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UTC 23 : 21 13 juin 2024
CEST 1 : 21 14 juin 2024
PDT 16 : 21 13 juin 2024
EDT 19 : 21 13 juin 2024
Feedback Warrior Awakening's Global Patch 21/04/2023.
22 avr. 2023, 15:38 (UTC)
513 2
Dernière modification : 22 avr. 2023, 15:55 (UTC)
# 1

Hello there, I would to make a feedback about the changes the class got on the Global Server.
First of all I would to thank Pearl Abyss for the changes, they are very interesting.

First Feedback : Grave Digging & Slashing the Dead. 
At the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about the utility of using Slashing the Dead in Grave Digging. But after I tried it on Global Lab, I have to admit it's very interesting and really fast. The strongest point about this change is the fact that now, after the grab, we can have a big burst damage. The other point is the fact it's making the stiff timing of Armor Break even better after using Grave & Slashing.

Second Feedback : Puvlerize & Tempest.
Thank you, really thank you. Puvlerize and Tempest were really slow to use with bad connections, but with the recent change, they are really fast to use. Plus, you buffed the PVP & PVE damage, making them really interesting to use in those two part of the game.

Third Feeback : Ankle Break.
Increasing the lingering critic by 2 seconds is really interesting, it's allowing us to use Tempest after Pulverize while keeping the linger. But there are two little issue with Ankle Break.
Increase the speed animation & improve the connection with Pulverize to make it smoother.

Last Feedback : Frenzied Strikes.
Making the skill faster to use is really nice, but it should be a little bit more faster so we could use it perfectly in PVE.

Now, I would to give some idea to improve Warrior Awakening.
First point : Reckless Blow.
It would be nice if you design the skill like Sorceress's Grim Reaper or Bersberker's Ancient Wave. To explain, Grim Reaper has Super Armor Core Skill making the skill fully protected. Ancient Wave can deal all of his damage without charging the skill, you still can charge it but it's stay in Forward Guard till the charge is complete.
Reckless Blow is a very important skill but it's also an old skill. It deserves a change.

Second point : Knee Kick.
Please, rework this skill, we have no use to it.

Third point : Balance Strike & Hilt Strike.
It would be interesting to have them merge in one skill. Also, would mind removing the stiff and making the skill in full Forward Guard ? We have way too many stiff.

Last point : Reworking awakening protection.
Solar & Ankle Break should lose their CC to get SA / FG and having the CC as core skill. Just doing this would improve a lot the class.

Dernière modification : 23 avr. 2023, 09:06 (UTC)
# 2

with how much they increased warriors offensive potential with glabs changes they should increase other classes pvp class modifiers vs warriors to compensate. 


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