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Updates May 4, 2021, 12:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - May 4, 2021



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on May 4, 2021 (Tue). Today’s patch contains 76 updates and is approximately 555.56 MB.

Happy adventuring!


Thundercloud Kutum

● Recently, archaeologists have uncovered a secret room in the Scarlet Sand Chamber that contains the immaculately preserved traces of the Ancients. Kutum, however, was overcome by the unknown energies that seeped out from this secret room, quickly turning the once guardian of the chamber into its destroyer. Having witnessed its never-before-seen destructive power, the archaeologist Desalam christened this new form as 'Thundercloud Kutum,' and has suggested restricting entry to the Scarlet Sand Chamber.
- Thundercloud Kutum will electrocute and slowly kill any Adventurer who enters the stone chambers. In this form, Kutum radiates powerful energies in a much wider range than its original form.
- Thundercloud Kutum can also awaken Ancient Weapons that lay in slumber around the stone chambers to come to its aid, and will also unleash unblockable energy storms to inflict critical damage.
● The Scarlet Sand Chamber excavation party has widened the entrance to the interior chambers for the sake of researching the relics within.
● The Adventurer who deals the final blow to Thundercloud Kutum will earn a special Title.



● When Thundercloud Kutum appears, an ancient device will activate in the stone chamber.
Each room in the stone chamber has a different function, which are as follows:

Rooms that Cleanse Kutum's Clouds

- Thundercloud Kutum will periodically blast two different types of powerful clouds onto Adventurers.
- Adventurers must head to the appropriate location in the stone chamber to remove these clouds.
- Also, if there are three or more Adventurers in the stone chamber who have each successfully diffused the clouds, a relic will activate and imbue them with a mighty power.
- However, if an Adventurer heads into the wrong stone chamber for their cloud, the relic will react by covering said Adventurer with a death-inducing cloud.


▲ To cleanse oneself of Kutum's clouds, you must enter the room with the same color as your cloud.


Room that Weakens Kutum

- Once Kutum reaches a certain amount of health, it will summon Ancient Weapons to protect itself, and begin to draw energy from beneath the grounds of the stone chamber.
- Defeat the summoned Ancient Weapons to have a chance to obtain the 'Clouded Shard,' which you can place inside the 'Eye of the Ancients' to activate a relic in the largest room of the stone chamber.
- Successfully activating the relic will weaken Kutum, making it unable to move for a certain period of time.
- However, if the Ancient Weapons aren't quickly dealt with and the relic is not activated within a certain period of time, Kutum will become more powerful and begin to unleash stronger attacks.


▲ An Ancient Weapon summoned by Kutum to protect itself after losing a certain amount of HP.


▲The relic activated by obtaining the 'Clouded Shard' from defeated Ancient Weapons and placing the shard within the 'Eye of the Ancients.'


● Added 'Kutum's Power Stone,' a new item from defeating Thundercloud Kutum.
- You can equip Kutum's Power Stone in the Alchemy Stone slot.
- Using Kutum's Power Stone will unleash the concentrated energy of Kutum as area of effect damage.
- Once its durability reaches 0, you can no longer use Kutum's Power Stone.


▲ Using Kutum's Power Stone


▲ Thundercloud Kutum appears

▲ Kutum raining down multiple thunderbolts in its vicinity

▲ Kutum attacking with electrical storms

▲ Kutum attacking by rising from the ground

▲ Kutum summoning Ancient Weapons

▲ Kutum summoning an electric orb that moves randomly

▲ Kutum sucking in all things in its vicinity

▲ Kutum dealing a frontal swipe attack, and then attacking the opposite direction.
Thundercloud Kutum is the most difficult World Boss of the three bosses we've revamped so far. Compared to Bloodstorm Nouver, which has kept many Adventurers on their toes, Thundercloud Kutum's attack patterns and movements are a bit easier to learn. It is the requirement for group coordination and effort that makes it a more difficult fight. However, taking down this behemoth will grant some special loot, so we look forward to seeing many Adventurers take on this new challenge together.




● Listen to Lara’s Request! has started.

- May 5, 2021 (Wed) 00:00 (UTC) - May 18, 2021 (Tue) before maintenance

[General Goods Vendor] Lara: Oh, I want to give a lot of gifts to Heidel’s children, but I can’t do it alone... Maybe if I wrote a letter and asked an Adventurer for help?

[Listen to Lara’s Request!]



● Guild Missions Are No Match For Us! has started.

- May 4, 2021 (Tue) after maintenance – May 18, 2021 (Tue) before maintenance

Adventurers, it's time to call your guildmates. If you complete Guild Missions during this event, you’ll get extra Guild Funds!

[Guild Missions Are No Match For Us!]



● May Attendance Rewards has started.

