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UTC 10 : 31 14 jun. 2024
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PDT 3 : 31 14 jun. 2024
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UPDATED 4/27/21: Detailed Leveling from 1 to 61
02 feb. 2021, 14:38 (UTC)
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# 1

This guide is an exact copy of my Steam Guide for leveling - it has been copied here in order to be seen by any new players who do not have the ability to access Black Desert Steam Guides. Please be aware this guide may not be the best in terms of leveling with seasonal characters as Eternal Winter questiline is very fast to level with. This is meant for any player who does not want to follow the story and would instead want to grind right away.
In this guide, I will try my best to share the best locations to grind for your combat experience and what each enemy will drop in the areas. I've been playing Black Desert Online, under the family name of "Thyrnan" and the Guild <Quoratum>, since the original release for North America, pre-ordering the then $100 edition and it is by far the most entertaining and best MMO that I've ever played and I hope to bring you all a fun and entertaining way to boost your characters up.
Every Veteran of Black Desert Online will agree that grinding is the fastest way to level up your character. Questing will grant you space for your inventory and experience towards contribution and energy points but will reward you with minimal combat experience (excluding certain side-quests mentioned later). If you're looking at this guide, then those don't matter right now and your main goal is to fly past those levels and get to your Awakening/Succession setup as quickly as possible.
Please be sure to follow this guide solo or with a friend near the same level. More importantly, be sure to activate as many XP buffs as you're able. If you press F3 and head into Loyalties, you should see many 530% XP scrolls, don't be scared of using these for your grind as it'll make everything much quicker. The reason for this is if you take place in power-leveling, you will have much fewer Skill Points to invest later on. Most sites and other players will tell you to skip the tutorial but I recommended you complete it in order to get more space in your inventory. If you're only focused on getting your level up, you may skip the tutorial, but if you care about making a profit while grinding then that'll be your best option.
Forest of Seclusion
These are the easiest mobs to kill and they do not pose a threat whatsoever. The highest density of these mobs can be found near the hills. If you have many Tree Spirit's Tokens after your grind session is done, you can exchange them with the NPC found on the left entrance to the guard camp. Once you've hit level 13 don't forget to go back to Western Guard Camp and get the quest from Jarette Domongatt inside the tents before you move on, finishing this quest will allow you to awaken your Black Spirit so you can enhance your items.


Northern Heidel Quarry
These enemies are easy to aggro and fairly easy to round up as well. You should keep an eye out for the Small mine Imps as they have a ranged attack. You should also look for the Violent Imp (Elite) that has a ranged spell that will give you a debuff if hit. For the highest mob density, you should go to the top and bottom of the mine. If you wanna get some silver in your pocket, try staying for an extra level as this spot is good for a quicksilver grab.


Moretti Plantation
If you have starter gear equip you may want to be careful while grinding in this area as there are enemies that deal a lot of damage and may hurt you severely. Keep an eye out for the Violent Scarecow Ghost (Elite) which drops Agerian Gloves you could use for gear. Make sure to travel between fields since some fields have a larger mob density than others.


Castle Ruins
This spot is one of the best the game has to offer, not only will you receive an amazing experience, but you'll also get a good amount of drops and can make a nice amount of starter silver instantly. You could grind outside, inside the castle walls, or actually inside the castle. Enemies outside will have a mix of range and melee enemies and will drop Rusty Helmets, Demihuman weapons, and Agerian Helmets. Inside the castle itself, the mob density is amazing and all are melee. All enemies in this spot also drop Heavy Armor Fragments, crystals, and starter weapons. Personally, grinding inside the castle is the way to go.

Bloody Monastery
This area will have massive amounts of enemies in the courtyard. They are easy to deal with but you might get heavily damaged if you're not careful. Keep an eye out for the Violent (Elite) enemy that is seen in the courtyard. If the courtyard has others grinding you could also move around the outside of the castle for a decent amount of enemies. Most guides will recommend you to stay here until level 32, however, there are many more locations better suited for this grind so it's optional for you to leave at 30 or 32.


Khuruto Cave
Make sure you do not attack the enemies outside the cave, you only want to attack those enemies inside of the cave. This is one of my favorite spots for grinding as the rotation is a very simple path that provides a constant amount of enemies. If you're able to get this spot to yourself you will fly through the levels and also make a decent silver profit. Keep an eye out for the Voilent (Elite) that is located on the top of the stairs, he hits very hard so make sure you're careful around him.


Abandoned Land
This location is very different depending on the section you're in. Some spots have a low density while others near corners have a large number of enemies. The best thing to do in this location is to perform any and all AOE attacks you may have to quickly go from corner to corner. Keep an eye out for the Violent (Elite) mob in the center as he may move slowly but will deal a lot of damage.


Marni Cave Path
This spot is one of the best, especially if you find a large group. Unfortunately, it is a very popular spot to grind so you'll have to try your best to find an area that is empty. Personally, this is my favorite spot when grinding. There is a spot you can find at the edge of the hill that is a path you could easily train back and forth.


Catfishman Camp
You'll see other guides advise you to come here once you hit level 50 but that is a terrible idea. Once you hit level 45, this is the efficient location for your grind to 50. The density of enemies is very large and you'll notice there will be many groups scattered around the area. The spawn rate is very high and you will be able to grind very efficiently and earn a fair amount of silver as well. Once you hit level 49 you will be stuck at 99.99% EXP, to get past this you will need to finish the new quest the Black Spirit will provide you.


