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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


GM Notes Feb 13, 2023, 16:22 (UTC) [1 Minute Tips] Learn a lot in a little VI

"It's too crowded! Press SHIFT + F5"


It’s always fun taking down World Bosses together! 
But sometimes it's just too crowded,  
and you can’t see quite where you are.  
Remember, Shift + F5!  
When there are more than 50 Adventurers around, 
this will hide them all!  


▲ (Above) Look at all those Adventurers! (Below) Shift + F5 snap 


* If you use the Hide other Adventurers option, 
you will still collide with the other Adventurers around you.   


"Run at full speed without holding SHIFT!"


Everyone knows that you can sprint holding Shift + W! 
But there is another way to sprint without holding shift.  
With auto-movement (T) enabled, click the “Press the Button to Use Auto-Sprint" at the bottom of the screen.  


▲ Run, Dark Knight, Run!


"Caution’s for the weak!"


Horses are an Adventurer’s best friend,  
but sometimes you just have to launch down a hill 
to get to where you need to go. But what if the horse won’t bomb down the mountain? 
Check your horses skill and see if you have the skill ‘Caution’ on the horse.  
If this skill is there, proceed to lock the skill,  
and now you can throw your horse down any incline in the game.  

▲ Lock the skill by clicking on the skill icon in the Mount Information window.


▲ Now your horse truly is brave!


* After locking caution, take great care not to fall from too high of a location, where your horse could get injured.

"Handle your pets like a master!"


Those cute and adorable pets!  
Did you know you can control various abilities for them?  
Open the Pet window, and check which of the icons are active.  
This will allow you to change their pick up speed, or even turn off certain talents! 

▲ Take a break birdie! 


"Left over energy?"


Didn’t use your energy today? 
Then go visit Alustin in Velia, and turn that energy into energy pots!  
Collecting energy pots will help you a lot when you need to burn through your energy gathering meat or taking on the night spawns of Sherekhan Necropolis!  
(Or you could just sell them on the Central Market!) 


▲ The exchange ration is not 1:1. What is the secret to your vigor Alustin? 


"Check your characters reserves easily!"


Want to check which character has a lot of energy? 
Take advantage of the ESC – Disconnect menu!  
You can check how much energy they have, their enhancement chance stack and whether they have a mount pulled out right there on the screen!  



Current Energy / Enhancement Chance Stack / Mount used 


"Check what other characters have!"


Since we’re in the disconnect window, let’s look at another useful function.  
Click the bag icon at the top of the character Selection Screen in simplified view, 
or the bag icon next to the ‘Change’ button in detailed view.  
This will allow you to check out all the items in a characters inventory, equipped gear, and even their AP/DP without the need to switch!  


We hope that this notice was helpful!  
As always, if there are any interesting tips that you wish to raise for other Adventurers, leave a note in the comments below! 




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