Notices Mar 11, 2021, 06:00 (UTC) [Completed] Marni Server Maintenance Notice March 11



Hello, Adventurers! 

We will be conducting a temporary maintenance of certain server. 



Partial Maintenance Details 

■ Scheduled Maintenance Period:

- Mar. 11, 2021 (Thu) 6:30 - (UTC) (Lasts Approximately 1 Hour)

- Mar. 11, 2021 (Thu) 7:30 - (CET) (Lasts Approximately 1 Hour)

- Mar. 10, 2021 (Wed) 22:30 - (PST) (Lasts Approximately 1 Hour)

- Mar. 11, 2021 (Thu) 1:30 - (EST) (Lasts Approximately 1 Hour)


■ Game Maintenance 

- Servers: Marni

Impact: Unable to access the Marni Server


* Additional Notices 

- Adventurers cannot enter or use the Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, or Altar of Blood during maintenance in the Marni server. 

- Guild missions during partial maintenance will be cancelled, and the number of acceptable missions will not be restored. 

- If Adventurers proceed to join guilds during partial maintenance, the guild names may not be shown properly. This issue will be fixed after the regular maintenance.  

- After the maintenance starts, game access in the server will be terminated, and you will be automatically disconnected even if you are waiting in-queue. 

- Adventurers in the affected servers should move their characters to a safe location or a different server. 

- If Adventurers disconnect in a Combat Zone; their characters and mounts may be attacked by other players and monsters. 

- Players can access the game normally in servers not undergoing maintenance. 

- Please reconnect to the client if the message “Duplicate login attempt” is shown after connecting to the server after the maintenance is over,  

- Maintenance times are subject to change, extension, and/or early completion and any changes will be provided as an update on this site. 


Please refer to the schedule and the server(s) above and move to different server before the maintenance commences. 

To prevent any issues, please refrain from joining the server(s) listed above before the maintenance begins. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we continue to work towards improving the quality of service for our players. 
Thank you. 

 Pearl Abyss Black Desert Service Team. 

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