Notices [Notices] Post-Service Transfer FAQ
Black Desert Feb 25, 2021, 00:02 (UTC)


Greetings Adventurers,


Today, we would like to answer some common questions we have received after the service transfer.



Q. I can’t run the game on the official website.
A. Go to Archive → Download and click the “Download Client” button. Then, run and install the launcher.
For more information regarding the new client, please refer to the “Black Desert Game Client Installation and Game Start Guide.”
▶ Go to “Black Desert Game Client Installation and Game Start Guide.”





Q. When I click the “Download Client” button, nothing happens.
A. This can happen if JavaScript is blocked on your Google Chrome browser. Go to the link below and change the settings to allow JavaScript and try again.

▶ Go to Chrome Settings




Q. Do I have to download the client from the website every time I want to run the game?
A. No, you only need to download the client once. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the client, you can run it by clicking the Black Desert shortcut icon on your desktop.




Q. The button size is abnormally small/large after launching the client.
A. Go to Display → Scale and Layout and change the size of text, apps, and other screen items. 


The launcher’s mini-mode will automatically activate if launched in a display below a certain resolution.



Q. The launcher doesn’t run on Windows 32-bit.
A. In the launcher settings, change the Game Mode to “32 BIT,” click Confirm, and restart the launcher.




Q. The client download freezes at 1% or 3% and doesn’t move.
A. Depending on your network connection, the download may appear to be paused. However, the actual download is still in progress, so please do not close the launcher.



Q. I get a message asking me to use a recommended browser when I visit the Web Central Market.
A. The Web Central Market is designed to be suitable with Google Chrome. If you are using a non-Chrome browser, we recommend you visit the Web Central Market again using Google Chrome.




If you encounter any other issues when using the launcher, please contact our [Support].


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