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UTC 22 : 5 13 jul. 2024
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PDT 15 : 5 13 jul. 2024
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Awakening Warrior's Flow: Overwhelm activates with wrong inputs during certain situations
10 ene. 2023, 11:51 (UTC)
753 3
Última modificación : 26 ene. 2023, 13:01 (UTC)
# 1

Title: Awakening Warrior's Flow: Overwhelm activates with wrong inputs during certain situations
Family Name:

Region (NA/EU): EU (applies to all regions)


Video showing the problem:

Flow: Overwhelm is supposed to activate only after Solar Flare with Spacebar or with a quickslot. However, Flow: Overwhelm activates after using Head Chase and doing the Solar Flare input if Solar Flare is on cooldown.This also happens during the first second after Solar Flare has just come off cooldown and makes many Awakening Warrior players lock the skill entirely.

To replicate, use Solar Flare (W+LMB) and, while it's on cooldown, press Shift+W to perform Head Chase and W+LMB right after. This will activate Flow: Overwhelm (bug).

To fix, make Flow: Overwhelm activate only after Solar Flare with Spacebar, as it is supposed to be.

Última modificación : 11 ene. 2023, 07:35 (UTC)
# 2

BRO, THIS HAS BEEN SCUFFING MY MOVEMENT FOR LIKE 3 MONTHS NOW! I thought was something I changed, lmao.

Good catch, Yber. Thanks for posting!

Lv Privado
Última modificación : 25 ene. 2023, 18:10 (UTC)
# 3

This bug was not adressed in the list of known issues, nor has it been fixed. The ticket I submitted said it would be. Still Waiting PA.


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