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UTC 22 : 3 26 may. 2024
CEST 0 : 3 27 may. 2024
PDT 15 : 3 26 may. 2024
EDT 18 : 3 26 may. 2024
Add check box for Auto-Move to Storage to automatically send items to all storages with one click.
04 feb. 2024, 01:25 (UTC)
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Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:48 (UTC)
# 1

Auto-Move to Storage is a great utility that is underutilized because it is outdated now that the Magnus exists. As it stands, auto-move only applies to the storage a player is looking at. This means that if a player wants to use auto-move to send items to different storages, they need to click on all of them individually and this is quite cumbersome. This suggestion is for there to be a box which players can check off that will automatically deposit all items when using auto-move to the respective storage with the highest stack of that item automatically. This will cut down on tedious inventory management by applying a 1 click solution rather than clicking all 28 storages individually, and then the auto-move button 28 times.

Example of how auto-move currently works:

If a player wants to deposit 10 items to their storage and they have two items stacks of this item in 5 different storages they have to click Velia, then auto-move. Then click Olvia, then auto-move. Then click Eilton, then auto-move. Then click Calpheon, then auto-move. Then finally click Trent, then auto-move. This is 10 clicks to deposit 10 items. Not only is it still 10 clicks, the player also have to remember where they stored these items, so it likely takes more clicks if they misremember.

If this quality of life change is implemented, the game could automatically detect the storages with the biggest item stack that they are trying to deposit with auto-move, and then automatically send all 10 items to the respective 5 storages that have these stacks of items with one single click. They will not have to click more times than once, and they wont even have to remember what storages they have those items in.

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:31 (UTC)
# 2

yes pls !

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:32 (UTC)
# 3
Wow this would be a great thing to implement, I hope it actually comes out to the live servers!
Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:32 (UTC)
# 4

Exactly this. Shouldn't be too hard to implement. 

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:32 (UTC)
# 5

I'm surprised this isn't already a feature

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:32 (UTC)
# 6

yes please.

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:32 (UTC)
# 7

yes yes yes

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:33 (UTC)
# 8

Choice making PA look good again with these suggestions.

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:33 (UTC)
# 9

Yes please this would be great

Última modificación : 04 feb. 2024, 01:33 (UTC)
# 10

I fully support this. Zerker has been terrorizing the BDO community with his unlimited stamina for too long. A nerf to his stamina cannot come any sooner. 

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