- May 6, 2021 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC) - June 9, 2021 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC)

All you have to do is log in every day to get tons of items including the Fine Magic Crystal Box, Stonetail Wind's Meal, and more!

[May Attendance Rewards]



New and Improvements


● Emergency Escape will now close the Processing window when used.
● Emergency Escape - Fixed the issue where certain actions could extend the duration of the skill.
● Emergency Escape - Fixed an issue with the skill where the final standby animation was not visible and skills could be used immediately afterward.

● Charging Slash - Fixed the issue where you couldn't use the skill while moving forward with Guard in Succession stance.


● Flow: Soul Reaper - Fixed the issue where the skill was activating during Midnight Stinger after using Grim Reaper's Judgment.


● Purificatione - Fixed the issue where the skill's add-on effects weren't being applied when used on cooldown in certain situations.
● Prime: Purificatione - Fixed the issue where the skill's add-on effects weren't being applied when used on cooldown in certain situations.


● Absolute: Divider, Prime: Divider I - Fixed the issue where you could learn both skills at once.
- If you had learned both skills, using either will now activate Prime: Divider, and resetting your skills will return the skill point you used to learn Absolute: Divider.
● Core: Sticky Snowflake - Fixed the issue where the non-Core version of the skill would activate when using the skill from the Quick Slot.


● Fixed the issue where using your Talent weapon to enter combat, move forward, then pressing the TAB key to leave combat would display irregular animations.


● Haladie Throw - Fixed the issue where the skill's hitbox was applied improperly when used on cooldown.


● Added Core skills to Sage Awakening.
- You can only learn one Core skill at a time. (Black Spirit's skill effects won't apply to Core skills.)
● Impaling Flash, Flow: Interrogate, Ator's Spear - Added Black Spirit versions of these skills.
- Added Black Spirit: Impaling Flash, Black Spirit: Flow: Interrogate, and Black Spirit: Ator's Spear to the Skills window.
- When your Black Spirit's Rage reaches 10%, 25%, or 50%, you can use commands such as 'LMB' or 'F + LMB' to use the Black Spirit version of each skill, introducing a dynamic aspect to using each skill.
- Each skill will gain special effects such as additional hit targets, increased casting speed, etc.
● Added an Elvia-exclusive skill to Sage Awakening. You can only use this skill while having an Elvia Awakening Weapon equipped.



● Changed the item descriptions for Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) and (Armor) as follows:
Before Now
Characters who have completed the Calpheon main quest 'Looking for Adventurers' can go to Fughar in major cities to exchange it for goods that aid season characters with growth. Characters who have completed the Serendia main questline can go to Fughar in major cities to exchange this for Naru Gear.
● Added Crypt of Resting Thoughts - Excavation as a place to obtain Mass of Pure Magic in its item description.
● Added Crypt of Resting Thoughts as a place to obtain Trace of Battle in its item description.
● Added Mountain of Division - Excavation as a place to obtain Trace of Violence in its item description.



● Changed Workers to now be able to cancel their current task immediately and return to rest.
- Cancelling a task will bring back no materials, just as before.

● Changed the name of the '[Battlefield Heroes] Rewards!' challenges to 'A Warm Breeze with Rewards.'



● Changed the terrain of certain parts of Hystria Ruins. As a result, the location of certain monster groups was changed and the number of monsters increased.


Quest, Knowledge

● Dalishain, an apprentice to Velia's alchemist, Alustin, has been sighted in major cities. Alustin's exceptionally gifted apprentice will be wandering from major city to major city, offering services to increase one's potential in Alchemy. At Alustin's behest, Dalishain will be taking his place to offer the simple test in Alchemy to Adventurers.
- Dalishain's interests lie in crafting potions, so you will be able to find her near the potion vendors of each major city.
- Changed the name of the Alchemy quest '[Bonus] A Simple Test from Alustin I' to '[Bonus] A Simple Test from Dalishain I.'
- Changed the quest to now be completed by talking to Dalishain.


Conquest War, Node War

● Added a Guild Skill to reduce annex construction time for Node/Conquest Wars.

Guild Skill Effect
Commander's Signal Lv.1 Annex construction time -5% during Node/Conquest War
Commander's Signal Lv.2 Annex construction time -10% during Node/Conquest War
Commander's Signal Lv.3 Annex construction time -15% during Node/Conquest War
Commander's Signal Lv.4 Annex construction time -20% during Node/Conquest War
- The Commander's Signal skill requires 10 points.
- The Commander's Signal skills do not stack with previous levels.
● Changed the Node War Information tab on the World Map (M) to now display information on Alliances occupying each node.
● Fixed Alliance forts in the World Map (M) to display the name of the Alliance during Node/Conquest Wars.



