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GM Notes Aug 3, 2022, 18:00 (UTC) Dev Commentary: Upcoming Updates


Class Balance Updates

Coming to the August 5 (Fri) update in Black Desert Global Lab.
We’ll start with adjustments to overly powerful PvP classes, then focus on updates to classes
that are overwhelmingly efficient in PvE and those that show low efficiency in PvE. 
Our goal is to reduce the gaps and variances between classes.
After that, we will be taking additional feedback and then making more fine-tuned adjustments. 



Arena of Solare Regular Season – Starting August 17 (Wed) 

· Improvements to Info System ·

Improvements to the info system will allow you to see in more detail how well you did in a match
and how other top-ranked Adventurers are playing.
You will be able to see top-ranked Adventurers’ crystal set-up, Skill Add-ons, and more.
Additionally, class-based rankings will also be viewable.

Top rankers will be rewarded special benefits such as outfits.

· Practice Mode ·

Before jumping into rank mode, Adventurers will soon be able to practice with Practice Mode.
Practice Mode will allow you to party up with friends and guildmates before heading into a match.
When ranked mode isn’t available, practice mode will be available to play!


Quality of Life Improvements

· Marni’s Realm - Hystria & Aakman ·

After a server optimization update, Hystria and Aakman will be added to Marni’s Realm.
Our goal is to add them as soon as possible!

· Automatic Food & Elixir Skill - Coming Soon ·

Fairies will be able to automatically use foods and elixirs with the new skill: “Continuous Care.”
Three presets will be available so that you can have different settings for varying situations.
Fairy tiers will be maintained. Max levels will be increased to level 50 and an additional skill can be learned.
Miraculous Cheer V and Feathery Steps V can be learned with similar probability.


· Conquest War & Node War Improvements ·

You will be able to directly select your guild and your opponent’s guild’s colors,
allowing for easier identification of opponents.


Conditions for building forts and command posts will be made less restrictive,
allowing you to build on more rougher terrain.
Additionally, the default building preparation time required for forts and annexes will be decreased to
1 second before Node/Conquest War begins.
And lastly, remote installation will also be added to Conquest War.

· Inventory QoL Improvements ·

Items obtained while adventuring will be better grouped together, so that they are easier to identify,
which means that novice Adventurers can manage their inventories with more ease. 

· Improvements to Maids ·

Maids will get a new ability that will allow you to easily move items between characters located within the same region.


Adding More Content to Outfits

· Outfits and Their Stories ·

To give outfits more context, background stories explaining the outfit’s origin and concept will be added.

· Changes to Outift Release Schedule ·

Our development direction for outfits will change, so that the same outfit will be released for multiple classes
and come with a story.
More classes will be able to wear the new outfits and there will be less waiting.


Battlefield of the Elves

New Conquest War will be expanded to match the growing world of Black Desert

* Tentative name.


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Inventory: Please do not force that, make it one of the auto-arrange options. Thanks!
@Entropoid In the picture they provided, there's a list icon and a slots icon. Looks like you can toggle back and forth.
@Kinjara Huh - ok, thanks, I was lost in the Korean :) Hope it works like that.
@Entropoid You still should be able to use the Old Inventory Menu using the 4 small square icon on the Top-right of the Inventory menu
Can we have boots for female classes please?
@InvXXVII This deserves a bump. We need boots, please! ;-;
@SaiAbyss I've basically made it my job to ask this as often as possible wherever I'm allowed to comment xD maybe if enough people do it (or bump my comment) they'll notice.
@InvXXVII And they answered why they can't just designs female outfits with boots ages ago. Long story short; the characters has a fixed skeleton, and female skeleton is made to support heeled designs. The best they can do is to give the ''illusion'' that they're wearing boot while the skeleton would still look like they're wearing heels, but that isn't a feasible solution and is subject to things getting broken by it. Also because its simply an illusion, they cant craft variety of non-heeled designs with such a massive restriction from the engine's end.
PA really need to start thinking about the impact on PVP of all these PVE-focused QoL changes. It started with the perfume & elixir cd reductions & this new fairy skill is yet another step in a really dumb direction for PVP. With how accessible full elixir rota is becoming combined with previous 10s cd perfume change & doubling the max price of whale pots, its starting to cost hundreds of millions to potentially upwards of 1billion per hour to PVP at a competitive end-game level. This is fine if you're already hardcap and have no upgrades left to save for, but for anyone who isn't there yet this is so so bad for the game & really needs some attention soon - even for those that are "done" with their gear, I don't think anyone wants to spend this crazy amount/hr just to PVP, but you're at such a massive disadvantage if you don't also do it.
@RPrescott PvP is expensive, but it always has been. it is sadly not the main content of the game but merely end-game content. Spending a few hundred mil per hour is already normal. 1b is an hour of grinding even on something other than succ striker. The auto features are nice. The high price and basically little to no reward for pvp is the issue (even winning siege does not cover a week of NW expenses if you are serious).
For the love of god please don't just nerf succ drak's PvP damage without rebalancing her kit. Reduce the single skill damage but keep overall DPS the same by buffing her other skills and making her weaker skills faster. Hopefully making her skills faster will also help her B tier PvE.
@Netreiam You must be high, succ drak needs to hit the ground
@Netreiam Succession Drakania needs to be nerfed into the Earth's Core like Sage where now she actually requires skill to actually get kills rather than 1 simple rotation that can wipe out a whole team at a Medium Range
Please fix the ranger succesion i got 311 ap kutum and 407 dp , i cant grind in zone like new zone hexe sanctuary ..pss i play since the beginning of the game took me over for year to get that ap and still cant grind the higher zone with my class and in pvp its even worse .... a lot of class with less ap can grind that zone... the pvp we cant defend our self what the good to burst damage class if you cant pull it out
Maybe you could think about turning some of the lesser used Calpheon Elvia realm monster zones (or adding them as additional zones using the capacity left in the Calpheon Region) into a Duo, Trio, and Full-group areas.
@Reverielle Rushed this out and we never got Khuruto, Manshas, Trents, or Catfish.
Class Balance Updates
"After that, we will be taking additional feedback and then making more fine-tuned adjustments. "

@Brassica This is comical indeed. Just like how their "reworks" were supposedly going to balance things out with the newer classes. Honestly, they need to hire a team that does nothing but tweak classes to get them all on par with each other. I get that some classes are supposed to be stronger in different types of content, but it should have never been so drastically different in this game with the amount of cash that they get from customers. Balance for PA = Huge MEME.
Tbh hate this giga patch class balance update why dont balance step by step instead of rolling all new xD everytime the same

So u can rly react wo WORLD WIDE feedback not only KR ty
*Rene zelwegger voice* Shut up, just shut up..... You had me at "oufits"

Honestly customization is the future, any game that isn't investing in it is living in the past. There are so many opportunities for monetization, and collaborations, the more outfit parts/slots/accessories the better.

P.s. And I see what you did putting the outfit stuff at the bottom, making me read everything else.

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