Helms Post or Elric Shrine
Both of these locations are more or less the same. Make sure that you're here with a minimum of 100AP/130DP or you're going to have trouble grinding here. Keep an eye out for the Violent (Elite) enemy, you want to make sure he's not following your grind as he will deal a lot of damage and will be fairly difficult for you to kill. The density for enemies in this location and fairly high, you can perform AOE attacks in each group for the highest EXP gain.


Sausan Garrison (if Helms is Unavailable)
Before you come here you should know, some of these guys have the ability to knock you down and it can easily become one of the most annoying and repetitive things. Easily the best spot to build your cash up as you grind because of the three exchange items you're able to receive. Xiaoshan packs, 135,000 every 100 exchanged. Torn Pieces, 100,000 every 100 exchanged. Broken Armor Debris, 100,000 every 100 exchanged. MrProman47 mentioned something I forgot to add, the enemies here are pretty strong for a single person and that's why you usually see channel chat being bombarded with people grouping up for Sausans. This is a spot you should definitely be in a full party for, so you could all kill enemies faster and receive the combat experience equally.


Option 1: Desert Naga Temple
This location is relatively close to the Sand Grain Bazaar. The location is inside the desert so you're going to need to have purified water to grind here. For easy parking, your horse can be left at the nearby Node Manager. This location has a very large amount of mobs and isn't too hard of a grind either. The minimum to grind here alone is 145AP/200DP but I highly recommend you have about 170AP/210DP if you're interested in grinding this area in order to be as efficient as possible.


Option 2: Titium Valley
You can find Titium Valley very far into the desert and it is a bit annoying to get to that location as you'll have to travel a great distance under the harsh weather conditions. Make sure you bring purified water, about double what you would bring for Desert Naga Temple. The area has a large density of mobs and they are fairly easy to kill as well. Although it's considered one of the best sports for grinding, it's fairly empty due to the travel needed to reach this area. This spot is usually a little quieter than others, despite it being one of the best spots for exp. The minimum to grind here alone is 150AP/210DP but I highly recommend you have about 170AP/210DP if you're interested in grinding this area in order to be as efficient as possible.


You can find an excellent video that will guide you step by step by ImPansy with the link below
Última modificación : 11 feb. 2021, 23:01 (UTC)
# 2

Think I will guide one my guild mates to this post, he is new and ask 1000 of questions lol.

Última modificación : 20 feb. 2021, 19:57 (UTC)
# 3

Great guide overall, I think there are more options that could be included but they may not be as friendly towards newer players.
For example the Naga/Fogans range of grind zones has a lot of alternatives but they are not as easily accesible being in other regions of the game such as Fadus Habitat and Tshira Ruins, you could even potentially look at Polly's Forest as it provides incredible Skill EXP.

Another thing that caught my attention is that Abandoned Iron Mine is not mentioned, its a great area overall as its very dense, has plenty of monsters to accomodate even multiple players if you're new and are just trying the game out with a friend. I think its a pretty viable option early on for the 50-56 range of the guide as it also offers plenty of elites which drop valuable items.


Perhaps it may be worth mentioning that you can also level up 100% through questing all the way up to level 61 without ever grinding monsters at all. I know there is already a questing guide posted but a reference to it could find its place here as well.

Última modificación : 23 feb. 2021, 09:15 (UTC)
# 4

Or you just make the main quest chain.

You receive such a lot of XP by quests that you are level 61 at the end and you received a lot of silver and failstacks

Última modificación : 25 feb. 2021, 22:26 (UTC)
# 5
On: Feb 23, 2021, 09:15 (UTC), Written by Apanasios

Or you just make the main quest chain.

You receive such a lot of XP by quests that you are level 61 at the end and you received a lot of silver and failstacks

He said in the beginning of the post that this is for ppl that want to just level up quickly and not be bothered with stuff like that.

Última modificación : 14 mar. 2021, 13:23 (UTC)
# 6

Great guide! I'm sure it will help a lot of new players find their feet and level their first characters. May I suggest adding alternative grind spots and a silver bar for new players that wish to have different spots to grind. All in all a great guide :)

Última modificación : 16 mar. 2021, 06:06 (UTC)
# 7

Thank you for your efforts.


I'll add though, if you're using XP scrolls you could cut this guide in half and just picking about 5-6 spots since you can overgrind comfortably even when mobs are green.


Grind leveling is .very flexible. For example I can just start off @ tutorial wolves, go to goblins then straight to like Fogans if I am using scrolls. Currently with the 1000XP hot time, you can pretty much kill any mobs so take advantage of that!


If you're new and even if you have a few characters that have done the bulk of main quests I still suggest if you want storage to main quest up until just before Catfish in the Calpheon questline so you can get all the Black Spirit inventory slots. Even in this guide, most of those areas are actually baked into the main quests, so you can kill two birds with one stone!


If you're just leveling a boss alt or don't care about the slots then don't bother. I think going back when your 61 and doing the starter quests would be waste of time overall because you're back tracking. Leveling is actually really fast with the main quest especially if you have a Chengu tome too - it maybe adds an extra few hours but with reward benefits.


Also if you have the luxury of main gear you can do an area 5 or even more levels lower. Any guide whether this or bfoundary are just ballparks. You might miss a few hits on a mob but after a couple kills you will sky rocket into the perfect level range.

Última modificación : 27 abr. 2021, 00:49 (UTC)
# 8

Great, but I found between level 40-54 or so, just doing the main quest and combat quests in the Catfish/Rhutum/Mansha/Treant/Hexe areas gives you lots of quest completions for grinding that you would do anyway.


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