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UTC 20 : 16 18 jul. 2024
CEST 22 : 16 18 jul. 2024
PDT 13 : 16 18 jul. 2024
EDT 16 : 16 18 jul. 2024
Stuck on Adventure Log. Deve's Encyclopedia Book 5 Chapter 3
19 abr. 2024, 16:40 (UTC)
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Última modificación : 19 abr. 2024, 16:40 (UTC)
# 1

Hey Gang,

I am stuck on the mentioned chapter. I am supposed to gather 3 items, "That will keep me warm.". I could not figure out what this meant so I looked it up, and apparently I need 3 items with "Sun" in their name. That would be Fruit of the Sun, Essence of the Sun, Golden Sun coral. 

With the removal of fruit types I can not turn this quest in, since Fruit of the Sun no longer exists.

I tried with Fruit of Nature, but that did not work either.

Do I really have to build a Coral Belt, for this 1 HP quest, or is there a way to do this that I am unaware of?

Thanks a bunch,

Desperate Adventurer

Última modificación : 19 abr. 2024, 17:39 (UTC)
# 2

Try EXC atanis 

Eliminado por el autor.
Última modificación : 19 abr. 2024, 18:15 (UTC)
# 4

did u tried  how to obtain in this page?

Última modificación : 19 abr. 2024, 21:04 (UTC)
# 5

Got stuck on the same spot just now. Bought Golden Sun Coral and Scorching Sun Shard (don't even know if this one works) and am out of ideas. Golden Sun Coral Belt is preoreded  on market to oblivion. Tried Sunflower and Sunflower Vase - both don't work, expected as much... Guides are kinda outdated, most of the items are gonezo already. 

Send help pls

Última modificación : 20 abr. 2024, 00:52 (UTC)
# 6

It seems the devs overlook that issue and now Im also stuck on the same page. Old walkthroughs also say you can use magic crystals of the sun but that also got removed from the game. 

Última modificación : 20 abr. 2024, 09:41 (UTC)
# 7

I have tried the Atanis Element angle. I have spent 3 hours on 200% farming for it. I ended up with 51k trash loot, but no Atanis.

I have no idea if Atanis after the new patch can even drop that item (since it is removed). So I gave up. It simply does not worth the effort for 1HP and the subsequent quests. It is a shame, some of these journals are very fun. I hope this gets a rework or something to make it possible to finish. This entire journal is newbie friendly, crafting a golden sun coral belt is beyond overkill.

Última modificación : 20 abr. 2024, 14:10 (UTC)
# 8


Fruit of Sun: go to town harvesting various crops (potato, corn), I used area in Velia (Bertali / Finto farms). Takes some time, you get various fruits of which Sun is one. Use Seafood Cron Meal for gathering speed +2 or some other items to speed it up and get Magic Hoe. 

Essence of Sun: alchemy (might need apprentice 1 skill level, not sure, worked for me with apprentice 3), BDO codex has wrong recipe listed, after some experimentation the right one is: 2x Fruit of Nature, 4x Pine Sap, 2x Trace of Nature, 3x Arrow Mushroom (some other shroom might work, idk). All of these items are available in Market, Pine Sap can take some time to buy, took me like 30min, I assume you can just go suck up some Pine Trees with extractors for it tho...

Última modificación : 20 abr. 2024, 18:15 (UTC)
# 9

Yup, that did it. Thank you kind Sir.

Última modificación : 20 abr. 2024, 19:00 (UTC)
# 10

Cheers that worked.

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