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GM Notes Jun 25, 2024, 15:45 (UTC) [New Class Dosa] Closeup on Hwando & Gombangdae

Dosa, A Closeup

From the cloud-conjuring Gombangdae pipe

to the letters engraved on the mighty Hwando!

As July 3rd draws near, here’s a closer look at Dosa!

Outfit Closeup

MorningLight #DosaofSangdoSchool


#Shoulder #Details 


#PoetGosanYunSeondo #SongofFiveFriends

"The cloud's light is lovely, yet often it turns dark.
The wind's sound is clear, yet often it does depart.
Is it only water that remains pure and never parts?"

Accessories Closeup

Main Weapon – Hwando Closeup

▲ New Class Dosa’s Main Weapon “Hwando” 

Inspired by the sword of the Joseon Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the Hwando symbolizes luminous (or yang) energies. 


#PoetGosanYunSeondo #MorningMistfromNewSongintheMountain

"Fog blankets towering Mount Ahshi's peaks so high,
but soon the sun's rays will clear the sky."

Sub-weapon – Gombangdae Closeup

▲ New Class Dosa’s Sub-weapon “Gombangdae” can summon cloud soldiers. 

* Modern language source of Song of Five Friends on robes from the National Institute of Korean History 

* Modern language source of Morning Mist from New Songs in the Mountain engraved on Hwando from Academy of Korean Studies 

- Mount Wolchul depicted in Sijo (traditional Korean poetry) → represented as Mount Ahshi in Black Desert 



New Class Dosa!

To be released on July 3, 2024 (Wed).





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