● Rumor has it that a certain Adventurer is on verge of attaining the Rich Merchant's prize. Once they finish crafting the Rich Merchant's Ring, a somewhat special notification message will announce their achievement to the entire Black Desert world.
● Added the function to grant nicknames to Workers.
- Only you can see the nicknames you give to your Workers.
- Once a Worker is registered on the market, their name will reset to default.

● Changed the format of the Worker's Promotion Test results sent by the Work Supervisor. The in-game mail will now display the upgraded rank of the Worker if they pass the Promotion Test.
● Changed the Boss Notification banner so clicking it no longer opens the Boss Notification settings window but just closes the banner.

● Increased the UI space for quest titles in the Quests (O) and Quest Summary windows.
● Fixed the scrollable, upper portion of the (new) Menu bar to save settings even after loading a new screen or changing servers.
● Changed the Black Spirit's Rage skill lock UI for the Gamepad UI to display the key guide background at the bottom of the UI.
● Added a notification that will alert you that it is not possible when trying to connect to an undiscovered node when using the Connect Node Directly feature.
● Added the Black Desert TV live broadcast alert icon.
- The alert icon will only display while Black Desert TV is broadcasting live.



● Fixed the issue with the Black Desert+ app where the names of items in the search results of the Central Market would overlap with the search window.
● Fixed the issue where an irregular screen would display when pressing the Game Start button after the Black Desert launcher's session had ended.

● Fixed the issue where the text displayed in the lower portion of the mail notifying a completed purchase appeared abnormal.
● Fixed the issue where clicking the link to view Notices while the launcher was undergoing maintenance wouldn't direct you to the Notices page.
● Changed the Guild page to no longer display guilds if you hadn't used the search function.
● Changed the search Guild function to now search for partial matches.
● Fixed the issue with text bleeding out of buttons when using the Internet Explorer browser.
● Fixed the Black Desert+ app's main page to now display the appropriate date format for each language.
● Reduced the size of the Black Desert+ app's search window font.
● Improved the video and image pop-up screens when viewed on a tablet.
● Fixed the issue with overlapping text in the Game Features page when viewed on a mobile device'.
● Steam accounts without additional information are now deletable.
● Changed social media accounts can now be deleted.
● Changed regular accounts and Steam accounts to no longer be created with the same e-mail address.



● Changed the translation of the following word in Spanish:
- Changed Componente mágico abierto to Material de poder liberado.
● Changed the translation of the following words in French:
- Changed Action sociale to Emote.
- Changed Usure to Durée de vie.


Modified or Changed

● Fixed the graphical issues with the backgrounds of the following regions:
- Central Neutral Zone
- Rumbling Land
● Fixed the issues where the following outfits appeared abnormal in certain situations when equipped:
- [Kunoichi] White Wildcat Armor, [Mystic] Crayodel Soldier Uniform, [Sorceress] Bern Armor
● Fixed the issue with the Gamepad UI where the Recently Successful Alchemy/Cooking windows wouldn't open while using Alchemy/Cooking.

● Fixed the issue with the Gamepad UI where the Change Family Name window's image would change depending on the size of the window.
● Fixed the issue where your character would repeat the falling animation in certain areas of Gyfin Rhasia Temple.
● Fixed the issue where monsters would get stuck at a certain boulder in the Northern Plain of Serendia.
● Fixed the issue where joining a new guild after leaving an old one caused Voice Chat or Chat Groups to be unavailable.
● Fixed the issue where your character couldn't move in certain areas of the Cron Islands.
● Fixed the issue where opening a Box item in your Inventory or Pearl Inventory would cause the game to check your remaining Pearl Inventory slots and not send the item to your normal inventory, even though the item is supposed to go into your normal Inventory.
● Fixed the Targeting function to now distinguish between night and day monsters in the Sherekhan Necropolis.
● Fixed the issue where the Campsite menu wouldn't open after using and closing the Repair window at a Campsite.
● Changed the Family Inventory to now allow the Navigate function by right-clicking an item.

● Fixed the issue where some of the terrain in O'dyllita appeared abnormal in the World Map (M).
● Fixed the issue where longer text length would cause the text about entering the Elvia Realm servers and navigating to Elvia Realm zones to break the UI.
● Fixed the issue where the Giant Mudster wouldn't appear in Elvia servers for the 'Field Boss Rush!' event.

● Fixed the issue where sound effects for the Origenus Kyve wouldn't play upon entering the Protokea for the Sage Awakening questline.
● Fixed the issue where Adventurers could attack other Adventurers after having defeated Dastard Bheg for the 'Field Boss Rush!' event.
● Fixed the issue when 2 different text boxes are opened, closing the text box opened last would cause the key guide for the text box that was opened first to not be displayed for the Gamepad UI.



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you.

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