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GM Notes Jun 22, 2024, 16:50 (UTC) [Land of the Morning Light - Seoul] A New Chapter Unfolds

[Land of the Morning Light - Seoul]

A New Chapter Unfolds

▲ [Land of the Morning Light - Seoul] Trailer

Partially revealed at the Heidel Ball this year,
many adventurers have been awaiting
The Land of the Morning LightSeoul. 
Let’s prepare ourselves for its arrival  
by watching the developer commentary, 
and checking out the GM note below!

▲ Developer Commentary

Adventures in a New Location,

[Land of the Morning Light - Seoul Collection of Tales

#FamiliarFace #MiHyun #Dolswe/LeeMongryong

As you progress through the [Land of the Morning Light - Seoul], you’ll first meet
some familiar faces, and then continue your adventure into Seoul to become a true resident of the Land of the Morning Light. 
Will Lee Mongryong finally be able to meet his love in the Hwanghae Province? 
Keep your eye out for what unfolds while you progress through the Collection of Tales

▲ New Boss Uturi

▲ New Boss Jigwi

While the previous *Land of the Morning Light* collection felt like reading a traditional folktale, the latest entries will delve into the secretive incidents within the royal palace. Experience deeper combat, enhanced mystique, and intriguing puzzles through 8 new bosses from the Collection of Tales!

Join Dolswe as you explore the bustling streets of Seoul and the grand, vibrant gardens within the palace. As you wander through these lively and majestic settings, you might find yourself entangled in unexpected, colossal events. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

▲ New Illustrations: A Capture from the Tale of Two Sisters


A Splendid Manor Within the Palace - Hyeonrokdang

▲ New Manor, Hyeonrokdang

A new manor to be introduced after Shimhyangje,
Hyeonrokdang, is awaiting its new resident adventurer.


Situated in front of the stunning Gyeonghoeru pavilion, Hyeonrokdang is one of the most beautiful spots within the palace grounds. We believe it will enrich your life as an adventurer within the palace.

Enhance your palace life with the newly added furniture and create the most luxurious living experience!




[Morning LightSeoul] Black Shrine
5-person Co-op Bosses Appear!


▲ New Boss, Child in Blue

Besides the bosses from the 8 Collection of Tales mentioned previously, and the 2 hidden bosses yet to be revealed, a total of 10 formidable new bosses await adventurers in [The Land of the Morning Light - Seoul]!

To conquer these newly emerged, even more powerful and terrifying bosses, you'll need to join forces with fellow adventurers and lead the charge together.

▲  Choose your aura wisely and take on the boss!

Sun, Moon, and Earth

Sun : Trigger CC effects on the Boss in certain situations

Moon : Increase the party's maximum revival count

Earth : Summon a certain number of HP recovery orbs

Equipped with your current gear, form a 5-person party and strategically manage the Sun, Moon, or Earth auras to enhance your abilities.



Primordial Weapons – Sovereign 

The [Land of the Morning Light – Seoul] update also introduces new Primordial grade Sovereign weapons.

Sovereign (Main/Awakening) Weapons

Sovereign weapons have their own unique 10 enhancement levels. 
(※ You can also utilize the Ancient Anvil when enhancing Sovereign weapons.)

PRI (I) - DUO (II) - TRI (III) - TET (IV) - PEN (V)  
HEX (VI) - SEP (VII) - OCT (VIII) - NOV (IX) - DEC (X)

▲ Sovereign weapons’ unique enhancement levels

Crafted with the powerful energies of Morning Light; the Sovereign weapons also contain unique visual effects upon reaching certain enhancement levels. These effects can also be toggled on/off regardless of the currently worn weapon appearance!

The Sovereign weapons also have their own upgrade system where adventurers can choose and pick up to 5 different effects to create a mighty weapon that is uniquely their own

Shall we take a look at how to acquire powerful Sovereign weapons?

Method 1.

Combine PEN (V) Blackstar weapon with Primordial Flame obtainable from the Black Shrine!

Method 2.

Combine TWO PEN (V) Blackstar weapons!

Method 3.

Combine PEN (V) Blackstar Weapon + Caphras Lv. 20 Boss Weapon + Gem of Twilight!

(Please check the commentary video for more details!)

Seoul, a pure Korean word, meaning the capital of the country
Carrying such a meaningful significance, we hope that your journey and adventures will
also be filled with endless surprises and fantastic experiences.



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