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Guild Contracts Suggestion
12 dic. 2022, 02:12 (UTC)
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Última modificación : 12 dic. 2022, 02:12 (UTC)
# 1

Greetings, everyone,

I was watching the Calpheon Ball yesterday and was elated to hear that the dev team is working on a way for guild contracts to be done cross-server (finally), but were struggling to find a method to make the system work. I wanted to share my thoughts with the class.

When a potential new recruit applies to join a guild from the search menu, a guild officer can send out an invitation for that recruit to join. Once an invitation is sent, an icon appears next to the recruit's minimap for them to click on and accept the invite. This can be done to and from any server, and even while the recipient is offline. This feature already does send a new contract to the recruit.

With some adjustments, couldn't this feature be adapted to be used for regular guild contracts as well? Perhaps we can also add a new color to the contract icon to show pending contracts? Green, maybe?

This would carry Quality of Life benefits such as:
- Simple, cross-server guild contract renewals.
- A method to easily see pending contracts.
- The recipient does not have to be online, and the issuing officer does not have to stay online.
- The recipient will no longer have a contract suddenly appear on their screen (while grinding, for example) and instead can click the icon by the minimap and accept it at their leisure.

I don't know much about coding, but it seems like it would be easier to expand on an existing feature like this.

Lv Privado
Última modificación : 21 abr. 2023, 20:37 (UTC)
# 2
Hello Fumami,
The cross-server guild invite system has been applied as per today's patch notes (April 19):
  • Improved so that you can invite players/renew their contracts even from different servers
    • As before, the changing of guild positions and banning guild members are possible regardless of server or online status.
    • However, the above are not possible between players in Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Grand Prix Race Track, Atoraxxion Boss or Solo mode, Abyss One - The Magnus, or Arena of Solare.
Kind regards.
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