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UTC 20 : 26 21 juil. 2024
CEST 22 : 26 21 juil. 2024
PDT 13 : 26 21 juil. 2024
EDT 16 : 26 21 juil. 2024
The Grind Is Far Too Much
1 juin 2024, 15:42 (UTC)
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Dernière modification : 1 juin 2024, 15:42 (UTC)
# 1

See I got lucky and got 3 disto's in a one hour grind at stars end. I was enjoying the game a lot.

Go back there trying my luck again with every drop rate and drop chance and 7 in the energy along with every exp buff going to get nothing at all for a week straight. Hour after hour after hour sometimes 2 hours a day sometimes 3 hours a day grinding the same old mobs to get nothing. Its getting extreamly boring extreamly fast and this is why me and 5 friends quit the game the first time round. And this is the same for every grind spot. And we need to grind to get silver to upgrade gear.

Im not saying make it super easy but instead of having a rediculous 0.0000000000000000001% chace in getting the item maybe you could make it something more realistic like 0.5% chance and then actually do the percentages properly. So 99.5% of the time you wont get the item and only half a percent you will get it. Thats called rare. thats a difficult chance to get it but not extreamly redonkulous. 

Or you could always incorperate a system where you kill so many mobs and then you get the drop 100%.

Or you kill so many mobs get the drop 100% then next time instead of killing say 2k mobs it goes up to 4k mobs and so on AND big AND it should reset every 3 months so back to 2k mobs. as an example.

My fingers are hurting from grinding so much to a point where I literally can not play the game anymore. I have to take a few days off the game which I do not want to do. This makes me less interested in the game and more likely to quit playing. This is the same case for many players.

There is so much you can do in the game that there is no point in just keeping us there grinding to get nothing but trash. And to be honest its a Korean game and they dont mind the grind but the rest of the world hate the long grind. All im saying is PA pelase shorten the grind - theres no need for it to be so long and theres so much more i could be doing in game but i dont get time to enjoy it because im stuck grinding as i need the money for upgrades. 

And please BDO community dont be hating here come together and support this because I know most players feel the same way. countless amount of times i see it in chat about the grind being too long.

And share your ideas here on how you would like the grind to change.

Thanks and hapy BDO'ing

Dernière modification : 1 juin 2024, 17:20 (UTC)
# 2
I get what you're saying, but at the same time, you don't have to grind Stars end, there are spots that have consistent silver per hour.
In fact, there are spots that have consistent silver per hour which is higher than Stars end even with 1 or even 2 Distortion earrings.
I would suggest you try out Sycraia, Hystria, and Elvia Swamp Fogans instead. These spots have better, more consistent income if you get good at them.
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Dernière modification : 1 juin 2024, 18:34 (UTC)
# 3

Thank you for your reply.

I mean though in general every grind spot. Its far too long of a grind. lets say you grind 10 hours get lucky and get one earring. then to enhance it you need another one so either buy or grind so grind another 10 hours get lucky get one more earring. now lets say all enhancements go through perfectly thats a total of 6 of that earring to get the pen. Thats 60 hours of grinding. As we know that wont happen and your need probly 50 or more to hit pen probs more like 100 of them. thats just redonculous amount of time to complete one item.

I understand there are multiple grind spots to get each accessory but they still have rediculously low drop rate meaning you need to grind for many many hours to get just one.

This is why i propose a system to make it feel less of a chore and make it more fun. 

When im just killing mobs its boring but killing mobs for a guild mission all of a sudden becomes way more interesting.

Kill however many of that mob (PA not billions of them) say like 1000 then you get the drop then you need to kill double that to get another then double again and so on with a reset every 3 or 4 months.

This would keep most players  motivated way more and reduce the grinding needed while maintaining my interest and happyness.

Yes this may create more of that item and CM price may drop but remember they blow up on enhancement nearly all the time.

It would be real good to see change in this area.

Hopefully to bdo community can get behind it and make it happen

Dernière modification : 2 juin 2024, 09:40 (UTC)
# 4
On: Jun 1, 2024, 18:34 (UTC), Written by TheDemonKings

Hopefully to bdo community can get behind it and make it happen

In all the years this game has been out, do you honestly believe no one has suggested something like what you propose? Or that the Devs haven't seen this asked for?  And all these years it hasn't changed on this yet, but you think it is going to happen now... #facepalm

This part of the game is NEVER going to change.   It is a get used to it or move on to another game type part of BDO. 

Dernière modification : 3 juin 2024, 07:19 (UTC)
# 5

Bro, BDO isn't a game you play to get "rare" items to make silver. These days you make silver with trash loot. I know how you feel cuz star's end was my dumb spot for a long time before I go to orc and make consistent silver grind. Now I can go to Gyfin Underground and make more silver until I get GS enough to go on the "new" spots. BDO unfortunately is a game you don't play 4fun anymore, looks like a second job and we're "addicted" to it. Actually I'm logging in, getting daily rewards and disconnect.

Dernière modification : 3 juin 2024, 19:45 (UTC)
# 6

You cant have grinded that much if youre only a level 60...

Dernière modification : 3 juin 2024, 20:15 (UTC)
# 7
On: Jun 1, 2024, 15:42 (UTC), Written by TheDemonKings

See I got lucky and got 3 disto's in a one hour grind at stars end. I was enjoying the game a lot.


If you want quick progress and EZ mode Black Desert. Then go to console. 

Dernière modification : 4 juin 2024, 00:20 (UTC)
# 8

It is too much, but what you are mentioning isn't why.

I do think the way they pass off items is pretty bogus. I got 3 distos the first day I was doing starz arsha hard, too, and I've not seen another one since, no joke. I just kinda liked doing starz. It was some stuff like OMG STARZ then I was like yea I can do this, even tho my dr is crap. And distos were flowing. People were trying to feed me, haha, good times.

Then I only got the crystal drop after that. If you wanna farm for rare items, I would suggest blood wolves cuz a kagtunak is just as valuable and you can shred the mobs. Still, you can go a long time without getting one of those, too.

It DOES suck to grind for trash, and I dislike Elvia because I don't like the idea of having to make cups. If you are midgame and don't do Elvia, you are kinda screwed, tho.

Dernière modification : 4 juin 2024, 11:51 (UTC)
# 9

 BDO is the game that asks if you want more RNG in your RNG. 

 Also if you think the 0.0001% drop chance is annoying wait til you get to end-game enhancing... 

Dernière modification : 4 juin 2024, 14:57 (UTC)
# 10

>The Grind Is Far Too Much

You must be new here, Welcome to the community

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