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GM Notes Apr 30, 2024, 15:30 (UTC) BDO Monthly - April 2024

BDO Monthly - April 2024

The April BDO Monthly issue has just arrived! Grab a copy while it lasts!

Greetings Adventurers,

April was a month full of creativity among the soft Spring Breeze. From hyperrealist screenshots to amazing fanart and very detailed guides, we can't wait to share with you what all the Adventurers created this month!



Adventurer bebi debuts in BDO Monthly with these amazing screenshots. We had to re-adjust our glasses to make sure these were real screenshots from being so hyper realistic! Can you find all the beauties that Adventurer bebi showed us?
Wondering on how to decorate your Land of the Morning Light Manor or make it more cozy? Don't worry! Grab your nearest cup of tea and check out the beautiful Sakura Institute created and photographed by Adventurer Jadefyre! All the decorations and details made us travel back in time and even doubt if we had left the real world!
We welcome back to BDO Monthly Adventurer Siyoo with their amazing screenshots. From the beautiful Kamasylve Tree to the hidden wonders of the Land of the Morning Light, all the scenery took us by wonder. Would you go to visit any of the places depicted by Siyoo?


Adventurer Evelia is back, back again with an amazing Sorceress fanart! We couldn't agree more that the La Orzeca scythe fits perfectly with the Rose Noire outfit! The red mixed with the black and some pink really highlights all the art! We truly hope that Evelia's Sorceress isn't going to destroy us with her sweet scythe!
We welcome Adventurer Bakania into BDO Monthly with an amazing Ranger and Dark Knight fanart! We loved how the daughters of Sylvia are portrayed between the green lush of Kamasylvia Forest and the dark thorns of Thornwood Forest but both being blessed by the light! We hope to see more of Bakania's drawings or even the tiny drawings in the replies! *pulls a blanket as well* 
Adventurer Mercuel is back with a Chibi portrait of their fellow Adventurer BTTRAN's Berserker. We all fell for the detail and creativity of their artwork, and we are eager to see more in the future!
Did you liked this piece of art? Then check out this other artwork from Mercuel!
Ever grinded Oluns? Then maybe this scene may be way too familiar for you too! Someone go and save Adventurer ShiroeK's Shai, their friend is apparently too eager to let the Golem kill them!
Digging through your old folders can bring some unexpected joy, or, in this case, art! Adventurer Seonaidh is joining BDO monthly with some of their old pieces of art dated 2016. How many of you were already playing that year?


Adventurer TheChilliers strikes back! In this incredible video, TheChilliers explain that all the combo, addons, mobility, tips and tricks works very well for them without needing to Awaken her force! Rise and shine, and be the last one standing in the battleground!


Adventurer LemaLakedaimon is back exploring the world of Black Desert and on its way to helping us all become God of Knowledge. For this edition, LemaLakedaimon explored the Ancients' Records category giving us a great overview and detailed screenshots of where to find those tricky knowledges. Keep up the great work, we'll be eagerly waiting to discover your next exploration!
Adventurers who are featured on the BDO Monthly Magazine will receive the following rewards:

2,000 Pearls

of the Month" Title
(30 days)

Preview of the [Adventurer of the Month] Title

EXTRA Reward
Adventurers who are featured on the BDO Monthly magazine 3 times will receive an exclusive permanent title:

"Radiant Adventurer" Title (Permanent)


Preview of the [Radiant Adventurer] Title


Want to have a chance to be featured in the next issue of the BDO Monthly Magazine?


* Additional Notices

- Screenshots, images, videos and guides that are featured in BDO Monthly may be shared on the official Black Desert website or social media channels.
- Only the content created on your own will be considered to be included in the online magazine. Content resheared or created by AI won't be accepted.
- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in the cancellation or repossession of your reward(s) and may lead to a restriction on game access. 
- The [Adventurer of the Month] Title will be sent by in-game mail. You must open the box sent to you by in-game mail to obtain the title. 

- Please note that using the [Adventurer of the Month] title item received via the in-game mail (B) will not refresh its expiration date. You have to wait until your current title is expired to apply the new title.
- The [Radiant Adventurer] Title will be sent out directly to the account once an Adventurer has been featured 3 times on the BDO Monthly magazine. 

- The in-game mail will expire after 14 days and the box containing the title will expire after 7 days. Please make sure to open it before it expires.

- Your winnings cannot be transferred or ceded to another person. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other products of similar value.


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