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UTC 6 : 44 25 juil. 2024
CEST 8 : 44 25 juil. 2024
PDT 23 : 44 24 juil. 2024
EDT 2 : 44 25 juil. 2024
[Feedback] Small feedback for Ulukita.
30 nov. 2023, 21:03 (UTC)
435 1
Dernière modification : 30 nov. 2023, 21:04 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Jagdmarschall

Region (NA/EU): Europe


It's been few months since we got the region and since yesterday we have the full version. So it's maybe time to make a feedback about it.

First of all, the atmosphere of the region.
Graphically, it's looking great. We totally feel it's southern Mediah, we can see dark energy surrounding the region, with ancient ruins and interesting encounters. Monsters are nice and great looking.

I enjoy it more than the Land Of the Morning Light. It's way closer to what we were supposed to get since years. It's not like I dislike other regions, but they aren't showing anything related to the "Desert" and "Ancient Civilization". Or if they do, it's not very developped (or it's another side story etc etc). But Ulukita is actually great.

Secondly, the story.

I've never been much into BDO stories, however, I did the new quests last night and it captivated me more than the rest. I really like the paper cinematic showing the story of BDO. It's showing us more details about the world, and the war between Calpheon and Valencia.
Plus, quests weren't long at all. It was around 50 quests, which annoying long and bugged cinematic like the Land Of the Morning Light.

Thirdly, grind spots.

It's been a while since we had this kind of quality. Of course it is still not perfect, and might get improved but it's actually way better than what we had in the past. Mechanics are easy, spots are big, you have plenty amount of rotations.

City of Dead
(the one I enjoy the most) :
The spot is so big, you can legit be alone in a small corner, doing your hours without being annoyed by players. I seriously enjoy it. Monsters have a great design, the Knight is really cool. The mechanic is really nice, you CC the Messenger, he KDs all the monsters around, you do your skills and done, you move to next pack.

Good points :
Easy mechanics.
Big spot with many rotation.
Orign of Dark Hunger.

Bad points :
Amount of token still too low.
Respawn needs to be a bit faster.
Knight should give a 5 - 10 minutes buffs, and the monster he summons should spawn closer to him.
Messenger teleports himself a bit too far from the pack and the buff he gives should not be something you drop but something you from the moment he CCed the monster, because if you a bit far and you CC him, you don't look the buff.
No Marni's Room.

Darkseekers' Retreat :

A very interesting spot. First, you don't need to run everything to get a pack of monsters. You need 3 pack and you can do your hour. There is no special mechanic here, you come, you pull and you do full back attack.
There is some event providing you good amount of token and a debuff stunning monsters.
It's pretty cool, I like a lot.

Good points :

No big mechanics.
Small rotation, making it chill to grind.

Bad points :
Money still weird, you can good silver or bad silver.
The density of the monsters is too low. The area is big, however the monsters are regrouped in a small portion, which makes it hard to find a free rotation.
Tokens are too heavy, they are 0.40 LT, which is way too heavy. If you didn't took LT, you'll be overweight in no time.
No Marni's Room.

Tungrad Ruins :

I didn't touched the spot yet, it doesn't seems hard at all. Maybe the AP recommandation is a bit too high but maybe we need a real endgame spot so why not.

My only sad part for this new region, the Prison content got cancelled. It's a bit sad. Maybe the location should be used for a DUO / TRIO group spot. That would be really nice.



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