GM Notes [GM Notes] Vote for the GM events you want to see!
Black Desert Feb 16, 2021, 17:00 (UTC)



Greetings Adventurers!


[GM] Daisy here! You may know me as the Guild House Manager of Grána.


Queen Brolina Ornette of Kamasylvia has assigned me a very important task to visit you and hear your opinions on GM events!

To be quite frank, I’m just happy to finally go on my own adventure and leave Grána for once...


Anyways, back to the important news.


Planning for a variety of GM events involving the new GMs of Black Desert has begun, and we seem to be having trouble choosing which events to hold. That’s why I’m here today to ask you about which events Adventurers like the most. We’re worried that you might find our events to be boring or not worth the time.


And so, that’s why I’m on this vacat- I mean mission of trying to find out what Adventurers really want. Queen Brolina has provided me with a survey containing a list of the current event ideas. Please have a look and let me know which one is your favorite. Oh, and try to hurry up. I have an Old Moon Sky Balloon to catch.


One final note, the voting results may influence upcoming GM events in the future.


Which of the following events is your top pick?

  GM Event
1 Treasure Hunt!
2 Red Battlefield with GMs!
3 Hide and Seek with GMs!
4  Golden Bells for all channels. It’s on the GMs!
5 Need for speedOld Moon Grand Prix with GMs!
6 Explore the desert with GMs!
7 Explore the ocean with GMs!
8 Need a lift? Get a ride with a GM!
9 Fireworks!
10 A concert with GMs!

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