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Notices Aug 25, 2021, 10:00 (UTC) Changes to [Nova] Sephia Armor



Greetings, Adventurer.

As previously announced in the Outlaws of Margoria notice on August 11 (Wed), we’re currently working towards separating more existing outfits into more separate parts.

Today, we’d like to inform you that this process was completed for the [Nova] Sephia Outfit. Please refer below for more information on how the outfit was further separated and the changes to the dye slots.



Changes to [Nova] Sephia Armor


▲ (Left) Equipped with Armor and Helmet Only / (Right) Equipped with Armor, Helmet, Gloves, and Shoes


Before After

[Nova] Sephia Helmet

[Nova] Sephia Armor

[Nova] Sephia Morning Star

[Nova] Sephia Quoratum

[Nova] Sephia Sting

[Nova] Sephia Helmet

[Nova] Sephia Armor

[Nova] Sephia Morning Star

[Nova] Sephia Quoratum

[Nova] Sephia Sting

[Nova] Sephia Gloves

[Nova] Sephia Shoes

In the future, outfit changes like this one will be announced through the Pearl Shop notices. Please note that the exact update schedule for future outfits is subject to change.


As for Adventurers who’ve previously purchased the Sephia outfit, you will receive the newly separated outfit parts in your Heidel Storage. Please refer below for the exact details.



■ Recipients of New Outfit Parts

Who is Eligible Adventurers who purchased the outfit before it was separated into more parts.

* If you have not opened the outfit set after purchasing it, you will be able to obtain the additional items if you open it now.


* If you have already opened the outfit set after purchasing it, you will receive additional items (based on the number of outfit sets you have) to your Heidel Storage.

How Will You Receive the Items The additional separated parts of the outfit were sent to your Heidel Storage. If your Heidel Storage is full, please try taking some other items out to be able to receive the outfit items.

* Adventurers who’ve thrown away the outfit or extracted it for Cron Stones/Valks’ Cry will not be eligible to receive the shoes.

* The shoes you receive will be for the same class as the armor you already have. (E.g. If you own the [Warrior] Outlaws of Margoria Armor, you will receive the [Warrior] Outlaws of Margoria Shoes.)

* Please note that if you equip parts of this outfit with a different outfit, they may overlap or look ill-fitting.



■ Regarding Dyes

The items sent to your Heidel Storage will not be dyed. If dyes were applied to the outfit before it was separated, the dyes will be reset on the newly separated parts.

* If you have any questions related to dyes, please contact us via [Customer Support].



■ Changes to Cron Stone and Valks’ Cry Outfit Extraction Quantities

As the number of outfit parts has been changed, the quantity of Cron Stone and Valks’ Cry that you obtain from extraction will be divided by all the newly separated parts. (I.e. [Before] Quantity Obtained by Extracting Helmet/Armor (2 Parts) = [After] Quantity Obtained by Extracting Helmet/Armor/Shoes/Gloves (4 Parts))


Once again, we want to thank you for the support you’ve given us.

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