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UTC 22 : 40 13 jul. 2024
CEST 0 : 40 14 jul. 2024
PDT 15 : 40 13 jul. 2024
EDT 18 : 40 13 jul. 2024
PvE and PvP changes halted, not enough
26 ene. 2024, 09:26 (UTC)
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Última modificación : 26 ene. 2024, 09:26 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: YberDC

Region (NA/EU): EU

The changes that started in recent patches were taking the game in the right direction, but have completely halted. It's not enough, the game's still in a terrible state.
PvE changes:
Everyone became stronger in similar amounts. Some classes slightly more, some classes less. The truth is, horrible classes (such as Awakening Ninja, Succession Valkyrie, Awakening Warrior) are still extraordinarily weak compared to the average, and even more so compared to the top tier classes that desperately need nerfs. I'm tired of my time being worth a fraction of that of someone who plays a better class. We need more PvE changes, whether it's nerfs to top tier classes, buffs to the ones that are terrible, or both. If X class makes 1000 trash, Y class makes 1500, the gap is 500 trash. If you increase all their trash earnings by 30%, then X is making 1300 and Y makes 1950, the trash difference is now 650. THE GAP IS BIGGER THAN BEFORE.
PvP changes:
We were announced a huge PvP overhaul, of which nothing has been delivered. Don't "collect data" for 6 months. It's blatantly obvious there's 0 work being done in rebalancing PvP. Whether the game takes the direction of everyone having grabs, everyone losing SA or everyone becoming awakening strker in terms of protections, DO SOMETHING. PvP has NEVER been in a worse state than it is now. Classes that are overwhelmingly overpowered in 1v1s need nerfs (Awakening and Succession Tamer, Awakening Ranger) to the mechanics that make them overbearing (instant no delay full sa grab, permanent state of invencibility), classes that are frustrating to play against need to lose the frustration factor (Warrior/Valkyrie/Guardian/Nova SA block), classes that nullify others need to be reworked from the bottom up (Archer, Sucession Ranger, Succession Lahn, all in largescale), and so on. Not to say these classes deserve only nerfs, they should be buffed in the areas they lack as compensation. Not to say either, that these are the only classes that need changes. Every class needs nerfs and buffs across the board.

The game has NEVER been in a worse balancing state than it is now. Quit the ridiculous development of awful, lazy content nobody wants (Dehkia Hystria and Aakman, questlines nobody likes or wants to see, new regions that are glorified screenshot backgrounds) and start making the game actually fun through its core gameplay: PvP and PvE.


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