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[GUIDE] Invitation from I: Someone Beckons
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Invitation from I: Someone Beckons

Greetings, Adventurers!

Black Desert Online is one of the few MMORPGs where parts of the Main Quest (MQ) are playable only once per family (AKA per account). Luckily, this is changing with the new voice-acted quests. However, there's one MQ that suffers from this setting: [Invitation from I] Someone Beckons. This entire MQ is, in fact, available only once. 

And that's why I'm here today! Can't you find people helping you with this MQ since they already did it? Did you R-spam it and now want to know what happened? Do you need a recap of what happened here since you are interested in the story of Atoraxxion? Worry not: I gotchu!

◈ Video Guide

First thing first, here's the complete video guide with the playthrough of the questline. You find the Sage special interactions included!

Video Guide

◈ The Story

If you don't need a guide but want to know what happened story-wise, here we go!

Ahon Kirus, Chief of Tarif, urgently requests our presence due to a strange phenomenon occurring within the village, the Magic Nullification Phenomenon. Nobody in Tarif ever experienced something like this: the victims woke up one morning with all their magic gone! The sorcerers tried to solve the issue, but the number of those losing magic only seemed to rise. Thus, they summoned us due to our title of Hero of Mediah.

The Black Spirit suggests speaking to the first villagers who lost their magic: a man, a woman, and a child. 

The man explains that nothing out of the ordinary happened: he spent the day at the inn, stumbled home, and then straight to bed. When he woke up, his magic was gone. As far as concerns the woman, the day before the nullification, unexpectedly, she felt tremendously exhausted. The day after, she woke up without magic. At last, the child says she had a full night of uninterrupted deep sleep. Once again, when she woke up, the magic was gone.  At this point, the common thread is clear: all of them felt drained.

While talking to the villagers, the Black Spirit notices a kid staring at us: she seems to know something, better talk to her. The little girl introduces herself as Kisha and explains she saw something weird: contrary to what they said, all those who lost their powers visited the same place the night before the nullification. Moreover, their eyes were clouded, and they kept staggering when they walked. Just like they were being controlled by something… or someone. The place is on a hill not too far from the village. We ask Kisha to show us the spot.

There we find a suspicious stone grave that bears a dangerous aura. We examine it. It appears to have some sort of magic-absorbing spell cast upon it. But we can’t identify the source of the spell. Kisha explains that as soon as the villagers touched it all their magic was stolen. Then why not tell that to Ahon Kirus? Well, Kisha was worried about the Chief visiting the place and losing her magic as well. On the contrary, we appear to be strong enough to deal with it and without any magic to lose. Thanks, Kisha.

Given the situation, the Black Spirit suggests destroying the suspicious stone grave. Fair. When in doubt, smash it out.

After destroying the stone grave, we head back to Tarif to check the consequences of our actions: the villagers regained their lost powers. *click* Nice

Time to report to the Chief! Alongside our deeds explanation, we theorize that the culprit might have suffered the destruction of the artifact too. And guess what? Ahon Kirus saw an outsider fainting the moment the villagers regained their magic. Kisha recognizes him as the culprit. However, we need proof.

We go investigate the warehouse surroundings meanwhile the stranger is passed out. We find a parchment that reads: “To activate the Heart of Atomagia, I’ll need a large amount of magic. Nearly as much as the magics possessed by the villagers here? I spent over a month completing this spell. Once I’ve gathered all of their magic, I shall seek out the heart. Hasrah Ancient Ruins… supposedly that’s where the heart resides. I’ve not enough time. I shall be meeting with that one very soon.

But that's not all! There’s also a book hidden in a box filled with sacks of grain: “Atop the Mountain of Eternal Winter, lies the Holy Flame, Ynix, said to even burn the gods. Yet, Ynix’s Flame will only be made whole by the Heart of Atomagia. Without it, those who seek after Ynix’s Flames shall be burnt to ash.” The Black Spirit reminds us that we already heard about the Ynix at the Bahit Sanctum in O’dyllita. Although the Bathitram never mentioned the Heart of Atomagia.

Time to leave for Hasrah Ancient Ruins! But first, let me take a selfie Ahon Kirus recognizes a symbol belonging to the barbarians who worship Illezra. You know... The one that is engraved ALL OVER ALTINOVA. Now it's time to leave for real.

Once we arrive at Hasrah Ancient Ruins, we find Maruv, a sorceress sent by Allan Serbin - one of the founders of Tarif - to check why Tungrad is teeming with monsters inside the ruins. Although, she underestimated the monsters, and she got separated from her colleagues. We ask if she's seen anyone else entering or passing by. Nobody. At last, before letting us go, she asks us to tell her friends she’s waiting at the entrance if we find them.

Given what Maruv said, we're certain to have preceded Illezra. So we start looking for the place marked on the parchment. We head deeper and deeper in. Until we reach a wall with some terse ancient character scribbled on it: it appears to be one word rather than a sentence (note: if you're a Sage, you can clearly read the word "Atoraxxion").

Even if confused, the Black Spirit thinks the Heart of Atomagia might be in a chamber behind the wall and points out a strange symbol on the wall. Upon pressing it, we feel a slight vibration on our fingertips and a letter falls from the wall: it's an invitation from someone.

[Read in Illezra's voice] Greetings. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I wonder how you’ll react upon reading this letter. For you see, you won’t find the Heart of Atomagia there. Unfortunately for you, the Heart of Atomagia is actually “here”. I shall await your arrival. Surely you wouldn’t deny my invitation, would you? I’ll be sending someone to guide you. I look forward to seeing you real soon.


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