GM Notes Mar 10, 2021, 12:00 (UTC) New Gamepad Guide



Greetings Adventurers!


Black Desert’s default PC controls aren’t just limited to keyboard and mouse. In fact, you can use a game pad to explore the vast and wide world of Black Desert!


For Adventurers who play Black Desert Online with a game pad, we hope you’ll try out the newly added “Use Gamepad UI” setting and check out the optimized settings for gamepads.



How to Use Gamepad

To use a gamepad, you’ll need to first set your options as follows.


How to Use Gamepad In-game Menu (ESC) → Settings → Interface Settings → Gamepad → Activate “Use Gamepad” Setting



Default Gamepad Character Controls



Gamepad UI

After turning on the “Use Gamepad” setting, you can additionally activate the “Use Gamepad UI” setting as well. (If you activate this option on its own, then the “Use Gamepad” setting will automatically activate.)


Once you’ve activated the “Use Gamepad UI,” you’ll be able to set up the gamepad dedicated and optimized UIs (Ring Menu, World Map, Inventory, etc.).

Using the Gamepad Dedicated UI Not Using the Gamepad Dedicated UI
You can set up and use the gamepad dedicated and optimized UIs (Ring Menu, World Map, Inventory, etc.); however, you will not be able to freely set up and change the gamepad buttons. You can freely set up and change the gamepad buttons, but you will only be able use some of the UIs (basic character movements, Quick Slots, etc.)



Gamepad Dedicated UI – World Map


Activating the gamepad dedicated UI changes the “World Map UI” to a gamepad optimized form. The World Map can be opened with the Ring Menu (Up on the D-pad), and you can move around on the World Map using the left analog stick to focus on the area you want. Afterward, press the X button to activate a navigation path to your destination.


Once you’ve activated a navigation path, press LT (Left Trigger) + X while the World Map is opened to use auto-run or press the left analog stick while the World Map is closed to use auto-run for your selected navigation path.



Gamepad Dedicated UI – Ring Menu


Using the Gamepad UI allows you to activate and edit the “Ring Menu,” which is a feature that gives you quick and easy access to frequently used functions.

How to Set Up Ring Menu

In-game Menu (ESC) → Settings → Ring Menu Setting

From the Ring Menu Setting, you can change the default Ring Menu settings or set any of the empty Ring Menu slots to use potions, items, enhanced skills, social actions, etc.


▲ Using the ”Ring Menu Setting” to set up frequently used Social Actions.


▲ Setting Up the Ring Menu to easily use potions.


You can select potions from your item tab and use the analog stick to choose your desired Ring Menu slot.


▲ What it looks like if you put a potion in Ring Menu for the left arrow key of the D-pad


As shown above, we hope you’ll give the new gamepad dedicated UI a try and enjoy better adventures in Black Desert Online.


Happy adventuring!


Now we only need button customization and the reflection of used buttons in all game UI elements (e.g. skill de__scriptions), as well as rooting out other inconsistencies like needing to press space bar when opening multiple random content boxes.
this is so nice because I play BDO with a controller even on PC.
This is nice for controller players !
Very nice progress! The ability to change our button layout (I use Square for my basic attacks) will be even better! Also, the ability to use a button to open Oasis boxes will be great!
I agree, it would be even better to be able to change the button layout. It's a kind of a steep learning curve for someone who've been playing with controller since the game came out in NA.
How do you access warehouse with new gamepad ui? More a rhetorical question as I'm pretty sure you can't.
@TechTite You can actually, but you need to go see a marketplace NPC instead of your storage.
@Retro Yeah that helps a little but still have to use mouse so defeats the purpose really. Thanks for the help!
Does this only work for Xbox controllers or can I use a Playstation one?
@Hanzeo it works you just have to learn that X = A , O = B , triangle = Y and Square = X or hope that they implement PS 4 button layout on the tooltips
It's a step in the right direction but as much as I like the new pretty UI, I'll unfortunately have to continue using the PC version with my gamepad as the Gamepad UI's functionality is currently only up to parity with what content the console version

Can't really barter with the Gamepad UI as the console version doesn't have access to the lifeskill yet so currently you'd still have to rely on the mouse for that.
I will stay with the old gamepad settings as they are very good and have worked fine for me since the game launched on Na/Eu. I am sure this change will be great for ex console players and new bdo controller users. It is just too difficult for me to relearn
controller settings after thousands of hours.
Definitely a great start but I hope they continue to improve upon this to include warehouse access at storage and also mass processing from storage. Would also like to see horse skills and boat skills with dedicated buttons or quick slots. i was only able
to do instant accel and roar on horse i think.
Really clunky to setup skills with controller, will keep using the old version for now.
My only true issues are the customization of the controls. That NEEDS to be implemented. Also being able to change the LT function on the quick slot to RT (or any other button you change "Sprint" to.) I've played to lvl 62 on console so I have a decent
understanding of the console controls. I'm overall happy it's in this version of the game as well. I just hope for more fine tuning to make the experience even better.
So I've noticed a few things that are missing when you have the gamepad ui enabled. You can't open the central marketplace inventory from the storage keeper anymore. You also can't use the central market with a controller. Also having the ability to switch
functions on buttons while the gamepad ui is enabled would be really nice. You also cannot check what's in the city's bank through the map when you have the gamepad ui enabled. You don't get item information when you view a character's inventory through the
'End Game' window.
Would be nice to be able to use market with gamepad kinda a pretty important thing. Wouldnt really be a problem if you let us unlock cursor but for some reason you have the back button on xbox gamepad bound to chat instead.Why?
Is it possible to get the PS4 controller buttons ui also its only X-Box buttons now
I swear, I feel like you guys are answering all my requests! So grateful! Thank you!!
do you implement the interface and don't let us reassign the buttons?
I've been using RT as my main attack for years ...
sorry i will stick with the simple gamepad use that gives me the freedom to reassign to my play style

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