that the complete version of the gamepad function was added in this week's update on March 10 (Wed). We hope our Adventurers take note of this as to not cause you further inconvinience in your gameplay.

● Expanded gamepad features.
- You can now use the Gamepad Exclusive UI if you select ""Use Gamepad UI"" after activating gamepad by going to Settings → Select Use Gamepad.
- New control settings will be assigned to the player when using the Gamepad Exclusive UI and you'll see that the changed UI is identical to the one that can be seen in Black Desert on console.
- Ring menu, World Map interface for gamepad, and other UI features will be optimized for gamepad but controls are not customizable.
- Each class's skill cast and controls will be optimized for gamepad. However, commands to perform combos are identical to PC configurations.
- PvE is much more readily accessible if you play with gamepad UI and turn on Combat Assistance at the same time.
- Gamepad Exclusive UI allows basic controls needed in the game to be performed through the gamepad. However, a keyboard and mouse must be used when using Central Market and certain other UI features.
- You can switch between Normal Gamepad Mode and new Gamepad Mode (that uses a Gamepad Exclusive UI) without losing the control settings you've set into place.
Find out more information on the gamepad by reading the [New "Gamepad" Manual].
● Added the Buff Details UI. Use LS Click + RS Click to see a descriptive list of buffs currently in effect.
● Improved interface by allowing Elvia Main Weapon and Awakening Weapon to be instantly equipped by the Better Gear Widget at the top-right side of the screen without having to open inventory.
- When the time on is up on Elvia gears, the Widget will appear again to allow adventurers to instantly equip their original gear.
● Pearl Shop will now show the class you are currently playing on the demonstration screen when you select a product that includes several different classes.
● Improved replay features for Arena of Arsha streaming.
- HP is now displayed to the second decimal places when using replay features.
- Each team's HP can be checked through messages at the end of the match when using replay features.
- Fixed issue where Guild Emblems would not disappear even after character has been defeated when using replay features.
● Changed design for Event Cart.

● Expanded target features in knowledge to work both for individual subjects as well as knowledge categories. Any subject under the selected category will be highlighted on the mini-map. - The target feature can only be used if the selected categories do not include other categories (Only contains individual Knowledge). - The target feature doesn't apply to rare monsters.



● Improved the mechanisms regarding in-game coupon usage.
● Optimized performance for unstable chat group connections.
● Fixed issue where you could run multiple clients under certain circumstances.



● Changed the standard font color in the Update History to a light grey. (Added)



Changes and Fixes

● Fixed issue with graphical anomalies in certain locations of Northwestern Calpheon.
● Fixed issue with graphical anomalies in certain locations of Terrmian coastline.
● Fixed issue with graphical anomalies in certain locations of Shakatu's Villa.
● Fixed issue with interference in character movement near Caduil Forest.
● Fixed issue where adventurers could pass through the pillars of Epheria Sentry Post.
● Adventurers are now led to a high resolution in-game video clip when pressing LMB on the gameplay video clip button at the bottom of the screen while creating a new character.
● Fixed issue where the Giant Mudsters, when spawned twice consecutively as a Field Boss, would appear in locations before the change rather than appearing in the changed locations (Southern plains near the Swamp Fogans habitat, Triangle Head Lizard habitat).
● Fixed issue where the character's left fingers would overlap with the weapon when equipping [Guardian] Glorious Shudad.
● Fixed issue where portions of the mesh would be exposed abnormally when equipping [Berserker] Mountain Guardian Spirit while Body Shape is max size.
● Fixed issue where the instrument would not be visible when summoning Shai to perform music.
● Fixed issue where the instrument would not be visible to other adventurers when playing as Shai to perform music.
● Fixed issue with adventurers not being able to accept the [Event] Black Spirit's Illusion quests.
● Fixed issue with inappropriate background music being played at the Altar of Blood.
● Fixed issue where Console Gamepad Dingbat font could not be displayed in Gamepad Settings.
● Fixed issue in Black Spirit's Adventure where sounds could not be heard when moving on a square.



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you

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