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UTC 10 : 14 06 jun. 2023
CEST 12 : 14 06 jun. 2023
PDT 3 : 14 06 jun. 2023
EDT 6 : 14 06 jun. 2023
Disconnects during Abyss
02 feb. 2023, 14:29 (UTC)
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Última modificación : 02 feb. 2023, 14:29 (UTC)
# 1

I JUST started doing the Abyss, and what a hot mess, I must have disconnected 18 times trying to do this .

I have read on Reddit or someplace else people were having the same issues so I did not try until now thinking from release to now things might have been

ironed out.......well no, they have not.

I can say I am not entirely surprised, but shocked this seems to still occur being out for this amount of time.

My feedback would be, to not make so many layers upon layers in this game and not go back and tweek what you have already.

This was a frustrating experience , ( not the end of the world ) I dont like restarting my game over and over again JUST to get 10 minutes of gametime before I restart again.

This feels very messy, lazy, and just not entertaining. I am glad you only have to do it once, hit it and quit it, because I just cant imgine doing this multiple times without running out of vodka.

thanks for your time.


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