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GM Notes May 2, 2024, 09:10 (UTC) World Password Day


World Password Day:

Become the protector of your account!

World Password Day is celebrated annually on the first Thursday of May.   
It's purpose is to promote better password habits since they are critical gatekeepers to our digital identities. Without them we could never be able to dive into the world of Black Desert and live infinite adventures either by ourselves or with all the friends we made along the journey.

It was back then in 2005, where the Security Researcher Mark Burnett was telling to everyone that they should have a "password day", where they update important passwords. However, it was not until 2013 when the World Pasword Day was celebrated for the first time. Since then, people have been celebrating the day on the first Thursday of May.
Curious about which are the most common passwords of the last year 2023? (⁰︻⁰) 

Most common passwords that you SHOULDN'T use

Rank Password Count
1 123456 4,524,867
2 admin 4,008,850
3 12345678 1,371,152
4 123456789 1,213,047
5 1234 969,811
6 12345 728,414
7 password 710,321
8 123 528,086
9 Aa123456 319,725
10 1234567890 302,709

Now, let's interview some of the citzens of Heidel to ask them for their Password habits:

"I am a really busy vendor and tend to forget everything, so I use the same password for all my accounts. This way, I only have to remember one password!"

❌ Using the same password for all your accounts ❌

If one of your accounts gets breached, it would be really easy to access the rest of your accounts, even your Black Desert account. No one wants to lose their precious items and characters, right?

"To avoid forgetting my passwords I use words related to my life... For example, one of my passwords contains the name of my cat and another one is the name of my favorite inn in Heidel. Who else would know that?"

❌ Using personal information about your life for your passwords ❌

Anyone could ask you an innocent question such as "What's the name of your cat?" or "What's your favorite place?", granting access to your account without even realizing you are giving away the master key.

"I use a password generator to create long passwords for my accounts. I know it might be hard to remember them, but to avoid forgetting I also use a secure password manager."

✅ Using password generators and a password manager ✅

We know that keeping track of many passwords can be a hassel, that is why we recommend using a password manager where you can store safely all your account passwords. Also the strongests passwords are the ones which contain letters, numbers and special symbols. We recommend using passwords with more than 10 characters!

◈ How else can you protect your Black Desert account? ◈

[Change your password regularly]

① Change your Black Desert account password by following the directions below:

- Black Desert website > My Page > Check Account Details > Change Password


② Change your password into something completely different from your previous one.

- Your password must consist of 10-16 capital/lower-cased English letters, numbers, and/or special characters.

- We strongly recommend that your new password contains characters you’ve never used before.


[Setup OTP]

① Use the One-Time Password service to keep your account safe and secure.


② Register for the OTP service by following the directions below:

- Black Desert website > My Page > Security Center > OTP Setting


③ You can setup your OTP as explained below:

(1) Click the [Register OTP] button on the OTP Setting page, then verify your identity.

(2) After reading through the registration process and notices, click the [Register OTP] button.

(3) Install an OTP authenticator (Google Authenticator) onto your mobile device.

(4) Load up the installed application (Google Authenticator) then press the <+> button located on the lower part of the app to either “Scan a QR code” or “Enter a setup key” to register your OTP.

(5) Confirm the OTP number in your app, then enter it.


* All Adventurers who sign up for the OTP will immediately receive the "Old Moon Treaty Token" buff for all their characters in their Family. (The Old Moon Treaty Token is a +5% Item Drop Rate buff).


Avoid getting hacked!



Apart from securing your password, there are also other tips you should have into consideration to protect your Black Desert account. We have compiled the most important ones on the following summary:

Don't download files from strangers!
It is really common to receive e-mails related to your favorite games, offering collaborations or free items. For example, some creators have recently received the following e-mail offering a collaboration about Black Desert.
Needless to say that the e-mail looks kind of legit, but when checking the e-mail address where it comes from we can see that it comes from a weird domain. If you downloaded the file contained in this e-mail you would be installing in your PC a malware that would steal all your passwords.

When in doubt always check the e-mail address where it comes from and contact official staff members for more information before downloading files! Please find below our official e-mail address:

Don't click suspicious links (Even from your friends)!
Who did not receive a message from a Discord friend offering free stuff?

This is a really common scam comming from compromised accounts and when clicking the link it leads you to a page that looks similar to Discord. When trying to login in such page, you are giving away your credentials to a hacker.

Always double check links you receive, specially from your friends as these might come from a compromise account!

You shouldn't buy game accounts!
As tempting as it might seem, buying an external game account from another Adventurer is against our rules and also a dangerous practice that can make you lose your account and money.

Buying a game account does not make you the legitimate owner, and the seller can claim the account back at any moment, making you lose access to the account.

In the case that we might discover an account being sold/purchases, we have the right to restrict it permanently.

Always play with your own account and purchase the game and Acoins from our official website.

Did you make it until the end of our GM Note? If this is the case we will be raffleing GM's Care 2 to 20 Adventurers who leave a comment in the comment section with one of our password/security tips! You can also leave your own tips!

GM's Care 2


  • Value Pack (7 Day)
  • GM's Grace (3 Hours)
    • Energy Recovery +1
    • Item Drop Rate +10%
    • Combat/Skill/Life EXP +10%
    • Knowledge Gain Chance +10%
    • Movement Speed +1
    • Luck +1

Raffle Winners
Mr_Morpheus LidSky Pufosu VexenCrow Goshenit
Visenka Batoshu GurthusMaximus Alatherna Darrrman
Durvishin Church Moca KymberhMoca Velya
Eryu Kingsclan24 Zeusano Mereena FROG62
* Winners have been selected randomly within all Adventurers who commented this GM Note.
* Winners will receive their rewards in their mailbox (B).



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